Saturday, May 28, 2011


I remember a time when these girls were eating the finest meals, made by their mother, who was a great chef.

...not anymore!


It's cold pizza out of a stinky, green refrigerator!

I mean, you know - either that, or Ari's specialty - BURNED WAFFLES! YUM!

Also, the girls are having to clean now. It's a terrible life they lead. Their poor grandmother worked herself to the bone, sucking up ghosties into her little machine, so that they wouldn't have to live like this.

Imagine - making their own bed, just like commonfolk!

Even if one of them is "expecting."

Arielle is very excited about this, and really wants to know what she is having, so...I sent her to the hospital to be examined.

Well, hell. After they deducted the fee out of their already modest account, they didn't tell her a damn thing.

Stupid doctors!

I figured that it was time for Alex to find out what was going on, he IS the father after all. So, I sent her to find him.

He was pretty ho-hum about the whole thing, as you can imagine. *rolls eyes*

He did give her a nice backrub, though.

Which was apparently much appreciated:

Isn't he just the sweetest thing?

And he is also looking very James Bond-ish in his tuxedo that he has randomly chosen to wear for whatever reason.

After a nice hug:

They both went their separate ways, hanging out at the local pool:

Arielle was reading her new riveting book "Totally Preggers!"

And Alex? Well...let's just say that he definitely belongs in this family.

Starr. Alexander Starr.

Elsewheres in the neighborhood:

Little miss sunshine and rainbows at your service!

I don't know who spit in her cheerios, but it doesn't look too good right now!

However, there are certain people that can always wipe that scowl right off her face:

I guess love will do that for you. ;-)

One thing leads to another, of course...

And there ya have it!

This was no ordinary woo-hoo time, though.


Devon had a plan.

And, for once, not an evil one. :-P

Fiona was perplexed at first.

But then, as he lowered himself to one knee, things started to become more apparent.

She couldn't believe her eyes. Of course, no girl ever expects to be proposed to while standing around in her unmentionables, but this is no normal couple. ;-)

Devon looks like the happiest sucker in the world, doesn't he? Oh well, he's worked hard enough for the girl, I suppose!

Fiona was ecstatic. She couldn't believe the events of the last few weeks had led up to this. She never thought that she would ever be this happy.

She said "yes," of course! How could one say no to that adorable face. ;-) (And the smokin' body doesn't hurt either, I would imagine. :-P)

Awww...aren't the precious?


Yeah, well...that didn't last long. I don't know what he did to get on her bad side, so quick, but...

...he knows how to fix that up right quick!

This is definitely an interesting pair.

Later on, at the Bistro, they both chose healthy and wholesome meals.

Devon looks a little jealous of her flaming cake, huh?

They always look so peaceful and serene...

And then freakiness happens. *sigh*

Fiona is so enamored of him, though, that she overlooks the fact that he is mostly insane. She isn't exactly normal, herself, y'know.

I mean, here Miss Thang is, trying to make random townies care about her personal troubles:

No one wants to hear you whine about your life, dear. :-P

Alexander was busy trying to make some extra money, now that his girlfriend had a bun in the oven:

Of course, Ari was busy fending off the male population:

Some guys like big, fat pregnant girls, I guess. :-P

She managed to make it to the Bistro without being accosted, and she and Alex actually chose a normal meal, instead of dessert for dinner.

Not real sure what's in those bowls, and I fear that Alex's is actually cereal...but at least it isn't cake. :-P

They seemed to enjoy their meal, just the same, though. Even though, Alex seemingly can't take his eyes off of Ari long enough to eat. How precious. :-D

They continued to be sweet as pie:

Arielle had a question for Alex, though. She wanted him to move in with her. She was sure that Fiona wouldn't mind. She didn't want to go through her entire pregnancy, and baby-raising without him. He hadn't popped the question yet, but she wasn't necessarily worried about that.

He agreed, of course. I'm sure he was excited about it (well, as much as a sim can be. :-P) mostly because he shares a house with Devon, and I'm sure that isn't always a bowl of cherries.

Apparently, this was all part of Arielle's evil plan, although who the hell knows what that is. I'm actually starting to feel sort of...scared...for Alexander.

 But, for right now, he looks fairly safe and content, so I suppose all is good! :-)

Elsewhere in the house, someone else was not looking so content:

 No need to wonder if she's expecting, folks.

Two seconds later, this happened:

Then the sink broke. Go figure.

While all of this excitement was going on, Ari was in the kitchen, trying not to burn the house down by preparing waffles.

Even SHE looks surprised that they aren't charcoal.

Not wanting to ruin her girlish figure, though, Arielle immediately changed into her swimwear, and did a quick workout after breakfast.

Attractive, huh?

After that, it was time for housework. There was more time for this now, considering BOTH of the girls are on maternity leave. (YIKES!)

Soon enough, it was time for Alexander to leave for work, and since he is a total sweetheart, he wanted to thank Ari for cleaning first.

And with a hug, he was on his way.

The rest of the day was set to be pretty uneventful.

These two are so domesticated now, that it's silly. :-P

Of course, everything in the house needed fixing:

And then it was time for pregnant lady, face-crammage:

And then - more yawnage.


Arielle announces that it is time.

You know.

THAT time.

I don't know why there are no pictures of it. I feel like I have failed as a storyteller/picture taker.

Maybe I was just so shocked about Fiona's face that I forgot about everything else.

Who knows.

Anyways, they did make it to the hospital, and Alex even managed to get off of work, so that he could be there in time for the baby to be born.

And, just a few hours later, the three of them emerged, with little Brooklyn Braxton in tow.

Due to the sim to bed ratio, I decided that it would be best to move them into another house. Considering the fact that Fiona still has one baking in the oven, and all.

It's a lovely little house, too bad that the inside decorations suck, but that can't be helped right now. Important things first, y'know. :-P

While Ari is busy tending to her new baby girl these days, Fiona is spending her prego time doing lots of normal prego stuff:


Brushing up on the ol' parenting skillz.

Admiring the new curves.

Luckily, they have Alex, who is the only one bringing money into the household now. The rest of them are too busy sitting around on their pregnant asses/taking care of their little bundles of joy.

I feel sorry for him. I think he missed the band, but at least he is having fun playing music at the local theatre right now. The whole "band" thing can't be helped.

Other than taking care of sweet, little Brooklyn...Ari makes use of her time by spending her days cooking:

For someone that had suck a rocky start, and burned everything in sight, she is doing really good right now.

She had recently rolled the want to quit her job, so I figured "why not?" Someone has to stay home with the kiddos. I could hire babysitters, sure, if I wanted the kids taken away by CPS. I just normally prefer that the children, y'know, actually get fed from time to time.

She also manages to still make time for her best friend:

As far caring for Brooklyn goes, she is a much better mother than you could possibly imagine.

Although, she does run out of things to do with her at a certain point. I mean, you can only "snuggle, play, repeat" so much.

She and Alex are as good as ever, though.

Much to Fiona's dismay...

I think she is starting to get annoyed with Ari and Alex's lovey-doveyness when she doesn't have anyone around to be lovey-dovey with, especially while she is pregnant.

So, because she is great...I have a surprise for her!


Since they have more than enough room now, I decided to go ahead and move Devon in with them. It's sort of sad that he was on his own for awhile, I did just rip Alex out of the house and leave him all by his lonesome.

So, now, while Ari and Alex are getting cozy:

Fiona and Devon can be getting a little quality time, as well.

But, this is Fiona and Devon that we are talking about, so things are not always as peachy keen as they might be.

But there is always something that they can bond over (besides the horizontal polka):

A good ol' gossip fest!

They also unite over the love for their unborn child.

Devon assured Fiona that, after listening,  he did, in fact, think that it was a baby in there.

And, then, of course...well...

They can't help that their traits are a wonkfest.

Of course, I am starting to think that they fight, just so that they can make up.

Because, they certainly do enough of both of them!


The previous day's excitement proved to be just what Fiona and Devon's baby needed to try to push itself into this world.

Although, I haven't the foggiest as to why any kid would want to rush into this fiasco.

While all of this excitement was going on, Devon was upstairs getting acquainted with his little future-niece.


So, Ari decided that she would let him stay with the baby, while she took Fiona to the emergency room.

Maybe it weren't her finest moment.

Devon is scaring me...

Oh, for SHAME, Devon!

On second thought, what does an infant need a sucker for, anyways? Good call, Devon.

Finally realizing that his wife was in labor, he picked Brooklyn up from the ground where she was so innocently having her candy stolen, and made his way to the hospital.

By the time he got there, she was already coming out with their little bundle of joy, Cash Braxton.

YAY for a boy!

I was almost certain that this generation was going to be filled to the brim with a bunch of crazy, self centered girls.'s much nice to have crazy, self-centered boys, ya know.

Fiona seemed to take to motherhood quite easily.

Ari cooked a celebratory meal for them.

And then had a little "spaz" moment.

God help these children.

...however many more they might decide to have.