Monday, May 9, 2011

Everything I Do - I Do it For You....

Sometimes, things don't work out exactly as planned.

One day, you might be living a life of luxury, as a third generation heiress in a (so far) successful legacy.

You might have never had to really work hard for anything in your life.

And then, one day?

You find yourself here:

With no explanation.

With no mom, no dad, and certainly no money.

Something tells me that they are not going to be too happy about this.

And it's only going to get worse when they discover that there's only one bathroom.


Ari and Fiona try their hardest to remember what happened, but apparently Fiona had concocted a new drink at the bar, and after she and Ari tried it out - things went a little hazy.

They could vaguely remember something about a time machine. Oh gosh, who knows what could have happened?

They figured they were probably stuck there.

Although, I think Ari feels the situation is a little more DIRE than it actually is.

Hmmm...Ari might want to hold off on that dumpster diving until it's ABSOLUTELY necessary.

Fiona, on the other hand, is not interested in any of that, and is simply happy that there is a mirror in the house:

Because, heaven knows, that's where she spends the majority of her time, anyways.

She's also discovered something else that is to her liking:

The television. Funny thing - this cheap little thing has gotten much more use than the humongous, expensive TV that they had at home. Go figure.

Finally, it was time to go eat. I wasn't going to torture the poor things with trying to cook their own food after having such a day.

As is the case with all of my sims, there was no need to tell them twice to go get food:

Food doesn't technically do anything for Fiona, but it doesn't stop her from eating it, of course. *lol*

After dinner, Ari started Ari.

Apparently, she has an issue with air?

...but I think she's got it under control now.

Whatever it had been doing before to irritate her - I'm sure it won't do it again.

But, you have to feel sorry for Fiona for having to put up with all of this:

She is a woman of very little patience, after all. And from the looks of things, she's also a woman that likes brains for breakfast - with a glass of orange juice, please.

Unfortunately for them, I had to leave them alone for quite awhile, because I had some important business to attend to. (Such as - there were no people in the town whatsoever. Heh. That's a little more torture than I am willing to dole out on these poor souls. :-P)

When I came back, though, I realized that you can never leave these two on their own:


I'm hoping that she didn't really have time to look in it, and that the game didn't have time to register it. Maybe she was just THINKING about looking in the telescope?? MAYBE??! I have been running my game meteor-free since August, and I don't want to experience one now. The last thing I need is a meteor to come in and destroy the town that I just lovingly put together.

Shame on Fiona! How could she do this to me? I feel betrayal.

I work hard to keep my sims as far away from telescopes as possible. :-D

Arielle, however, was exactly where I wanted her. So, I sent Fiona to be with her. Believe me, they won't want to miss this. ;-)

They were just chillin' out at whatever the heck the name of this club is. (As you can see, the town is filling up with pudding-faced NPCs as quickly as possible. (And dressed appropriately, as always.) Thankfully, I left no room in houses, so the only ones you will see are mixologists, paparazzi, maids, etc. Not too bad, I suppose.)

Although, the fugly paparazzi lady is not my main concern at the moment.

...let's zoom out on this scene, shall we?

...well, lookathere!

It couldn't be...

...could it?

OMG! IT IS!!! 

I think it's safe to say that Arielle was pretty darned excited. I mean, of all people - how did Alexander end up here?

But that ain't all, toots.

Someone else has spotted someone else. ;-)

Yes, Devon, it is her.

On the other side, Alexander was busy explaining the whole situation to Ari.

It seems that the girls disappeared one night, and were not heard from in awhile. Alexander was beside himself, of course - because he had never gotten the chance to admit to Arielle that he had been in love with her from the moment he caught her fishing in his pool, when she was just a teenager.

There was one thing that he didn't take into account.


If you remember correctly, Devon had been searching for Fiona for a very long time before he finally found her, and he wasn't about to let her go that easily. He had a special tracking power, and was able to pinpoint Fiona's exact location. He was not certain that Arielle was with her...but he couldn't let Alexander stay so depressed all of the time.

So, with all of this in mind - he approached Alexander with a risky plan that involved Fiona's newly concocted drink, and a time machine.

Not too long later - and there they were.

They never expected such a crazy idea to work.

All Arielle could do was to stand there and look dumbfounded.

...and then she boarded the crazy train, and took a trip to Crazy Town.

She first demanded that he take her back home immediately. She was tired of being poor, she was sick of living in a dump, her sister was grumpy all of the time, and she missed her parents. And what the HELL had happened to all of her clothes?

But most importantly...

Why the HELL had he never told her that he was in love with her? Was he too stupid to notice a lovestruck girl when he saw one? Was he just trying to torture her? Did he not know how badly he had hurt her that night, in the hot tub, especially after what happened with her father? She had a good mind to rearrange his face with her fist.

Things were a lot easier for Fiona and Devon. At least on Fiona's side - she wasn't that impressed by him.

...or at least not that she would let him see. She, of course, didn't want him to see how much it meant to her that he had hunted her down. She could not, under any circumstances, let herself feel anything towards him more than friendship. She was still determined that IF she ever found love with anyone, it would be a human.

The thought had never occurred to her that sometimes we don't find love, sometimes it finds us.

It was all ok, though. Devon was one smart cookie. (Being a genius, and all, y'know.)

He had a plan.

(This part of the chapter is written to relate to the song, you might want to press play, it will definitely add to the mood. ;-) )

He had just been hoping that it wouldn't come to this, obviously. He didn't know exactly what to expect.

But, he would do anything for Fiona, including searching the world over, drinking a horrible drink, and traveling through time. This was no big deal, really.

He knew what he had to do.

It had already been decided. He was prepared for it.

The only thing he had to do now, was to go see her.

How appropriate of her to show up at the door in her unmentionables. I believe that I have finally bred "shame" out of the Braxton's. Not that there was ever much there to begin with. ;-)

As a last ditch effort, Devon attempted to explain to Fiona exactly how much she meant to him. He didn't want to have to change everything he was for her - it was a scary thought - but he would do it if he had to.

Fiona would have none of it. She didn't even want to hear it. She couldn't take it - she was not changing her mind. She craved the smell of human blood, it was everything to her.

Devon knew that Fiona was simply new to all this, and that her zest for it would fade...but he couldn't wait. He WOULD wait for her - but he didn't want to.

It just was not worth it.

You can't tell me it's not worth trying for...
I can't help it, there's nothing I want more.

I would fight for you - I'd lie for you...
Walk the wire for you...

...I'd die for you.

You know it's true.

Everything I do...

...I do it for you.

It wouldn't be a long life together, for them.

But it would be a life together.

That's all that either of them cared about at that moment.

For the first time in her life, Fiona didn't feel empty inside. She finally realized that although blood was crucial to her survival, there were other things that were just as important.

Of course, the love had been there, but all it does it hurt when you can't let it envelop you.

Unlike the last time, she didn't feel disappointment. She felt like she was finally at home.

The next morning, however, things returned to normal.

Arielle decided that she wasn't going to just go off on Alexander, she felt like Devon deserved a little nutso himself.

...even if he was standing there in his leather manties.

Ahhh, the life of the Braxtons, sometimes - it's just too much to bear.

The next morning found Fiona to be slightly at odds about everything that had happened.

The thought had occurred to her that she was going to have to watch Devon get old and die. She was going to still be young. She would have to live the majority of her life without him, and she just didn't see how that was going to work for her. She couldn't stand the thought of it. she had a plan of her own.

One last glance at her lovely vampire form...

And it was over.

This was going to take some getting used to.

Now, she and Devon could have a normal life together. And it was all going to be worth it, wasn't it?

As is normal in ANY Braxton household, the mirror was the most fascinating object in the whole place.

I could have gotten rid of everything but the beds, the refrigerator, and the mirror - and they would probably not even notice.

Although, they like it for completely different reasons.

Arielle uses it as a means to talk to herself, literally.

But most of the time, she can't even get along with herself.

And Fiona just likes to stare at her silly face.

For shits and giggles, I decided that Arielle should be in charge of the cooking in the house.

This should be fun!

Things seem to be going well, right?

Ugh. The pesky "oven" part. *sigh*

Oh well, at least she tried right?

The more I watch Arielle, the more she reminds me of my Adrienne. *wipes away tear*

Aww, cheer up, dear. Your grandmother was worse than you, and she managed to find a husband.

Fortunately, I don't think that Alexander was interested in Arielle's cooking skills.

At this point, he probably wouldn't have even noticed that the waffles were burnt. Maybe it's a good thing that Arielle cooks either in her bikini, or her skivvies.

Oh well,  ice cream it is, then.

The breakfast of champions!!

While Arielle was busy flubbing up even the simplest of things, Fiona was off getting a job at Plumbob Pictures. She ended up bumping into Brad, here, who has been dropped into my town for townie purposes. Due to the fact that 90% of the sims that I downloaded from other people would not install for some reason. *shrugs*

She watched him play piano for a bit...

And then they gossiped a bit.

Fiona was having fun with this whole "human" thing. This was the first time that she had really been able to be around a human without feeling the need to feed off of them.

Of course, there's that whole "normal skilling" issue, but that's a decent tradeoff, right?

Ari had left things pretty nasty with Alex at the bar the other night.

So, she decided to call him up and invite him over. It's so convenient that the sims automatically know everyone's phone number.

...and he appeared.

Although he had received a less than comforting welcome from Arielle in the beginning...

She was quite happy to see him this time.

She had hardly been able to sleep the night before, thinking of his offhand confession that he had loved her from the moment he met her. She couldn't believe it. It was like a dream come true. It was also heartbreaking for her to think she had spent all of those years thinking that Alex thought nothing more of her than just some silly girl that made him laugh.

It also made her feel REALLY guilty about some of the things she had done. But the past is the past, and it led her to where she was today. She knew that there was a long road ahead, and she missed her family terribly - but she and Alex could start over. Of course, she assumed he meant for them to be together, he had come all this way to find her, after all.

Across the street, in the light of day, there was Devon, strumming on his guitar, and singing softly.

There's no love - like your love
And no other - could give more love
There's nowhere - unless you're there
All the time - all the way.

She invited Alexander in, and they sat down to watch television.

They sat there awkwardly for awhile...

They look like they are having a blast, right?

Finally...Alexander decided to make a move.

Although, like I said before, "shame" has been bred out of the Braxton genes, "inappropriate" is still buried deep within them.

Fiona picked a fine time to clean the house. (That is her chore.) And it's quite a chore, because Arielle is definitely not a neat person. Note the ice cream container that Fiona is very angrily cleaning up.

Filthy little witch.

Perhaps Alex and Ari thought they were alone, since Fiona had just went out the door -

But they would have been wrong, of course.

Thankfully, Fiona decided she'd had enough of being the (very inappropriate and unwanted) third wheel, so she took off to go find Devon.

He wasn't very hard to find, he spent most of his time playing for tips at the bar across the street from their house.

By that time, though - Alex and Ari had moved that show elsewhere -

Apparently, this bed is magic, or something. It's the bed that they all choose to woo-hoo in, even though it is classified as "Fiona's bed." *shrugs*

Not that they care, my sims will (and have!) woohoo in Joe Blow's bed, if it's the only one available.

After that, they decided to meet Fiona and Devon at the Bistro for dinner.

Arielle and Devon seem to get along well, most of the time. They both are full of wonky traits, though - so they will hop on the crazy train in about 2.5 seconds.

Alexander was busy getting to know my simself. ;-)

She was interested in other things, though.

She was not interested in what I wanted her to be interested in, though. I had placed this hunky piece of man-meat in town for the delight of the ladies:


She would have rather had this dude, though:

*sigh* He's nice, I suppose...but this sim is supposed to be ME! Doesn't she know that Morty is my favorite sim EVER??!

They then moved on to the bar across the street from their house. (One of these days, I will get a name for it. :-P)

Fiona bought a round of drinks for everyone.

They all had an excellent time...

But, unfortunately, some sims just can't hold their nectar. ;-D

It wasn't long after this, that all four of them decided to retire to the girls' house.

Being that they work really early (7am for Plumbob Pictures in suburban neighborhoods, for some reason...) the girls fell asleep rather early, and left the boys all alone...

To hang out shirtless, and in their manties.

This looks rather awkward, doesn't it? I guess a good way to get to know someone is to stick your hand through their torso. I'll have to remember that.

This whole situation just turns out to be a big FAIL for Devon.

Because for some reason, Alex has the calmest "scared" face that I have ever seen in my life.

I don't think he really scared him at all, to be honest with you. Maybe it was the "arm through the stomach" thing that threw him off.

...poor Devon, just look at that face!

He spent the rest of the evening pouting, and reading while Fiona slept.

Alexander did pretty much the same thing...

But with a little bit of this thrown in :

He fits right in.

...if there is any certain way to fit in with misfits, that is.

After work, the next day, life was pretty much normal for the girls.

You know what THAT means.


Despite what Charlie Sheen might have you believe, it's not just for those with Adonis DNA.

Since there was so much housework, because everything is really cheap and sucky, I decided to let Arielle help out a bit.

And then it was time for supper.

It was time for Chef Ari to work her magic.

Magical, indeed. She apparently has a block of cheese that turns into macaroni noodles as she chops. That's effin' amazing. There may be hope for this meal after all!

See??? She's done it!

Errr...well. Just forget I said that.

Fiona is starting to fear that they are definitely going to starve to death.

Ari is worried about something else, though...

Apparently, the smell of the burnt macaroni was too much for her to handle.

Oh well, I guess she just has a weak stomach?


Oh well, Fiona is more worried about her own stomach than Arielle's and calls for pizza.

This was kinda fun, actually, because I've never once ordered a pizza delivery in TS3. It's an old habit from TS2 where I would not allow my sims to eat takeout due to the fact that they got fat almost immediately after eating it.

It's very fast!

So fast, in fact, that Arielle was able to greet him (on her own, I might add) after just getting done brushing her teeth to get rid of the icky vomit smell. (Yes, I make my sims do this. I'm anal, what about it? :-p)

And, apparently, she was feeling better, because it didn't take long for her to dig into the pizza.

I'm sure that Fiona is wondering if there is actually going to be any left for her.

Remember when I said that pizza made all my sims instantly fat in TS2?

Yeah, well...

Either that is still the case with TS3...

Or Generation 4 is baking in the oven.

Maybe Arielle won't burn this one. ;-)


Details to take care of:

The world that the Braxton's are currently residing in is called "Victorian Bay" and you can find it here. It's very lovely, and also sort of small, so it's easy to populate, and also easy to run on your computer! :-)

I also want to add, that there is a houseful of immortal ladies that is living in this world, that you will probably see from time to time:

Standing, from the left, you have -Venus York, Bridgette Brighton, Felicia B (my simself), and Devani Singh.

Kneeling, is Mikezumi's YA simself that I made for her. :-)

They are prowling the town, looking for hot sim man-meat. ;-)

From time to time, you will see various sims that do not belong to me, as I downloaded many from the exchange to populate my town. If you donated a sim, and do not see it here, it's because my launcher is wonky and would not install it, sorry!

Also, I know that some of you follow all of my stories. To make it easy, I have made a main blog where I will post updates to everything. :-)

I also plan to start uploading various sims of mine to mediafire and placing them in a special blog for download. If you have a request (of one of my already made sims), you can place it on my main blog, and I will add it to my "To Do" list.


See ya next time!


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