Friday, July 8, 2011

Closing Time

Closing time...every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. -Semisonic "Closing Time"

Braxton' Generations.

The meeting didn't go over so well, but they are back now!

Even though they had just been placed in a lovely custom world that I loved, full of custom sims...they had to be relocated. They now are residing in Barnacle Bay. 3 Generations in 3 times as many saves. Geesh.

So, Ari is spending a little one on one time with girl child, while a fiasco is going down outside.

Apparently, Devon forgot himself and went to "talk about Arielle's face" to Fiona. Surprisingly enough, it wasn't well received.

I couldn't be bothered with this, though, because these nincompoops have babies, and there is a neat Generations trick that I wanted to try.







Strollers! :) Since everyone was having golden ducks over them, I thought that I would try them out, and they are just exactly what I thought they were.


They can't push them up or down hills, so as soon as a hill shows up, they shove the stroller in their magical ass pack, and tote the kids around. Seems really pointless.

Not to mention, Arielle spent the entire time grimacing. I only hate that none of the pictures I took showed up. Very disappointing.

Soon, I decided that I had definitely had all of the stroller fun I could handle, and before I dozed off from all the excitement, I sent them home. Ari and her baby took a taxi. *hehe*

Of course, there were only three children, so Fiona got to stay at home, and do her own Generations thing.

In her lovely swimwear, that she apparently chose for herself:

That was always my favorite thing to wear when I was slippin' and slidin'. What about you?

Of course, they had just enough time to test out a few other extras that they now had:

Little bouncy things.

Ghost stories. (in questionable swimwear!)

And a late night game of hopscotch, after the kiddies went to bed.

I was also really sad to find out that toddlers are not allowed to play in sandboxes, which is really LAME, in my opinion.

The next morning, though, there was obviously something goin' on in the old Braxton abode.

Those dudes look mighty sneaky, huh? Yeah - there is definitely something up. Fiona knows this.

Later on that morning, while Devon was sweetly reading a book, in his underpants:

Alex was busy trying to convince Ari that she and Fiona needed a girl's night, just to go out and do whatever they wanted.

It didn't take much convincing for her to agree to go out. She had been stuck in the house with the kids, for ages.

So, they discussed everything with Fiona, and it was decided. The guys would watch the babies, and the girls would go out and have a fabulous time.

Sweet, innocent Devon. Just reading a book, and caring for the kids.

Soon, it's time for the girls to head out...

But there's always some sort of plan, right?

At the ol' home front - the innocent act is over.

Hmmm...seems like the dudes have whipped themselves up a grand BACHELOR PARTY, huh?

Complete with, erm...all SORTS of wacky guests.

Yes, looks like the party is getting pretty wild.

...but it's about to get 2x wilder.

You see...

The dancing girls have arrived!


And they are ready to PAR-TAY!
And, of course, the party girls had to give special attention to the special boys!

But, then, confusion was all around when the REAL party dancers showed up:
 Of course, there is no comparison.

Obviously the party guests are not impressed. I don't know why, though - check out their sexy, smooth dance moves.

Fiona was OBVIOUSLY annoyed at the dancing girls showing up to rain on their parade, but Ari didn't let it bother her. Of course, she's most likely oblivious. *pats her on the head*

Dancing time was soon over, and Ari was looking for something else to occupy her time with, so she found herself at the bar:

Unfortunately, this dude had already taken it over, although he looks desperately confused, and in need of help.
Ari really wants a shot at that bar, though, and is willing to do anything to get to it...including...

Whatever the hell that is. BUT! It caused him to check out her ass, so...she got him away from the bar.

Well done, can stop now.


Oh well, who am I to argue with her? It helped her achieve what she wanted.

The Braxton clan seemed to be appreciative of the drinks. I actually set up an area to hire a bartender and then *oopsie* forgot. To be honest, though, the bartenders are very useless. You have to ask them to make drinks. Psh.

Something tells me that the drinks weren't exactly "top quality" though.

Oh well, BOTTOMS UP!

The girls decided that it was time to put on another show.

But their dudes look terribly unimpressed. I guess they prefer for their dancing party girls to look like a truck hit them in the face.

Sorry, Devon. Did the girls' plans keep you from a night of flirting with the questionable looking dancers? I do apologize. Of course, it COULD be the drink that he's holding, that is causing him to pull that face.

Oh well, maybe it's not so bad after all.
After a few more drinks, the guys seemed to lighten up a bit more.


Not entirely sure what's going on in the "Fiona and Devon" corner.

But Ari must have decided that if Alex wouldn't dance with her, then she would find someone else who would.

They all partied into the wee hours of the night, and then ended up crashing. 

Apparently, it was all a little fuzzy in the morning.

Looks like Ari never even bothered to get out of her stripper gear.

Luckily, Ari has become quite a little chef, so there was more than enough leftover breakfast for them to feast on. 

Of course, when you are as famous as the Braxton's are, you can't even eat breakfast in your boxers, in your own home without having to strike a pose. (Pesky fangirl maids.)

Fiona is intrigued (and possibly amused) by this.

...and so is Devon.

After everyone has had a wonderful (cold) breakfast, it is time to get the children ready...because...


Yes, today is the day that the Braxton's will marry their mates. Seems a little backwards, doesn't it? The beginning of a marriage signaling the end of a generation. Oh well, Ari and Fiona have never been ones to do things the traditional ways.

But first, some quality time with the brats.

Arielle goes right after Blaze, of course. The only child that seemingly matters to her.

I can't say for certain, but I don't think that child has a chance in hell of growing up normally.

Alex is busy cuddling daddy's little sweetheart:
While Devon tends to the child that MIGHT be known as...


*pinches his little cheeks* Just look at those humongous blue eyes. Cash is completely precious.

Before you know it...

It's that time.

The girls are getting married.'s a little emotional.


I spent a very long time picking out the best of everything for my baby girls.

 Arielle refused to be impressed, though.

She looks so distressed, I almost feel bad for her.

It was a constant struggle to keep her in her wedding dress, as she seemed to think that THIS is what she needed to say her vows in:


But that's not all - check these shoes:

Snazzy, huh?

I think that she was trying to sway me with the zebra print, but alas - it does not work.
...well it might have if it had matched, but...y'know. ;)

Eventually it was time for all of the guests to show up.

It's always nice to see them in their Sunday best.

First up...

Fiona and Devon!

Their son was sooo excited to experience this.
Until he found a booger that was more interesting, of course.

Arielle decided to catch this touching moment from afar.

...very afar.


(they are real choked up for people that just met YESTERDAY. That girl? Her name is Ida Dunit. She is one of the party dancers.)

I now pronounce you...Mr. And Mrs. Devon Delacroix.

Aww, it's just too exciting, isn't it?

As Ari ready?

I think she is.

Alex sure looks...excited.

Fiona gives Ari's wedding about as much attention as Ari gave hers.

(As you can see...something very irritating popped up at a very inopportune moment.)

How rude!

...and embarrassing.

It's just too much sweetness to bear.

Introducing...Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Braxton 

Fiona seems genuinely pleased, doesn't she?

Awww, the other Ida Dunit seems so overcome with wedding emotion, doesn't she?

Next up is cake time.

It was about as much fun as stroller time.

But, Alexander looks so sweet, doesn't he?

Devon and Fiona are super excited about having a chance to eat cake.

I kept waiting for Ari to smash cake in Alex's face, but never happened. The cake looks like strawberry, though...YUMMY!

I wouldn't allow Fiona and Devon to eat cake until they had cut their own, so you can SEE the excitement in her eyes.

Mmm. Cake.

Cake for everyone...WHEEE!!
The obligatory paparazzi person was busy taking wedding notes.

Maybe they will make the next cover of People. Although, with this family, it's more likely to be the National Enquirer.

Even though they were stuffed with cake from the wedding, Arielle still cooked supper as soon as they got home.


Now, it is time for the moment of truth. Who is the one that gets to sit on the golden Braxton throne?

Girl child contemplates trying to hide from the Braxton clan. Sorry, hun. It doesn't work that way. Doesn't matter, anyways, you are automatically disqualified just for being a girl. You're pretty, but you were born in the wrong generation.

Cutest child screams his head off. No, we just can't have that. Besides, he is a Delacroix now.
I guess that leaves...

Smart, well adjusted child WINS! 

So, congratulations get...everything. Can't wait to see what you do with it. (Psst - triangle block goes in triangle hole.)

It was a wonderful wedding night for Fiona - 

It was her turn to put the baby to bed, and Devon pooped out before she could get to bed.

(Please ignore those shoes. IDK what happened. *embarrassed*)

But, another couple was having a romantic moment, in another room.

Afterwards, Arielle decided to sleep in another bed. Go figure.

Sleep well, little Braxton's. Tomorrow it's time to say goodbye to Fiona, Devon, and Cash...and hello to Blaze.

See ya next time! :)


  1. Awwww. This was a very fun generation, can't wait to see what Blaze does for gen 4! :]

  2. Thank you! This gen definitely had a lot of ups and downs! I am hoping for some fun with Blaze! :) My first boy!

  3. I'm glad you eventually salvaged the Braxton family post Generations.

    Loved the bachelor party. Your girls were way better than the 'real' dancer.

    Bye bye Fiona, Devon and Cash.

    Looking forward to Blaze

  4. Finally, Fiona and Arielle got married! Their wedding dresses are gorgeous, as well as their new husbands! :)

    Oooh, bachelor parties. How difficult/glitchy/slow are they in the game? I haven't had one yet, mostly because I'm afraid of what to expect. That, and none of my sims have gotten hitched.

    Ahaha, the other dancers look so unhappy. They must hate their jobs.

  5. Pib - It was touch and go for awhile, but I was able to breathe life into them. I have .sim files of all my important sims, just in case the worst happens! :)

    Cheezy - It was weird to me to end the generation with a marriage, however, fitting closure at the same time! Bachelor parties are all what you make them, if you expect the sims to have fun on their own, you will be disappointed. But still, I love them! They are a lot of work, though. I don't have any glitches with them, whatsoever.

  6. Nice to see the Braxton’s are back ;) I freak out every I come even slightly close to losing any of my sims. Lucky for me I haven't had a major expansion crash since the days of sims 2.

  7. Hey, I really enjoy this legacy & it sorta got me writing my own sims stories ... I just have a question though - how do you get people to read them? haha I know it sounds like a stupid question, but noone I know would be that interested! Anyway, thanks for keeping me entertained when I should have been working :)

  8. You officially have a new I LOVE your legacy story, I read all of it between yesterday and this morning. :)

    Your sims are gorgeous too! I need to learn how to create better sims. One question though, where did you get the cheat/mod so that teens can have babies and get married? I am defiantly interested in that for my legacy.
    Speaking of mine, here is the link if you are interested in reading another one. Comments are very welcome.

    I will be moving the entire legacy to this site very soon.

  9. Oh, awesome! Thank you! :) I am always so glad when someone new finds my little world! All of my mods are Twallan.

    You can find his mods here:

    I believe the one that changes the pregnancy is "The Woohooer." There are lots of great mods that you might be interested in there, and that have great tools for your story!

    I will be checking your story out ASAP! :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Zikolemon - thank you for your comment! I wish I had some sort of formula for getting legacy readers. I just have a LOT of patience! :) I enjoy writing for me, and I told myself that I didn't care if other people read it, I enjoyed it! Mostly, though, I just made a lot of simming friends that started reading my blogs!

    ATMzie - Thanks! I felt sort of silly because I was totally crying! I have been working on this family for awhile, and have no plans to stop - so I was panicky. *hehe*

  11. Thank you, I am downloading those Oh, I also wanted to say thank you for mentioning that freebooty site on one of your chapters. I have gotten quite a bit of clothing/hair from there. :D

    Hope you enjoy my legacy, not as thrilling as yours though. :D

  12. Thanks for replying, Felicia, although I know my question was a little unfair! But I think I will carry on, as you said and not let insignificant things like that get in the way!

  13. Love your update! Sorry you had such a time with Generations though! I had a little issue, but it seemed to work itself out without losing anything thank goodness! Funny that we are both just starting new generations, and yours is actually catching up to mine! lol :)