Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Keeping Up with the Braxton's!

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the "Totally Appropriate" family.

Where the women always wear the classiest maternity outfits imaginable.


Ah, well - so long as she thinks she looks great, then that's all that matters, right? I'd say that this one is definitely NOT lacking in the self-confidence area.

Although she did learn one very important lesson:

Pregnant dumpster diving...

Is not good for the pregnant back.

Of course, she is getting double teamed, what with the huge jugs and all. It almost looks like she's having three babies, and is pregnant in three different areas.

Luckily for her, she has a boyfriend that specializes in back massages, and an uh...future brother in law that enjoys watching them, while in his leather manties. I swear, this family couldn't get more creepy if I made it up.

I don't know if there is enough fabric to make an entire outfit between them.

Despite his...voyeuristic...tendencies, Devon and Fiona are still going strong.

Which means, you know, bonding over gossip and wohoo, and fighting like cats and dogs in between the other times.

Fortunately for everyone (but mostly for me!) it is birthday time. My infants are usually pretty lucky if they get more than 5 seconds of  "worm-in-blanket" time and are not aged up upon being carried over the threshold.

These were allowed at least one day.

Well, one of them was. ;)

Because she is technically the oldest, Brooklyn was allowed to age first.

Everyone was happy to come see the little larvae age up.

With the exception of her own mother, of course. But that's to be expected in this household.

At least her aunt and uncle are sufficiently...amused...about the occasion.

...and heeeeeere we go!!! :-D

Ohai there, Arielle, so nice of you to join us. *rolls eyes*

She got there just in the nick of time, too...

Nothing like seeing your toddler age up in terrible hair, and mismatched clothes! :) Not that this family ever noticed inappropriate clothing. *coughs*

Much better. I am also digging the look of complete and utter disdain. This one is going to be fun.

It was immediately apparent that this was daddy's little princess.

Precious! Just...precious. :)

It's a good thing that Alex was so enthusiastic about her, because I think Ari was still at a loss for what to do with her.

She looks...so...dazed.

Of course, there wasn't time to linger. There was more aging up to be done!

This is definitely a "scrapbook" moment.

I have a theory that Ari and Devon would be more than comfortable living in a nudist colony, where they would not even have to worry about covering up their naughty parts. It seems to be such a pain for them.

Oh, my - I spent all this time thinking it was a boy...

Ahhh...phew...still a boy! And a cutie-pants at that! :)

Because this it the Braxton's, it wasn't long before everyone had forgotten about the babies, and commenced into face stuffage.

Except Ari, that is.

She seems to prefer this one.

Yes, she definitely prefers the boy-child that doesn't belong to her. Oh well, whaddyado?

Unfortunately for her, it was skilling time, so Fiona jerked the boy-child away from her.

Which leaves her with boring girl-child.

Usually, I like to have blood Braxton's train little Braxton's, but in this case, I thought that the father was  more of an appropriate choice.

Life continued to go on pretty much as normal.

Leftover cake for breakfast:

Devon has become so domesticated, that he doesn't even mind cleaning the potties, he does it on his own.

I won't be completely surprised to find him wearing an apron over those manties one of these days.

The children played their days away...

While their respective fathers were busy preparing themselves for a rockstar lifestyle.

Strategic guitar placement...

And grueling interviews from the local paparazzi.

Oh, and you can't forget the inappropriate bath times!

I'm thinking that the children won't have any hang ups about the human body.

Luckily for this family, though, there was another bun in the oven.

One more little life to completely corrupt.

I'm not sure what she's reading, but at least she has a dress on in public. ;-D

Fiona is quite a good parent to her little Cash.

Of course, he is a boy, and they seem to be highly favored around these parts.

Pregnancy hormones have apparently affected Ari's ability to cook.

Either that, or the ol' Braxton genetics kick in every once in awhile.

Oh well, at least you can't mess up an Autumn Salad.

And thankfully, the kids always  have oatmeal/cereal/whatever the hell that is, to eat.

But, failing that...

Toys are always available for omnoming.

The face. It chills me.

And then, finally, as they were having a quiet evening at home...

It was time for the newest little Braxton to make an appearance.

Everyone remained calm, of course.

Alex just always has the calmest freaking out faces that I have ever seen. It boggles the mind.

Arielle just wonders, "WTF, dude?"

It's as if, after all this time, she still doesn't understand that this family is a few fries short of a happy meal, and that she is pretty much the ringleader of the whole situation.

Anywho - I decided to have a home birth this time, so...yeah.

I introduce you to little Blaze Braxton.

I wish I could say that he had a lovely, peaceful infant-hood, but he didn't. The game glitched out majorly, and went all wonkers on me.

So...he missed out on infanthood.

But isn't he the cutest toddler??! :-D

This one is Arielle approved.

Mama's boy, indeed.

I have no idea what this is all about. I don't ask questions.

Everyone has pretty much settled into family life right now. They are pretty much your average, boring sims.

They like to play with their babies:

Teach them to talk...

And walk...

Prance around in their undies...

And, of course, teach their children how to fly:

Yep. Between the crappy sink fixing...

Toilet sitting (in fancy wear)...


Forum trolling...

And block eating...

I'd say this was a fairly normal family.

Now, if you don't mind...

Some privacy, please?

See ya next time! ;)


  1. So many adorable toddlers! It's always fun to see what the Braxtons are up to :]

  2. Thank you! :) I am so excited to see my babies grow up!

  3. Goodness me Felicia, do they only have like 10 simeloens to spend on clothes for the whole house? Cause they don't need much material at all.

    The toddlers are adorable. Looks like the family is settling into their new situation well.

  4. Such beautiful toddlers! *smothers them in kisses*

  5. love the update :) I missed it at first cause my hubby is home!! yay! lol Well he will be gone again soon, but then I guess I'll be getting back to my sims too! Your kiddos are so cute! I think at least one of them will be a prankster?! And I'm a little surprised your men don't have a bit more body hair ;) lol

  6. "Strategic guitar placement..." Hahaha :D

    I love the title picture too, live laugh love..yourself :D

    Can't wait for the next chapter