Friday, February 4, 2011

You Can Do What? WHERE?!

Hello and welcome to the chapter of "The Braxton Legacy" that I will refer to as "random crap." I have a lot of things in store for my lovely little legacy simmies, but this is stuff that has happened in between. I hope you don't mind - this chapter has almost no point at all, other than to get you from Point A to Point B. If you're looking for a sim story with a deeper meaning, this is not the story for you. Thanks for reading. ;-)

Things have gotten really hard around the ol' Braxton household.

In case you don't remember what happened last time, Heidi isn't going to let you forget:

I'm starting to feel extremely sorry for her. She's been through a lot during her life. I think I might have to start taking it easy on the poor girl.
Anyways, so yes, both Adrienne and Youssef are gone, and the whole house is feeling the void.

Heidi and Ryder can't even have a conversation after school/work without it taking a dark turn:

I guess she is left with the awful job of explaining death to her children - even though this is her first experience with it herself.

Poor Isabeau was taking it the hardest. There was a time period during which, I kept an eye out for the social worker, I was sure that they were going to take her away. Her mood was always "depressed," so she wouldn't do her homework. And the only thing that would keep her from jumping off of the roof was watching TV. *shrugs* What can ya do?

I discovered something very curious after Youssef was gone. Not a single dang-blasted one of these sims had ANY cooking points. None at all. This is going to be fun. There's another thing to be depressed about - canned soup for dinner every night, cereal in the mornings.

This, of course, mean Heidi had to step up to the plate.

Or the countertop. Whichever one. :-D

Kraft mac-n-cheese!! At least it keeps the depressed child happy.

Heidi tried to keep it all together in front of her children...but sometimes...

It all would get to be a little too much. Her parents had always been there for her to rely on. I think that this was the point when she realized that she was truly on her own. The legacy - everything her parents had worked hard to accomplish - belonged to her. She was responsible for how her family turned out.

Beau never even tried to be strong:

He had never really had a family that he could remember. He had been around since heaven knows when - memories start to fade, y'know. Adrienne and Youssef had been so accepting of him. (At least *he* thinks they were - I'm not sure that Adrienne ever FULLY approved. She constantly had the "hunted" moodlet. I think she was waiting on him to suck her blood right out of her body at any given moment.)

However, things happen, and sometimes you just have to suck it up.

Because Heidi had some good news:

There was another little one on the way.

That is in addition to the ever-adorable Arielle:

Is there anything cuter than a baby trying to eat it's own hand? No? I didn't think so. :-D
And she's just a little cuddle-bug because everyone was always wanting to "snuggle" her...or "tickle" her. It was very cute.

There was no need for sadness in this household. No sirree.

We has cute babies...



Super-Transparent-Adrienne to the rescuuuuuuuuuuuue!!


Since she was buried behind it now, I guess she finally noticed that they had a trampoline. Before, she never noticed anything but the mirrors.

I felt like this was a great opportunity for Heidi, so I woke her up from her sound sleep and sent her out to converse with the mother.
In her undies, of course. Heidi has always been a little inappropriate. I wonder if that's a hidden trait?

Anyways, they had a nice chat about the weather, which apparently pleased Adrienne:

But, in a poof...she was gone.

Even Beau has the decency to put clothes on while his children are running around.

After the incident with Adrienne, Heidi didn't want to be reminded of the death. As evidenced when poor, little, friendly Isa tried to console her.

At least she was pleased with the decor?

Isa decided the best thing to do was distract her by talking to the baby. Crazy pregnant ladies. :-|

Then we have this dapper young man:

Twallan's "Careers" mod has enabled me to send the children to different high schools. Since he wishes to be a journalist when he grows up, I sent him to the Business office. This is how teenagers dress for "Entrepreneur training." Snazzy, huh?

I think it's a little much for a night out on the town. ;-)

There ya go.

I had decided that if I had to, I was going to beg, borrow, or steal a life for him. Dallas has been a complete failure, and it makes me sad. I reset him back to YA, and used a cheat to give him a steady girlfriend (Dina Caliente - they were best friends) and it they STILL broke up and he just wants to play guitar all day long. I give up. But this child will be different!

However, on this particular evening, there was no one out anywhere.

I don't think that the mixologist is very interested, do you? Not that it matters, she's a definite butterface.

However, upstairs in the VIP (which Ryder can waltz straight into, courtesy of Matthew Hamming being present at his mother's aging up process years ago) there was one of my lovely models, London Porter, just hanging around. She was married to Devin Ashton, but who really cares about the technicalities?

I think he might be a tad young for her, but it was worth a try. At least he knows what a woman is now. Dallas only knows what a guitar is.

I didn't get much time to really delve into this little side project, because:

Nooo...Heidi can't be having her baby, she hadn't even gotten to go to the spa yet!


I'd like to introduce you to sweet, little Fiona Braxton. The SIXTH GIRL that this legacy has produced. TWO BOYS....SIX GIRLS. *bangs head off of wall*
I'd also like to tell you the traits that she was bestowed, but I can't remember...I'm gonna say "Slob and Friendly" but don't hold me to it! :-P

Apparently, Beau had done something to piss Heidi off, because she opted for a cab ride home:

...and Beau followed in his car. I'm just through with trying to figure them out. :-P

They had a visitor that evening, though:

Sadly for Youssef, he didn't have anyone to welcome him because they were all simply too tired. :-( So, he just sat down and watched some TV until it was time to head back:
Soon, it was that time again:

Birthday bonanza  - featuring...Fiona, Arielle, and Isabeau. And, because I am tired of seeing all of the guests screaming about being hungry, I have provided a Birthday bonanza buffet - full, as you can see.

I'm thinking that this birthday party is a recipe for disaster. Think of the odds. I have had about 3 million birthdays and only one fire. There are three cakes. I'm thinking that I would beat 20 dollars that one of them explodes into a burning pile of chaos.

Fiona was first up, and escorted by her father.

Cute. She has lovely purple eyes, as you can't tell by this picture. I must confess - I'm never impressed by toddlers (or children, for that matter.) They all look the same. I mean - slap a faux-hawk on her and you've got Ryder.
Now, it's time for Arielle.

My poor sims have chronic "Age Up Into Your Panties-itis." It's rather embarassing. Especially for a little girl, I'm sure. :-P

I think that Beau just wants to know if I am really gonna leave her like that. :-P

Surprise! She probably looks just like every other child I've ever had. :-P.

Let us not forget...


I was a little scared about this.
No cause for concern. She's gorgeous, obviously. The spitting image of her mother. Of course, I can definitely tell she's got a least a little of her father in her...can you tell what? ;-)

I can't believe we made it through the party without a fire. I'm so excited. ;-D

The littlest girls are hitting it off quite well.

I must confess that I did NOT know that this interaction was available! I sat here for a good 10 minutes, watching them play this until my computer almost exploded in a frenzy of cute overload. It was too much. There might have been some giggling. :-D

But this is my legacy...and it's never too long before something off the wall happens. I will say I was glad that someone finally used the pool:

I was a little worried that she was going to sink like a rock when that dress absorbed 60 lbs of water. :-P The insane trait is finally rearing it's ugly head. ;-)

Children don't like discussing books at their birthday parties.

I was also really happy about this:

Thanks to many hours of practicing as a teenager, Shayna has learned the fine skill of jumping on a trampoline. 
...sort of. :-S

Maybe it was the heels. :-D

Braxton training:'re doin' it wrong!!!

Beau is so fired. Football? Come, now.

Isabeau was rewarded with a free day. Art school didn't start until the next day, so she got to spend the day going around town.

...she's a real social creature.

Of course, who should come along now to congratulate her on her recent birthday?

 My simself, of course! Dressed in an outfit that I would rather be nude than wear. I would also sooner die than wear a baseball cap. *shudders*

Much better. She's very Felicia-like now with her dark hair and cute retro cat's eye glasses. Too bad the launcher won't upload her. You might have noticed we haven't seen much of her in Barnacle Bay. She was too busy getting married to one of my random sims and popping out children.

Someone else was rather pleased with themselves:

 But that definitely isn't news.

I'd like to take this time to thank Matthew Hamming and his freakin' 2 celebrity stars for causing my teenagers to be stalked by this creeper 24/7. Poor child can't even paint without being photographed.
That is a very questionable painting for a teenage boy to make. Let's pretend we didn't see this.

Homework was a little bit of a depressing subject for Arielle.

All of her siblings are vampires, so it takes them about 5 seconds to do their homework, and she struggles. Poor dear. Add that in with wearing her bathing suit to school just about every day and you've got a self-esteem complex waiting to happen.

I must take this time out to apologize to the Braxton's. I have spent numerous minutes thinking that they were all insane because they preferred to wash their dishes in the bathroom sink, as opposed to using their perfectly good dishwasher.

I then noticed:



My bad?

...all better. ;-)

Ryder spends 95% of his time in that suit. I'm starting to think he's a little pompous. :-P
Isa's school outfit is very different. I think she inherited a little of Heidi's inappropriateness.

Example #1 - Why I hate parties:

A yard cluttered with funky green food. And it's almost time for another one!

I'm not so sure Beau is cut out for this stay-at-home dad thing:

Life Lesson #34234234234 - Baby poop stinks.
I'm still trying to school Ryder on woo-ing the ladies. I think he needs a few more lessons.

I'm sure that Sugar Bijou is impressed by his hot dog speech. And, look, it's documented by the stalkerazzi!

There was a girl at school by the name of Ella Hemlock, and he had become somewhat interested in her. I decided that it was time to let him practice on a girl his own age.

So, one phone call later...and he is on his way to his first date! Go Ryder!

Obligatory awkward first date pose.

While they were dining at the bistro, being all teenage-y together...

The parents had been invited to a party at umm...someone's house. (I really should start writing this down.)

Although, they weren't really that into the party. They were all about each other.

I must confess, I was paying more attention to the kids, I just figured that they would do whatever at the party and have fun.

...well...that's exactly what they did.

With no help from me, they ended up in this position:

I didn't even know you could do that!!! I was literally staring at my computer screen with my eyes glazed over. That's like...500 different kinds of awesomeness.

Like I said, though, Heidi is inexplicably inappropriate, and the two of them have always had a thing for getting it on in other people's beds. 

They were asked to leave soon after. I guess Heidi's COWORKER (whose name I can't remember for the life of me) was appalled by this.

Heidi wasn't bothered...she went back home to make more beautiful music:

Or at least to pound out notes on Isa's piano.

Now, back to Ryder:

He and his lovely little date had just finished their dinner, and were about to head home, when:
Stupid po-po. Ruins everything. Ella was allowed to go home on her own. Not Ryder, though. least he got to ride shotgun?

As usual, at least one parent must stop whatever they are doing and stand there like morons:

At least Heidi doesn't have Adrienne's death stare. But who is she to scold anyone for wrongdoing? At least HE wasn't woohooing in someone's random bed at a party. (I'm looking at you, Heidi!)

Ryder looks to be ready for the punishment.

Instead...Heidi congratulates him on his hard work. (??)

They awkwardly stand there for a moment:

And then, because both of his parent's are seemingly allergic to baby poop, he cleans out the potty, and heads up to bed. Confused, of course.

***end randomness***

Join us next time to find out:

-Exactly what happens with Ryder and Ella? Does he fall for her, or does another girl catch his interest?

-What do I have in store for Isabeau? And how does an icon of the sims series fit into her story?

-Do Heidi and Beau start going around town doing the no pants dance in random beds?

See ya soon!


  1. Loved this chapter! I laughed so hard at Heidi and Beau's antics! You're right, Isa is gorgeous. I can't wait to see who you picked as heir/ess! :)

  2. Thanks!! See, at a certain point...I just let the parents be. It was the same with Adrienne and Youssef. Fortunately, that's when the fun stuff starts happening. I love free will...unless it results in unwated babies. :-P I already have my hands full!! Consider the fact that Beau is going to live a really...long...time.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter and got quite a few good chuckles out of it. Dying to see what happens next.

  4. The Braxtons are a definite hoot and a half.

    Meany, thinking they were insane for washing dishes in the sink when you forgot their dishwasher. LOL