Sunday, February 13, 2011

Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun

I'm starting to think that I am going to have to remove the computer from Isa's room.

How come they never venture into Ryder's room to play video games?

...probably because it's a widely known fact that teenage boy's rooms are to be avoided at all costs.

Anyways, when we last left my lovelies, we have discovered that Isa is in love with her best friend, Mortimer Goth. There is only one catch - he is in a relationship with a girl named Autumn. Isa began to work out a plan to get Ryder to help break Morty and Autumn up. In the last chapter, Morty seemed to already be feeling a tad affectionate towards Isa...but things were moving very slowly between Ryder and Autumn.

That's where we begin. :-)

Here we have Isa and Ryder discussing their evil plot. Isa was starting to think that perhaps she didn't even need Ryder anymore, what with Morty seeming so affectionate towards her the other day. After a little more thought, though, she figured it was better to have Autumn out of the picture completely.

Ryder assured her that he had everything under control, and that she had nothing to worry about. He *is* a ladies man in the making, after all. ;-)

Meanwhile, Beau was busy tapping away at the computer in his unmentionables.

That's the best way to start your kid's school day off. I know I always loved to come downstairs to find my father writing a romance novel in his underpants - I knew that the day could only be a success from there. 
Which, apparently was the case for my little Isa.

She managed to catch Morty after school that day, as well.

They never got much of a chance to talk during school, of course. And, for some reason, I haven't been able to find the setting on my Story Progression that disables teen jobs, so poor, little Morty here gets to slave away during the day AND evening, even though his parent's are filthy rich. Sorry, Morty.

After the "hugging incident" of the previous day, Isa was feeling a little frisky. 

Apparently, it paid off..

You could have knocked her over with a feather, poor thing.

In fact, as you can see...she just sort of...stood a daze - even as he had already ran off for work.

She continued to stand around like her free will was cut off. Ahhh...young love. Ain't it sweet?

On the *other* side of town...

Ryder is trying to chat up Autumn. It's not working so well since she has to go to work immediately after school (sorry, Autumn!) but she *did* agree to meeting him at the beach after work.

Back at the home front...things are eventful, as usual:

Heidi has really taken a liking to this "family" thing, and has actually started to learn how to cook. Because of this, they have family dinners just about every evening.

You almost can't even tell how dysfunctional they are, can you? Oh well, at least Beau took the time to put clothes on for dinner. Maybe it's because they have company - that was rather thoughtful of him.
One might be able to teach a sim to cook...

But, cleaning, not a skill. 
This leads to very unhappy homework moments.

Poor Arielle. Fiona finished her homework 3 days ago. :-(
True to her word, Autumn met Ryder at the beach after work that evening.

They spent a nice few minutes chatting...
Ryder attempted a little schmoozing...

But before long, it was time to go. I try to avoid the police at all costs. 

Awww...well, there's a start!

The following day, I decided it was time to bring Beau out of the house. He's already given up putting on actual clothes, I'm afraid if I don't do something...the next thing I know, he'll be sitting in front of the television with a box of bon-bons and blubbering over Sami and EJ from "Day's of Our Lives." (I don't know anyone who does that...HONEST!!!!) I think I've domesticated him a little too much. He *is* a vampire after all, he should be out torturing the population of Barnacle Bay, causing all sorts of havoc and stuff. Not sitting around the house, writing Harlequin novels. to the gym he goes.

Don't let that rock-hard look fool you. He might have abs that you could grate cheese on, but...

Beneath that hard exterior beats the heart of a pansy.

It could be worse, he could be performing aerobics in his lingerie.

Which is exactly what he might have been doing if I had continued to leave him to his own devices.

After school that day...

Isa was unable to get a moment with Morty at all. So she pulled out her keyboard and practiced for a little while. Her brother had called her after school to give her specific instructions:
Call Morty, and ask him to meet her at the Pirate's Cove after work. But, under no circumstances should she *actually* be there.

Ryder had a feeling that tonight was going to be the night.

This wasn't as hard as he thought it was be. Sure, it was slow-moving, but it didn't matter...because he really thought Autumn was kinda cute, and she was a very popular sim around town, coming from a 5-star celebrity family.

See? Cycl0n3 approves.

At this point in the story, we are going to learn something about Autumn:

"Hey, y' this."
Ryder, of course, is wondering what the eff she is doing.

...visibly starting to get a little worried.
Oh, dear heavens, she ate dirt. 

She had the daredevil trait, y'think?

Poor Ryder. I'm sure he's wondering what the HELL he has gotten himself into.

But, he *is* a Braxton. And Autumn *is* pretty and famous.

...all weirdness is forgiven.
That must have been SOME hug, because at that moment...something clicked between them.



Well, isn't this a sticky situation?

Ryder looks almost a little...remorseful, don't you think?

Or maybe he's just worried about how this is going to affect a certain little red-haired girl?

**We interrupt your regularly scheduled teenage drama for a moment**

Cycl0n3 needs to snap a picture.
**Resume teenage drama**

Morty certainly is acting rather harshly for someone who was getting cozy with a certain Braxton girl just a day before, isn't he?

Autumn didn't even try to look like she cared.

Morty said his piece and then ran off. He just couldn't stick around. He was wondering where Isa was, anyways...wasn't she supposed to be here?

...awkward silence.

Ryder is technically free to go now. 
...or is he?

Back at the farm...

Isa had an unexpected visitor.

...another awkward silence.

She, of course, was interested to find out what was going she asked. was the wrong thing to do.

Morty had basically said nothing. 

After a few moments, he left as wordlessly as he had came. As you can expect, she was confused...but she did know that it probably had something to do with her brother.

The next day, Morty called in sick to work. He just wasn't feeling like going in...and besides, he had something he needed to take care of.

He informed Isa that he had been doing some thinking over his french toast that morning...

and had come to a conclusion.
He told her everything about Autumn and Ryder. (Which, of course, was nothing new to her...but she had to pretend to be shocked.) He also told her that maybe it was a good thing, because he was beginning to feel like his heart was elsewhere.

...and maybe it had been there all along.
Happy endings aren't always sweet, sometimes they require a form of deviation. ;-)

Speaking of endings...


This isn't one. ;-)

Isa decided to invite Morty over for dinner, she was sure her mother wouldn't mind. Heidi was cooking up a storm lately, after all.

I was shocked to find that there was some random lady in their living room, fixing the TV.

Not really sure where that came from, but at least one of my sims wasn't trying to fix it. I think I've trained them to do that. They are aware that they are not allowed to fix anything that requires some form of electricity. I limit them to bathtubs and toilets ONLY. :-)

While Morty was busy figuring out that people were watching him, and hamming it up with the camera...trouble was walking through the Braxton's front door.
Yes, dear, that really is your ex-girlfriend chatting it up with the girl you were smooching on just five minutes before. 

You see, Autumn had just stopped by after work to say "hi" to Ryder, on her way home.

I guess she didn't figure that Morty would be there. 

*insert completely effective death stare here*
I think he's a little creeped out that Isa finds his ex so interesting.

Maybe more than a little?

The special at the Braxton's that evening was sushi. 

Maybe Heidi is just randomly having people over now so that she has someone new to cook for, I don't know. 
At least Morty likes the family!

There wasn't enough sushi to go around, so I figured that I would feed the children hot dogs. Sorry, kids, I didn't know they had been in the fridge too long. *eek*

After everyone had gone to bed, Morty was still there...doing his homework, and looking very contemplative about it.

...but Isa had other plans.

She invited him up to her room to chat. Her sisters were sleeping in the next room, and she didn't want to keep them awake.

But, teenagers being teenagers...

...and hormones being what they are.

Things progressed very quickly.

Horny teenagers. Can't leave 'em alone for two seconds without them jumping on each other.

After they were through...Isa felt like she needed a little more assurance.

She knew that unofficially there was obviously something there, and she knew that she adored Mortimer...but she needed it to be official. She needed to hear Morty say it. He felt the same way, of course. So, there we have it...Isabeau and Mortimer...our first official couple of Generation 3. 

He left soon after...he didn't want his parents to be looking for him. Isa was able to rest easy that night, knowing that he was now completely hers. 

The next morning at breakfast...

Heidi was having a conversation with Arielle and Fiona. Today was going to be an important day! It was Arielle's birthday. Just what we need...another teenager in the house.

But, surprise, surprise! Little miss crazy-pants has refused to age up without her sister. Something about gnomes eating children...I don't know. Anyways, Heidi agreed that it would be okay for Fiona to have her party at the same time, they were only a few days apart. (If you are counting how many legacy challenge rules I have broken, well...neener-neener...this isn't one of them, I had already gotten a notification for Arielle AND Fiona. :-P)

Due to the fact that I was still discovering little cake plates sitting around from the LAST birthday party, I decided to just make this a family affair.

In case you are wondering...things were still progressing between Ryder and Autumn:

Slowly, but surely. He decided that he did feel a certain fondness for the girl, even if she did like to eat dirt randomly.

Things are progressing for Autumn's mother, Echo, as well.

Obviously, she's pregnant.

But, I'm thinking that Autumn's dad might want to request a DNA test. Echo is looking mighty close to Don Lothario.

Oh well, I don't have time for other sim's family drama...I have enough of my own.

What birthday party would be complete without Carmelo and the aging paparazzi guy?

At some point, I'm hoping that Beau and Heidi realize that it is their children's birthday.
Ahh...they do.

Not that Arielle seems to care:

That is the saddest, most nonchalant birthday face that I have ever seen. Cheer up, kid, it can't be that bad.

(Uh...the game interrupted her birthday cake to add her child support into the family account. Totally didn't know it would show up in the picture like that. Whee.)

Did I say it couldn't be that bad?

...well, it is.

What in blue blazes happened to her JAW?? Clearly, Heidi and Beau are wondering the same thing.

Apparently, though...we have progressed from wonky-aging eyes to wonky-aging jaw. Go figure. She was fine after her makeover. (No plastic surgery, I promise!)

Fiona looked happier when Arielle was uglier. That's not very sisterly, is it? She's beautimous, ain't she? She's the spitting image of her father - although, I don't think I've ever shown him really well.

Fiona is next...

She wished to be prettier than her sister. She doesn't even have the snob trait. ;-D

Umm...I don't want to take away from Arielle's obvious loveliness by saying "WISH GRANTED!!"

So, I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves, and let you all decide for yourselves:

Now, if someone can tell me where the hell that Barbie doll face came from...I'll be happy. :-D

Heidi thought a lot about different things over dinner.

To be honest, Heidi is getting very close to elder-hood. A lot closer than Adrienne was when Heidi was chosen as heiress. After a lot of thought, Heidi made her decision. It was a tough one, lemme tell ya. (I know, I was the one making it. :-P)

Now that they were all teenagers, traits and personalities were starting to come out a lot more. Ryder is great...and he's a guy...that would be something completely new. Isabeau is just wonderful, plus she has Morty, and I would certainly love to see what he would add to the legacy, being the portrait of gorgeousness and all. Arielle is the odd one out...she has a completely different father, and she's insane and evil to boot. Those just happen to be my favorite traits. Not to mention she's cute as a button, and beauty plays a major factor in the Braxton family. With that being said, I think there's no question that Fiona is technically the prettiest Braxton. There's no doubt that her babies would be stunning. 

Ugh. It hard.

But, it had to be done...time was ticking for Heidi.

So without further ado...I introduce you to Generation 3:

Arielle and Fiona.

I couldn't choose! I love them both so much. Count that as another legacy rule broken, I don't care. I think they are both awesome.

I can't wait to see what kind of trouble my little terrors get into!

I hope everyone approves! ;-)

Sleep well, little pixies. You're gonna need all the energy you can get. ;-)


  1. Ooooh, great chapter! All that teenage drama, haha! And two heiresses, can't wait to see how that works out! But what will you do when they have kids? Will you just pick your favorite out of all of their kids?

  2. Yes. There won't be two heirs the next time. I can't handle that indefinitely. :-) I simply couldn't choose between the two of them. Isa looked too much like Heidi, IMO. It would have stagnated the genes, I think. Same with Ryder.

    There are lots of things in store for my little Braxton princesses. :-)

  3. Loved this chapter and I approve of who you chose cause I was rooting for Fiona! I wish you luck with the two for you are going to need it.

  4. I just finished your entire legacy
    its so funny and amazing and all the kids are to cute to choose who i like. And Im a beginer at my own legacy as well but mine is no where near as good as your. here compare for your self

  5. @ bvrly - I am glad that you approve! I was wondering who people were gonna be rooting for. This was a hard bunch. I'm not looking forward to having to let half of them go. ;-)

    @ mysweetnick - I created a LJ account just so I could comment on your blog *lol* I'm glad that you enjoyed my little legacy. It warms my heart. :-)

  6. Legacy rules == why I don't bother. Tis more fun to play as you feel.

    Congrats to the two heirs. I wish them all the best.

    Hope that we see Ryder from time to time, I quite love him.

  7. I always love your comments. Thank you! :-) I'll try to keep Ryder in the story a little bit. ;-)