Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crossing the Line

Heidi had found herself in a bit of trouble.

I wish I could tell you exactly what happened but, unfortunately I missed the whole thing. Damn. :-(

I do know that 2 seconds after this happened...Heidi rolled a wish to sell the invention bench. So...

Ari and Fiona decided to head out to a local hangout after school that day.

Apparently, they had forgotten to pay the light bill. For some reason, it was pitch black. :-D

Nonetheless, the lights DID come on, and Arielle noticed something interesting going on at the bar.

He was definitely attractive enough...and he seemed like he might have a little bad streak in him...which meant that he was just her type.

So, she went to introduce herself.

She found out that his name was Eddie, and she actually was able to have an enjoyable chat with him.

Fiona just didn't understand her sister's obsession with older men. She never talked to any of the boys from school. She, herself, was more content with just hanging out and playing shuffleboard.

Pretty soon, though, she got bored of watching her sister moon over some guy that was probably old enough to be their father. Ok, maybe not really...but you get the point.

Plus, she was starving. For some reason, she had a hard time keeping full - food just didn't do it for her anymore. She figured that it had something to do with her dad's unfortunate condition getting passed down to her...but she didn't like to think about that. She called Drake and asked him to meet her at the Bistro.

That meant Arielle was there on her own with Eddie.

She was starting to think he was really interesting and very cute.

So, when he asked her out to dinner, she didn't bat an eyelash before saying "yes."
These poor saps fall for it every time, don't they? :-D

I guess it's because she could SO pass for a young adult, right? ;-) The only way she could look more mature was if she was toting her teddy bear around the bar.

No matter what I put her in, she always puts that outfit back on. Bleh.

Now for more important business...I am starting to wonder how things are REALLY going for Isa over at Goth Manor (which is now the former Braxton Estates *lol*).  She does nothing but sit around outside of the Bistro and read books. Maybe she gets tired of Cornelia bringing home her hot, young thangs now that Gunther finally kicked the bucket.

Fiona was not at all surprised when she walked out of the Bistro:

And there her sister was...dancing with the same dude from the bar.


However, this...

Looks like it might be getting texted to mom pretty soon. ;-)

It wasn't long before Ari got tired of having an audience, so she and Eddie decided to take their party to his house.

At first she was a little unsure, but...what the hell. He seemed like a decent enough guy.

Fiona considered trying to stop her, but she figured that Arielle knew what she was doing.

Plus, she had a certain cute bald dude with her.

She figured that she should worry about Fiona and let Arielle worry about herself. :-D (Besides, Arielle doesn't listen to anything besides the voices in her own head, anyways. Pfft. :-P)

Back to Little Miss Crazy Pants -

As soon as they got to Eddie's, things progressed very quickly. (As is always the case.)

They shared a very awkward looking hug. Maybe because she's so into him? *giggles*

When the time came to move the show to the bedroom, she didn't even bat an eyelash.

Eddie seemed to be the type to want her to stick around to cuddle, but it just wasn't happening. Of course, she couldn't just come out and say "sorry, my mom probably is wondering where I am." That would make him suspicious, of course.

It makes me suspicious to think that Heidi would even notice that she was gone. :-D She's still expecting Isa home for supper at any given moment now.

So, for the second time...Arielle found herself making her way home VERY late.

Finally...a shot where she's NOT wearing her sweat clothes! I'm impressed.

Luckily for her, she made it home just in time to jump in bed and pretend like she had been there all night.

A few days later, Fiona was late coming out of school, and she noticed that Ari was just sitting there, waiting on her.

This was odd, because normally Ari went off on some babysitting job that she had been doing for about a week. Fiona figured that it must have been something that their mom was making her do, because it started around the same time that Ari got in trouble for sneaking out.

When she tried to talk to her about it, Ari would say nothing. She simply told her that they didn't need her today, like they had originally thought, so she was just wanting to know if Fiona wanted to hang out with her at Red's Pub.

Fiona had been practicing shuffle board quite a bit lately. Mostly, that's what she did while Ari was trying to flirt with everything that had a pulse.

She was so intent on this, that she failed to notice what was coming through the door.

 That is, until she felt someone coming towards her.

He didn't even bother asking her if he could join her. He just started playing. Fiona wanted to think it was really rude of him, but to be honest...she didn't know if she had ever seen such a pretty face before in her life.

Of course, even so...she couldn't resist talking a little smack.

While she was getting to know the hot, new guy in town, Arielle was busy at the bar.

You see, she had just gotten some bad news when she called M'Kenzi after school that day. She was going to stop by, as normal, to hang out with her and Randall for a little bit.

The evening before, Bryce had come to her and told her that after some thought...he had decided that he just wasn't cut out for family life. He was leaving. As he didn't feel like he was made for being a father, he didn't plan on having much to do with Randall, either.

As far as Arielle was concerned...he could rot in pieces. He wasn't her father...that title belonged to Beau Braxton.

She didn't know him very well...but this was just like him, wasn't it? Love 'em and leave 'em. That was how she had managed to be brought into the world in the first place. 

However, in such a short amount of time, she had grown unusually attached to Randall, and even M'Kenzi. Her heart ached for them. They were in the same position that she was. That her mother was in.

...she had to get out of here.

She needed someone to talk to, and she couldn't talk to Fiona. Not that she would have wanted to jerk her away from the hottie that she was talking to. He was a lot better than the weird wig dude that Fiona had been messing around with, in Ari's opinion.

So...she left.

Fiona felt bad when she finally noticed that her sister was gone.

But she had been having such a good time talking and playing with Trent. That was his name - Trent Apollo. She thought it was the loveliest name that she had ever heard.
Soon, she started to get hungry. (As usual) And to be honest, Trent was smelling entirely too good to her. He was not a vampire, like Drake. It was easy to be around him, because he was just like her. She needed something to eat.

She wondered where Ari had run off to, but she figured that it was either to one of her boyfriend's houses, or at Alexander's. She was so totally in love with him, and wouldn't admit it to herself. Fiona knew it...even if Ari wouldn't dare tell anyone.

But, Fiona had more things on her mind:

Trent really knew how to make her laugh, and she liked that. She also liked the way he smelled. But, she had to remember Drake. They weren't TECHNICALLY a couple, but some things don't have to be spoken...
Across town, Arielle had just arrived at her destination.

Alexander's old house had burned down in a fire. Apparently, a party got REALLY wild and out of hand one night, or something.

She rung the doorbell and waited about 10 minutes. It was pretty apparent that no one was at home.

All of a sudden, she heard something behind her:

Is that the world's most beautiful, scrawny little nerd on my front porch?

She had never been happier to hear anyone's voice in her whole life.

He invited her in, of course.

She had maybe had a few too many drinks at the bar, as she was trying to walk straight through the door.

It was ok, though. She knew Alex had been out, himself...and she could smell the alcohol on him, even from a few feet away.

She didn't wait for him to say anything to her...she launched into the whole story of what had happened with her mom, and her dad, and had fathered her.

Alex let her go through her whole spiel, and then when she was done, he let her know exactly how effed up he thought everything was.

And that's when Arielle told him that she had come to a conclusion:

She never planned on getting was all too complicated, and too much trouble. She didn't want to be like her father, just running around ruining other people's lives - and she definitely didn't want to take the chance that she would end up with someone that was like her father.

Finally, in Alex's drunken stupor...he sensed that he needed to calm her down.

He cracked some sort of stupid joke that made her smile.

That's what she loved most about him. No matter what was going on...he could always make her feel better.

He looked so cute, just standing there looking at her with that stupid grin on his face...she couldn't help reaching up to touch his face.

And, before she could possibly know what had happened...

She felt him grab her hand.

She definitely didn't know how to take this. It was all a little bit too much for her.

Too much had happened today...she'd had too many had Alex. She told him that she thought he probably needed to lay down.
Meanwhile...Fiona was finishing up her dinner "date" with Trent.

She liked Trent, she really did. But...

She liked Drake, too.

Oh well, considering that there was definitely nothing going on between she and Trent, there was nothing to worry about now. She told him goodnight, and made her way home. 

Back at Alexander's...Arielle had managed to get him to lay down. The scene in the living room had made her uncomfortable.

It still made her a little uncomfortable that he was staring at her like that. What was his issue?

She didn't really know what to think about the whole situation. She had been around Alex tons of times while he was drunk.

All of a sudden, he jumped up and started hollering about going hot-tubbing. Arielle (and I) were pretty sure that he had went 'round the bend.

Not just any hot-tubbing.

Skinny dipping. At this point, Ari didn't even care. Whatever was happening between her and Alex was happening. If he was up for it...she was. It's not like this was her first time.

It started to become pretty obvious to her what Alex had in mind.

But just before things could go any further...
Something snapped Alex back to reality. 

He was so ashamed of himself. 

There he was, sitting in a hot tub, NAKED, with an emotional 17-year-old girl. He knew she was no innocent...but that didn't make any difference to him. How was he ever going to show her he was different, if he wasn't?

Next thing he knew, he was jumping out and screaming at her to get dressed.

Arielle was so confused. What had just happened? Why was he acting so bipolar?

He wouldn't even look at her. He just said one thing -


She was furious, understandably. She was tired of Alex and his stupid, mixed signals. 

So...she left. And she didn't care if she ever saw his stupid face again. Who the hell did he think he was? 

As she crawled into bed that night, she was already starting to calm down.

She knew from the start that she was going to have to guard herself from him. Why had she let her guard down like that? It was all her fault. SHE was the stupid one - of course he didn't want her. Why would he?

She hoped that this wasn't a fatal blow to their friendship. She would miss him like crazy.

In the room next to her, Fiona was sound asleep...with visions of two very different blond boys running through her head.

And their parents were sound asleep, blissfully unaware of anything that was going on:

Parents are SO oblivious. 


On an end note, our lovely Isabeau (who, surprisingly, was you guy's popular choice for heiress) aged into a Young Adult today - here is what she looks like.

I can't wait until her and Morty start having lots of little Goth babies. ;-D


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  2. :-) I'm glad you're excited! There's a lot more stuff that's going to happen, but it's a bit more lighthearted. I'm done putting Ari's heart through the wringer for a little bit.

    FYI - Bryce *really* did leave his family and say that - all on his own, thanks to Story Progression. That's why I love it.

  3. Wow, that makes it even more sad almost! Yeah, if I wasn't so big on not having cc or mods I'd download Twallan's SP mod in a minute- but I'm too afraid of it messing up my game.

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  5. Thank you! Hopefully I can get a new chapter up before long. It all depends on when I get another chance to play. *sigh*

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