Saturday, March 5, 2011

Let the Crazy Games Begin...

We've gotten a new norm around this place:

Waking up in the middle of the night...

To check the sink.

Yep, still filthy. You can rest easy now, Fiona, all is well in the Braxton household.

She stayed busy filling her days with playing her instruments for her parents (she seems to REALLY enjoy the piano)

And licking the funk off of smelly plates and bowls:

Only to neurotically worry about catching the plague AFTER she has done this:

I like to call this her "Eeeewwww my God, I am going to totally DIE" look.

Arielle, on the other hand, likes to spend her days trying to figure out how to get into as much trouble as possible.

Her partner in crime seems to always be Alexander. They have developed quite a relationship. Of course, as insane as she is...she isn't stupid...she never gets her hopes up about it being anything more than just friends. He is, after all...super famous, super talented, and super she realized he probably had no interest in a borderline psychotic teenage girl.

On this particular day, she was meeting him at the gym after school. Instead of going in and watching him, she stayed in the lobby and made him a few drinks. She feared that she might fall into a puddle of her own drool if she subjected herself to such male beauty.

She had gotten to be pretty good at mixing drinks. For some reason, it was the skill that all three of the Braxton girls were fixated on. :-D

Eventually, he came out of the weight room, and grabbed up one of her tasty drinks.

As you can see, she is seriously trying very hard not to melt into the floor.

They chatted for awhile:

But, was time to leave...

Alexander had band practice. He always looks a little reluctant to leave. I like to think he at least cares for my pretty, crazy little princess at least a LITTLE bit. ;-)
This was fine with Arielle, she had to be headed home soon, anyways. The cops in this town were crazy, yo.

Back at the farm, Heidi was continuing to make use of my $20 by cooking in her outdoor kitchen.

Arielle decided to stay outside and finish her homework, so she could sniff the lovely scent of whatever the hell that is cooking. :-D
All of this happened under the watchful eye of the ever-present paparazzi dude.

He's TOTALLY like a part of the family now. I fully expect him to start sitting down to dinner with them every night.

Again, Fiona is too worried about the sink to be bothered by anything else.

It doesn't seem to bother her that the sink is possibly breeding 1 million different types of parasites and fungi, she is only worried that it might still be turned on. Go figure.
The following day, I decided it was best to get Fiona out of the house for a little bit. Her sink obsession is really starting to bother me.

Arielle didn't find this amusing. The poor, delusional thing refuses to understand that she has to share the Braxton throne. She thinks that she's the only ACTUAL heiress, and I just let her believe it.

As soon as she sensed my intention to leave her on her own...she started brainstorming:

She started out by demanding that I stay right where I was...with the camera pointed at her at ALL times:

When she finally realized THAT wasn't working, she started to get even more angry:

That didn't work either. She resorted to taking hostages.

Uh...ok, folks, I think we've seen enough. 
Moving swiftly forward before someone loses an eye...

Fiona had been quite impressed with Autumn's brother, Drake, since the wedding. They talked on the phone quite frequently. They decided to spend the afternoon together.

He's quite a little cutie-pie.

If you can get past the fact that he and Fiona both look like pompous little assholes, running around in their formal wear all of the time. That's thanks to the new schools inserted by Twallan's careers mod. It definitely isn't my favorite feature.
Just when it seemed that things were starting to get interesting between the two...

Fiona decided to start being...Fiona.

The only way to top trying to impressing a guy by jumping into a pool, fully clothed...

Is to start rambling on about conspiracies right in the middle of a flirtatious moment.

Apparently, the little green men are all out to get us. They are starting by turning on everyone's faucets when they aren't looking. Damn little critters.

I sense an exit plan in the making.

Fiona was just in the middle of explaining how the "green men" get into your home...

When Drake decided to take matters into his own hands.
This shocked her into silence, thank goodness.

While he had a chance to talk, Drake decided to suggest that they go for dinner.

Apparently, his wig blew off on the way over. I have no idea what the HELL happened to his beautiful hair. 

After dinner, they flirted a bit...

And then said their goodbyes. 

He's still missing his wig. He should make that a priority on the way home. :-D

I'm so proud of myself, I've managed to make it through another sim day without a child being brought home in a police car. I just don't understand their strict curfews. Damn EA, trying to inflict their good morals on me. *shakes fist* How the hell am I supposed to have troublemakers, if EA won't allow them to make trouble. Bleh.

You'll be glad to know that Arielle didn't try anything stupid while we were gone, depends on what your definition of "stupid" is.

When Alexander invited Arielle out for dinner the next evening, I decided to let her go. I hope her good dress had dried out by then. :-P 

I think Alex was a little amused by all of the things that she had to say. I'm sure he had never heard the likes of some of her antics in all of his life.

Plus, she IS cute as a little button, isn't she? :-D

After chatting for awhile, they decided to finally get their food. 

Arielle opted for a plate of goo:

And Alex went with the bowl of goo:
I, personally, think they made some yummy choices. 

It was at this point, that I paused their little dinner date for some more important business.

Namely, Arielle's cousin, Marlin.

I don't know how long this poor guy had been walking around like this, but it had been long enough.
Since he is technically a Braxton, and ugliness is not allowed in that family, it was time for a makeover.

Don't ask why I did such a cruddy job on this picture. I have no idea. Brain fart moment. :-D Forgive me, I had 121 pictures to edit and border. *lol*

But, back to the issue at hand, Marlin looks quite nice, no? Jenna picked a good husband for herself. They now have a daughter named Tatiana, in case anyone cares. (Since this one getting named "Marlin," I have now used Story Progression to put myself in control of naming all babies born in my town, thank you.)

Anyways, back to the story.
Apparently, something was amiss for Arielle, she doesn't look very happy, does she?

Maybe her goo was cold?

At that point, Echo Hemlock (Autumn's SUPER famous mother) decided to honor the Bistro with her presence, which caused Alex to nerd out.

Oh, how mortifying.

As you can probably guess, Arielle didn't find this too amusing.

She had to act fast to try to get his attention. 

He didn't seem to care. She finally realized that all attempts at attention-stealing were futile.

At that point, something interesting took place. Blue, from Jojo777's "The Bird Legacy" decided to make an appearance.

She has good taste in maternity wear. :-D

She is having a baby by one of Jojo's other sims, Jasper Hill. Isn't that the cutest little random thing ever? I'm anxious to see how the purple and blue hair mix. ;-)

Now for the not so cute...

Jasper is just as enamored of Echo as Alex is.

I decided that she looked fairly matronly in that outfit, and not at all anything that a normal man would be THAT infatuated made her over to give the guys something to look at.

There, now she looks the part of "Dangerous Vampire Vixen."

Finally, Arielle got bored of just waiting on Alex to remember that she existed, and decided to leave. It wasn't really worth getting a free ride home in a police car to watch him fawning all over someone that was probably old enough to be his great-grandmother. :-D

I don't know what's going on with Echo, but when I made it back to the homestead, guess who Beau was on the phone with?

ECHO! Jeez...leave some for the rest of the female population. 

I'm certaintly hoping that THIS:

Isn't how Fiona spent her evening. I would feel really bad. *giggles*

Now, it's time for an installment of "Heidi: What the heck is she up to?"

*evil laugh*

Heidi has become very fond of inventing. She began wanting to detonate things.

I don't know about you, but I feel as if this serving cart:

Is a fairly useless item.

Not anymore.


All of a sudden, this doesn't seem like such a grand idea.

The shrapnel is scaring me!

Oh well...

She seems to have escaped unscathed.


That was a bit of a delayed reaction, wasn't it?

I hope you like your Heidis extra crispy!

Oh well, at least she got a few scraps for her troubles.

That's worth getting burnt to a crisp, right?

I am going to have to get better at keeping an eye on her, though...

She seems to have taken a liking to Beau's best sculpture. :-O

I'm thinking that I made a boo-boo. I believe that I triggered something in the game that say "I love disaster...please bring more of it!"

This is what my sims woke up to the next morning:

Total-freakin'-chaos, baby.
Who better to realize this than my two little princesses?

ACK! I can handle Heidi being close to fire, she's lived a full life...but not my BABIES!!!!!!

Luckily, the super firefighters were on their way...

But, try as I might, I couldn't keep Fiona away from the fire.

*cries* I can't watch.

Luckily, the fire was taken care of, and all of my simmies were ok.

I can't say the same for my counters. Although I have to say that the terrarium and lemonade pitcher were worth the money, because they must be flame-retardant.

Insurance granted me $700 for the fire. It cost me $2500 in repairs. *grumbles*

I decided to let the girls chill out for a little bit. They made use of the instruments downstairs.

Fiona's LTW is to master all of the intstruments, and Arielle likes to sing along to her guitar.

It had been too long since Arielle tried any trouble-making, so she decided that, since it was a Saturday night and all, it was time to peruse the town. She managed to drag Fiona out with her.

They started at one of the local bars, where they met these fine gentlemen:

They go by the names of Gunther (blonde) and Klaus (shaved head). (These fine, young men are descendants of Mortimer Goth, and can be found in Mikezumi's studio. )

Things appeared to be all fine and good, while they were introducing themselves...

But, you know how that goes...

I'm sure Fiona has to apologize for her sister a lot.

Arielle wasted no time in chatting up Gunther, while Fiona went for Klaus.

Arielle assured Gunther that she and Fiona were 19 and 18 years old, respectively. *tsk, tsk*

And then she must have told him a little joke:

Fiona was off playing darts with Klaus, but I finally realized that she was dressed rather suspiciously for an 18 year old girl.

Let's remedy that.

I would certainly hate to blow their cover. ;-)

Nope, the guys will never notice a thing.

Luckily, since my simself randomly corrupted, the paparazzi dude has been more than happy to take over for me, as legacy stalker.

They are in good hands, I think. :-)

Apparently, Arielle has an evil plan in the works, or something.

Whatever it is, I don't think Gunther will mind, he seems pretty pleased with himself.

Oh, Lord. I don't trust this girl one bit, she has probably slipped something in the drinks. 
Oh well, bottoms up:

Things seem to be moving along quite smoothly. Arielle's plan seems to be right in place. ;-)

It wasn't long before something more important was taking place, though:

PIZZA! You know my girls can't resist greasy food. Men be damned!

After that, it was time for Fiona to start worrying about being out past curfew.

Arielle obviously found it very comical that I had subjected her to such nonsense.

She let Fiona know that she was just going to tell Gunther bye before they left.

She found him at the bar in the back, knocking back a few more drinks.
They embraced very awkwardly, after she let him know that they were leaving.

It was at this point, that Gunther let her know that he actually had a girlfriend.
Of course, Arielle was VERY disappointed by hearing this. But, it was ok for her, she wasn't looking for a boyfriend, anyways.

I have a feeling that she hasn't seen the last of Gunther, though.

Jeez...doesn't anyone ever clean around this place?

*shivers* This is getting as bad as Generation One!

A few days later, the girls were fishing in their pond after school.

 Fiona had a school project, for which she needed a fish. She was, however, not really getting the hang of the whole "fishing" thing.

 She finally got one...

 I guess this one will do.

Arielle was glad to be done with the fishing, she would much rather fish in pools. The fish were much better quality.

It was time for her daily chat with Alex, anyways. She hadn't seen him in a few days, she had other things in mind. She loved Alex to death, of course...he just wasn't fitting into her plans right now.

It did make her smile that he always called her to see how her day was. She thought it was very sweet, but had quickly learned that it was best to lock up her heart where that was concerned...the last thing she wanted was to be heartsick over some fantasy thing with a rockstar.

Fiona was waiting on her company to arrive.

She had been steadily seeing Drake, although nothing was official yet. She was pretty sure that it would happen sometime soon.

He, however, showed up to act very inappropriately towards Arielle, and then randomly leave.

Who the hell knows what he was up to. Probably a curfew thing. *rolls eyes*

Adult sims don't have curfews, though.

So, it was just time enough for Arielle to have a surprise visit.

She was really shocked to see Gunther, she hadn't heard a peep out of him since leaving the bar that night.

I don't know why, but he triggers something...strange...inside of her...

...awkward. *insert random paparazzi dude here*

I don't know how things were going with Gunther, as far as the girlfriend goes...but apparently it didn't matter.

It was all being documented, anyways. *rolls eyes*

Arielle decided that tonight would be a perfect night, since her parents were gone out for the evening. So, she decided to invite Gunther to the hot tub.

...awkward. :-D

I think Arielle has no clue how to act around Gunther. She knows what she wants from him, but she's having trouble figuring out how to get it. Gunther might not know her, but Arielle definitely knew about him. His reputation was quite known around the town - he was a definite ladies man, which was just what she wanted.

He was definitely not show-casing his Casanova side now, though.

He was more interested in his own feet than the girl beside him. To be fair, she might have garnered a little bit more attention if she had worn a bikini and not a dress. :-P

Eventually, she was able to grab his attention.

It was not for long, though. Gunther heard something spooky and jumped from the hot-tub immediately.

Ghosts of your dead grandparents are always lurking around, trying to ruin your fun.

It was ok, though, Arielle was starting to worry that her parents would be back at any moment, and she would have some explaining to do.

So, she said "bye" to Gunther and sent him on his way.

I don't think she would have had to worry, though. They still haven't seemed to notice that Isabeau is missing.

Speaking of Heidi and Beau, they were having a great dinner date.

That is, until she noticed that something was amiss.

You might not recognize that guy, but he goes by the name of Bryce Goodman. You might not recognize that name, but you will definitely recognize his daughter.

Ring a bell?

Heidi was worried. What the hell was he doing here? Hadn't she left all of that behind her when they moved towns?

Oh, dear...this can't be good.


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  3. When Blue came waddling out of the Bistro, I knew I had to place her in there somewhere. She gave birth to a little boy named "Jacob." He isn't old enough for me to peek at yet, but I think his good genes will do well for him. :-)

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