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(Chapters may have a theme song from time to time :-D)

It doesn't appear that it's too good to be Fiona.

Nope, not good at all...

Little miss grumpy face has developed quite a taste for the "plasma" and she is very grumpy when she is forced to drink it out of a box instead of straight out of the..source. :-D

Arielle on the other hand...

Is just fine with being Arielle.

Lots has taken place since we last left. You see, Arielle and Fiona are now the joint owners of a new club in town...Temptations!

Arielle has become quite the local celebrity, and she, uh...performs there on a nightly basis.

Note: Jenna is not crying her eyes out because her niece is shaking her money maker in front of lots of strangers, she is crying because her husband just died. :-(

When she isn't performing, she is evilly plotting ways to get money out of the unsuspecting customers.

When she chooses her prey, resistance is futile!

The poor guy looks like he's about to piss himself.

Of course, since she is a celebrity now, she can't even have a good insanity attack without being photographed:

Even her insanity can't stop her, though. This guy willingly followed her to the basement, as he had chosen the "Egyptian Adventure."

My, that looks all kinds of inappropriate! Hey, dude, putting your hands down her pants costs extra!

...and $500 later, they had disappeared into the sarcophagus. Naughty!

There are two snake charmers in this picture. Only one of them is an expert. Hint: it's not the one sitting at the basket. :-P

Up on the main floor, Fiona was taking care of her area of expertise:

The bar! Isn't she the loveliest bartender you ever saw?

Only, she isn't the type of bartender that likes to listen to people as they go on and on about their sorrows.

The family comes by to support the girls every once in awhile:

Cornelia has made appearances. (In age appropriate outfits, naturally.)

As well as Morty - RAWR! It was all I could do to get Arielle to keep her claws out of him. He IS happily married to her sister, after all.

Other than this, things are pretty normal at the ol' Braxton house.

Remember the birthday cake? It's still there! See...things never change.

Fiona was especially perturbed with me on this day, because I forced her to drink plasma from a box. Her boyfriend was unable to come by for a quick donation. *sigh* Humans!

I'm sure that was a lovely mean, what with the rotten, stinky cake and all. I have no idea what rotten birthday cake smells like...but it doesn't look nice, does it?

In other parts of the Braxton household...

Some people are too good to eat cold cereal/plasma and must be fed food from the diner, instead. Of course, to her defense, it's way too late for breakfast by the time she usually wakes up.

And what better way to advertise your  new club, than to meet new people and invite them.

He did manage to stop by. He also chose the time machine, in case you were wondering. :-)

Elsewheres, there were other interesting things going on.

It seems that the club has acquired something of a lurker - who goes by the name of Devon Delacroix. He ha been trying to get Fiona's attention for weeks now, to no avail. She just wasn't interested. He just didn't have the one thing she craved...


He didn't let this bother him, though. He had spent night after night in the club, and had gotten her schedule down to a science. He knew exactly when she was going on break.

...and that's when he decided to pounce.

You see, Devon was new in town, and he needed a job. (Of course, it didn't help that he would be working closely with his vampire princess, either) He figured as a partial owner to the club, Fiona was just the person that he needed to talk to.

So, he poured his heart and soul out to her.

Unfortunately for him, it fell on deaf ears.

Devon was looking for a job as a bartender, and as you can see behind Fiona - they already have a backup. (Albeit, a very strange looking one. *raises eyebrow*)

As a gesture, though, she decide to ask her sister if there was anywhere that he was needed.

As soon as Arielle's performance was over, she jumped off of the stage and headed over.

...she had an evil plan.

She informed Devon that they were, in fact, looking for an employee. But for this job, he would have to audition.

...he also had a special outfit that he needed to wear.

...soooo many thoughts.

It was at this point that Fiona and Arielle decided that they were not dealing with someone that was playing with a full deck. (But who is in this story?!)

He was prepared to do what he had to do to win over his dark beauty, even if that did mean shaking his ass in leather manties.

Besides, he wears them quite well, don't you think so? seems someone agrees. ;-)

No one could have ever expected that he would take to the stage so well.

But, hey, if you got it...

Flaunt it.

...And I'd say he's definitely got it. ;-)

Fiona was mesmerized.

And Arielle was just having a blast watching someone else dance, for once.

It didn't last long, though...her favorite song was playing...

So, she couldn't resist joining in.

Someone else was not having too much fun, though.

Fiona didn't quite understand what she was feeling. I mean, why should she care if he was dancing with her sister? It's not as if he was her boyfriend, and she definitely wasn't single.

It was just...


After their little dance, it was decided that he could work at the club.

Arielle knew that Fiona wouldn't be too fond of the idea, but c'mon - the guy was HOT! She would be crazy not to hire him. He would have the ladies flooding through the doors.

Later that evening, (or early that morning) Arielle had some business to take care of.

You see, the sperm donor that had aided in her conception, had gotten married...AGAIN. To a woman with six children. That now meant that there were two fatherless children in the world - that were caused by him - and there were six children in the world that had the presence of a father that didn't even belong to them.

She wasn't jealous of the children. She was furious with the inevitable destruction of another family, and the reckless way he had involved 6 other innocent lives.

Arielle Braxton - for all of your trashcan ninja'ing needs.

That'll learn him!

She was feeling pretty good about herself as she cycled down the road on a bicycle that I don't know where the hell it came from. Except, she was a little disgusted. Probably got trash juice on her stilettos.

She was feeling SO good about life, that she decided to try for waffles as soon as she got home.


...we must remember that she IS a direct descendant of Adrienne.

Since the waffles were a bust, she decided to call up an old friend to meet for breakfast.

It had been ages since she had spent time with Alexander, she had a sneaking suspicion that the whole "woohooing with his bandmate" incident didn't go over too well.

During their meal, she could sense that things weren't quite right, so she apologized for her party behavior afterwards.

It wasn't long until they were back to their old selves...

Gossiping and giggling like two little school girls.

She was so excited to have her friend back, that she couldn't resist jumping in his arms to give him the biggest hug ever. It was time for her to leave, though. She had to get some rest. Reluctantly, she left Alex alone, in the alley...

With two crazily dressed pregnant ladies that popped out of nowhere. Autumn started sizzling in the sun, so I had to send her back home, lickity split. *sigh* What would these vampires do without me?

There was lots of evil going on around the Braxton household.

Trent was finally able to make it over...

Which sent Fiona into a very disturbing feeding frenzy.

Finally, a warm meal. :-D

Well, I'm glad that she's satisfied. (And that she has actual vampire teeth, now!) She was starting to scare me.

Fiona had other things on her mind, aside from food, though.

There was something else that she had been dying to get a taste of.

She decided that they had been together so long, it was time to take the relationship to the next level.

Uhh...but...things aren't always what they should be. Maybe it was the bunny slippers, who knows? Heaven knows, that would be a deal breaker for ME. Fiona didn't feel as good about it as she thought she should. Now, she was more confused than ever.

It was time for work, so she slipped back into her dress, and told Trent goodbye. She could hardly disguise her disappointment.

She had chosen this dress especially with Devon in mind, although she had no idea why she felt the need to dress especially for him.

Arielle, though, was feeling no confusion about her current situation.

It was all in a day's work - dance a little, find a guy, get as much money out of him as possible. Fun stuff!

As they made their way down the hallway, to the hot tub rendezvous that he had chosen, they came across something that was not anywhere on the menu.


This guy was a trooper, though, so he didn't let the ghost of a former club owner scare him away from his good time! (No refunds, sorry!)

Although, I'm not sure how much of a good time he is going to have while wearing his suit inside of the hot tub. *raises eyebrow*

Of course, we have to remember that this is Arielle that we are following, an if you remember...her favorite outfit is her of course she went hot-tubbing guessed it...

...her pajamas. However, this crazy bunch looks pretty pleased with themselves, no?

I don't even want to know how the logistics of this deal is going to work out, so let's move along, shall we?

Devon had patiently waited until it was time for Fiona's break again. His shift was over...but he had other reasons for sticking around.

He wanted to dance.

Fiona was pretty unsure about the whole thing. She was no party animal like her sister. But...she was trying to be a little more open tonight, so...

Fiona had the time of her life.

But, soon, it was time for him to leave. He had...vampire-ly needs that needed to be taken care of.

This was something that Fiona understood all too well.

This was precisely the reason why she couldn't imagine being with anyone else but a human. She craved the constant supply of plasma - she didn't want to have to hunt around for unsuspecting humans.

After the club closed, it was time once again, for Arielle's nightly "business."

I'm sure that those pajamas are comfortable after soaking up all of that hot tub water.

She had spotted a prize in the yard the last time that she was here.

Money DOES grow on trees.

Almost $900 to be exact.

Of course, while she was there, she might as well clean the whole garden out, right?

She had one more stop before going back home.

Her brother deserved something from his father, even as indirect as it was.

Back at the homestead...

Fiona had an idea to try something new.

Not that the plasma in a box was anything new...but she drank it with a new outlook on things.

Sometimes, you have to make a sacrifice. What was more important to her?

Which void was harder to fill?

Fiona should choose...
Devon free polls

As it turns out...48% of you think that Arielle is the evil sister. However, it seems that 30% of you are reading a different story. Who the hell is Hortense? :-P

(Author's note: Poll does not directly effect story...just for curiosity purposes. :-P )

Also - "Temptations" is actually Club Kama Simtra by Kate Sterling  


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