Monday, February 28, 2011

New and Improved - 95% Less Modesty!

Weddings are so emotional.

And Beau is so cute, I could just pinch his little cheeks off.

Of course, I'm sure you're wondering what's happening here. I'll be glad to tell ya!

It's been awhile, of course.

Our dear Ryder grew up, suddenly,  in a cloud of red:

And quite handsomely, if I do say so myself.

It seemed at one point that he was content doing nothing but sitting around in his boxers all day, playing video games:
But, he did have other things on his mind.

He had some unfinished business with a certain beautiful red-haired girl who had just grown up herself.

Little miss Autumn Hemlock.

It seems he was quite enamored of her, from the moment she first ate dirt standing right there in front of him.

And now, he was ready to make it official. 
You could have knocked the poor girl over with a feather.

How could she say no to that beautiful face??

...she didn't. ;-)

It all started as a simple plan to help his sister get with her crush.

And it ended up here...

My first REAL Braxton wedding that hasn't gotten screwed up by something. YIPPEE!!

Now, aren't the just precious?

Isa sure thinks so.
And Arielle? Well, every family has a black sheep. The Braxton's keep theirs on to continue the family line.

Morty was overcome by the general romantic-ness of the whole ordeal, and couldn't resist letting Isabeau know how he felt about her.

*wipes away a tear*

It's just all too beautiful. My babies are growing up.

It wasn't too long before the newlyweds...

Were ready to take the party to a more private location. I had set them up in a brand-spankin' new house of their own.

It was their first chance to try out something that Isa and Morty had been trying out since they got together. ;-)

Everyone had a semi-great time. The wedding was a predecessor to "Glitch-Fest '11," so things started to go downhill very quickly.

As most of you know, I had spent NUMEROUS hours downloading a new world, downloading sims to fill this world, installing said sims INTO the game, creating houses for sims, and just setting up an ENTIRELY new town in general. I finally thought I was done with everything like that.

Ha. Ha.

It was then that the shit started hitting the fan.

No one would do...anything. Heidi wouldn't cook. Beau got stuck in the floor and refused to move. No one could talk to Fiona without acting like there was something in their way, and Arielle had to walk upstairs and back down through an imaginary set of stairs before she would do anything you told her to. was time for a new house. This was very traumatizing to me, because not only had I built that house from the ground up, I had just recently spent THREE DAYS redecorating and renovating it to suit the next generation's needs. And I had just bought Outdoor Living Stuff, so I had scattered all the stuff around. Blah.

So, from here on out, the Braxton's have a new house. It wasn't created by me, or decorated by me. But I did add some Outdoor Living stuff to it. :-D

Anyways, here we go.

After school one day, Morty asked Isa to come with him to the beach, because he had something that he wanted to show her.
He began by telling her how beautiful he thought she was, and how much he had grown to love her in the past few months.

The wedding had really made an impression on him, and he had something to ask her.

Mortimer knew that they were young, and he knew that it was crazy...but he had never really loved anyone but Isabeau. Even though he had been stupid enough not to realize that for the longest time.

Imagine Isabeau's surprise when her boyfriend dropped down on one knee and proposed to her right there at the beach.
She accepted, of course, it was a moment that she had dreamed about for...well...forever.

It was her dream come true. Her princess moment. She couldn't believe it. 
Everything that she had ever wanted was taking place, and all because of a silly plan that she had put together with her brother.

She had her Morty now. He was going to be hers forever.

She would have never fathomed what was to come next.
You see, Morty was a crafty little thing, as well. He had his own carefully created plan. One that he had been concocting with his parents for months. 

...all it would take is a little convincing. He had finally gotten his parents to agree that Isabeau could come live with them IF they went ahead and got married. Morty was ecstatic, he hated spending even a moment without her. You know how passionate teenagers are. 
He managed to explain all of this to Isabeau. 

Isa didn't need much convincing. She didn't even need to discuss it with her parents. She knew that they would agree that whatever she thought was best was ok with them. Besides, they had always loved the Goth's. (Who doesn't?)

Of course, this would mean giving up her fairytale wedding. But who needs a fairytale wedding, when you have your prince standing in front of you? Isn't that fairytale enough? She figured that she had already had too much occur in her favor. She wasn't about to test fate.

The time was now.

The place was here.

..and she was ready.
I am pleased to introduce Mr. and Mrs. Goth.

Morty was overcome with emotion, once again.

It was all too much for him to bear.'re doing it wrong!!!!


Yes, yes...I can tell that they are going to make a lovely couple.

...I finally succeeded in getting Morty in my legacy, even if it IS indirectly. :-)

Now, it's time to give the OTHER girls some attention before they go completely crazy.
I say "completely" because,'ll see for yourself. ;-)

After school one day, Fiona and Arielle decided to take a trip down to the beach. Mostly because Arielle was excited to see the house that her favorite band, Flamin' Starr, was living in. They hadn't had a real chance to go exploring since they moved.

This of course led to...Fiona's neurotic freak outs on the beach:

And Arielle talking to herself:
These two have major issues.

Fiona immediately sat down to do her homework, because, by her calculations...she only had 16 hours left to get it in. 

Arielle has never heard of homework. She thinks it's what you do in class while you're supposed to be listening to the teacher.

She decides to go fishing instead. At the pool located in Flamin' Starr's yard.

For what, I have no clue. I just let her think she's doing something.

While she was waiting on something to bite (??), she had much time to think.

At the moment, she was happily contemplating which member of Flamin' Starr was the hottest - was it the drummer, or the keyboard player? Decisions, decisions. 

Perhaps she was a little too deep in thought.
She never noticed that she was being watched. 

Not that it particularly mattered. Alexander looks up for company.

There she was:
Oblivious to her surroundings. 

She had just about decided on the drummer when she had a strange feeling. 

So, she turned around.

Oh, my...

She changed her mind. The lead singer was DEFINITELY the hottest.

Fiona had long before sensed what was going to happen and fled off before she pissed on herself.

That left Arielle....alone.

So, she did what any girl in awe would do.

She introduced herself.

 Amazingly, Alexander laughed off the whole thing.

In an effort to impress him, Arielle decided to change into her good dress and hop into the pool.

By the time she came back up, she noticed that he was nowhere to be found. 
She was heartbroken. There was no one around watching her but Scary Paparazzi Lady #1:

Attractive, right?
Anyways, Arielle was pretty upset that her little trick didn't work. But, come on, he's a superstar. What did she think was going to happen?

She decided upon revenge.

This look means something weird is about to follow.

She just ninja'd the trashcan!!

That'll learn him!

Scary Paparazzi Lady #1 is as confused as we are:

Before she went home, she left a rotten piece of cake from her inventory sitting on his lawn:


If you understood anything that just happened, you are one SICK individual.

Back at the home front, Fiona was feeling safe and sound. Just enjoying her evening in the hot tub. some sort of weird hair that doesn't belong to her, of course. 

She's not being very smart, though.

Tsk. Tsk. Leaving her clothes lying around like that, while she ever-so-innocently skinny dips.

She should know better.

Older sisters always return home at the most opportune moment.

Of course, Arielle swiped them. They were practically BEGGING her to do so.

I think she's starting to feel a little remorseful. 

Nah, she's probably just worried that the gnomes are going to eat her while she's sleeping.

At this point, Heidi had just finished dinner, so it was time to eat.

 ...she doesn't look very amused, does she?
I know she's asking the great man upstairs why she was cursed with such a family. That's just the way the cookie crumbles, toots!

I just assumed that she would switch into that towel thing they normally wear.

I shouldn't have assumed ANYTHING with this family.

Instead of changing into something a little more appropriate, Fiona just proceeded to help herself to a plate of hot dogs while naked as a jay bird.

Heidi and Arielle were already chowing down, I don't think they even noticed.

I don't know what it is about my sims and their food obsession. It's like...if food is present...there is nothing else in the world.

Poor, naked Fiona has to eat all alone.

...she doesn't seem bothered, does she? 

Heidi finally noticed but it was more of an "oh well" moment.

To be honest, I'm not even sure that she's realized Isabeau is missing yet. Heidi isn't the most observant sim out there.
Later on, Arielle got a little of her evil-ness back when HER sink broke on her. Fiona's sink was just fine. (She was brushing her teeth 3 times, just to make sure they were clean.)

I'm sure you might be wondering what the parental units have been up to.

Beau has taken an EXTREME liking to sculpting. 

Being a vampire, he maxed the skill out in 3.5 seconds FLAT. So he's spending lots of time, making LOTS of money with sculptures. This is great, because they were left with $600 after buying the new house.

He has become so engrossed with sculpting, that he takes his pick everywhere with him:

He even keeps it in his hand while he's doing the no-pants-dance, apparently. That's very scary.

When he isn't doing sculpting, he is out collecting rocks and gems.

His super human speed comes in handy, considering he is having to fight the local townsfolk for the rocks and gems. *shakes fist*

Heidi is living the good life. After achieving her lifetime wish of becoming a CEO of a mega-corporation, I allowed her to retire.
She is also enjoying the benefits that Outdoor Living Stuff has to offer. Yes, I had hot tubs before, but these are cooler! :-D

She continues to invent:

She invents lots of useless little things that sit around and collect dust, or get tripped over.

And, since she is eco-friendly, I have realized that she loves to garden.

I don't know why this never occurred to me before. In other news, I learned that 2 + 2 = 4. *rolls eyes&

Adrienne has even stopped by to pay a visit:

 And I had an idea!
I can only imagine that being forever old is really starting to get on Adrienne's nerves, so I brought her up into CAS and made her a hot young thang again.

Pretty snazzy, huh? Youssef is next. *grins*

I'm not sure how well this is doing, though...Beau is suspiciously interested in Adrienne's ghostly presence.

*raises eyebrow*

Anyways...that's all for now...

Tune in next time to find out:

- Does Heidi ever realize that her child is gone? Doesn't she ever do a head count or something?
- What happens with Alexander? Does Arielle let it go that easily?
- How many times will I have to censor out body parts next time?


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