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Due to the fact that Beau has looked the same since...forever - and, for some reason, the pants he was wearing got deleted, causing him to wear KHAKIS, for gosh sakes...I decided that it was time for a change.

I think that Fiona probably didn't recognize her old dad. He does look pretty snazzy, if I do say so myself.

Due to Fiona wanting to be a "One Sim Band" and Beau's general boredom with...everything - they had started having jam sessions in the basement.

Arielle liked to join in on the microphone.

Someone's not a happy bunny.

Ever since the unfortunate "burning herself to a crisp" incident, Heidi had given up inventing, and forced me into selling her workbench. She was now happily spending her time reading, instead.

No one ever got burned up while reading, as far as I know - so, I think she's safe.

And as far as the dearly departed -

Adrienne spends a lot of time in the bathtub.

One day, during their jam sessions, Arielle received a phone call.

It was Alexander. She hadn't spoken to him in days. In fact, she was starting to worry. She stopped right in the middle of her song to answer it. This was definitely important.

As it turns out, he was calling to find out if they were still on for the birthday party that week. She and Fiona had been planning it for weeks, it was sure to be the bash of the year.

With all of the dramatic issues, she had completely forgotten about it. She and Alex were able to smooth down the last minute details.

And, they were back to laughing in no time. Arielle could not have *possibly* felt better...she had spent the last few days worrying about how their relationship was going to be affected. It seemed as if it was none at all.

Speaking of birthdays...

We all know what this means, don't we?

Of course, Beau is excited. He's got another 150,000 years before he even ages. :-D

Oh, I simply can't watch.

*covers eyes*


...she looks pleased. :-O

I don't know if this is what Beau was expecting, or not.

NEVER FEAR! Felicia, the Master Stylist, is here. Helping wonky-looking little old ladies everywhere, turn back into sexpots for their hot, immortal husbands.

Well, as "sexpot" as you can be with stork legs and toothpick arms. Fail, EA.

Anyways, it doesn't matter...Beau obviously thinks that she would be awesome in bubblewrap. :-D

I have to admit, she does look pretty awesome for an elder. But what do I expect, she *was* the prettiest little sim I ever had from the moment she was born. *sigh* My baby's all growed up. *cries*

To celebrate...the family went out for a nice dinner that evening:

I have no idea what has happened here. Perhaps she saw Isabeau sitting around at the Bistro (per usual) and finally realized that she hasn't been home in 5 years. Go figure.

Before I knew was time for "the day."

My little teenage princesses are growing up!!! *sobs* It's so emotional. :-D

They were having a small party with their parents, before the REAL party took place in the evening.

Of course, as usual, Heidi and Beau were an everlasting "party of 2" that could never be broken up. Not even for their kid's birthdays. *snorts*

Arielle (being technically the oldest - sometimes I forget that they aren't twins. Twins with different dads. Hmmmm.) was up to bat first.

I'm not going to attempt to try to guess what her birthday wish was. It was probably too disturbed for the minds of mere normal people, such as myself. (Did I just hear laughter??)

Believe it or not, the 'rents were able to refrain from woohooing for a few moments in order for their children to have a proper birthday party. we goooooooo!!

Best age-up EVER!


YIKES! The bazoombas must run in Bryce's family, because she certainly didn't fish them out of the Braxton family gene pool. :-D

Heidi seems pleased.

After her makeover, she was more interested eating cake in her pajamas, than she was her sister's aging. I think she figures that she has the whole "pretty sister" thing in the bag. She *did* just inherit the snob trait, after all. (Along with the humongous knockers.)

Fiona thinks that the best thing about going second, is that you know what you have to beat.

Come on, girl, you can do it.

She wishes for something that tops Arielle's Barbie doll face and gigantic dirty pillows.

YAY! She looks very apathetic about the whole deal.

Come on, Fiona, muster up a little spirit!

Teenage innocence gone in a red flash.


Butter my butt, and call me a biscuit.

Angry vampire girl is...


Arielle, feeling very one-upped by her sister's porcelain, dark-beauty, vampishness, decided to eat her cake outside.

And then, she just stood around, staring at her dad's mermaid statue.

Knowing her, she was probably having a conversation with it.

Meanwhile, Fiona was feasting upon her cake with the parents:

It seems like a good first meal for a vampire.

Apparently moody vampire chick doesn't approve of her dad's slice of cake. You know how that can be sometimes - slabs of cake can be so inappropriate.
The new trait took effect almost immediately. After stuffing her face, she made her way to the nearest mirror:

She was very unimpressed with her very un-dainty, pointy ponytail and promptly decided to change it to something more suitable.

Long, straight hair is all the rage for goddesses of the night, this season.

She makes my soul cry for help! 

Downstairs, I finally managed to force Arielle into something acceptable for a party.

She looks so forlorn - she only ever wants to wear sweatpants. How irritating.

Finally, it was time for the soiree:

As soon as they walked through the door, the first thing Arielle noticed was that "Flamin' Starr" had already taken the stage.

Oh! You don't know "Flamin' Star"??

Well, let me introduce you to Montego Bay's hottest band.

You've got Alexander Starr in lead vocals.

Gypsy Oliver - backup/occasional lead vocals

In the background, we have Corbin Gaines on the drums, and Cruz Rushton letting it all hang out on the keyboards. (Sorry for no closeup - camera refused to cooperate)

Jordyn Nixon on guitar (don't mind the hair - it's bound to disappear at some point.)

And last, but definitely not least- the very shirtless Zane Anderson. *phew*

Apparently, during her transition from normalcy to vampire, Fiona inherited the "hates rockin' music trait".

Oh, my.

It's just too much for those dainty ears, isn't it?

Oh well, after a little while, she got used to it..and even started joining in on the fun.

Damn it all to hell. Ari's back in her sweatpants. That's it. They're getting burned when she gets home!

Finally, Alexander had an announcement to make.

It was time for them to unveil their newest single - they were going to perform it for the first time, there at Fiona and Arielle's party.

(Play this to hear the song I envisioned for Alexander to sing. I'm no good at writing my own songs. *lol*)

I'm thinking, baby, you and I are undeniable
But I'm finding out loves unreliable
I'm giving all I got just to make you stay
Or am I just a roadblock in your way?
 Cause you're a pretty little windstorm out on the boulevard
Something like a sunset, oh you're a shooting star

And I might drive myself insane
If those lips aren't speakin my name

Cause I got some intuition,
or maybe I'm superstitious

But I think you're a pretty sweet pill
that I'm swallowing down

To counter this addiction


you've got me on a mission
Tell me darling, can I get a break somehow?
How can I say no?

 She's got a love like woe
(whoa oh oh oh)
Girls got a love like woe
(whoa oh oh oh ba-da-da)

I kinda feel like it dont make sense
Because you're bringing me in
and now you're kicking me out again

Loved so strong, then you moved on
Now I'm hung up in suspense,

Because you're bringing me in
And then you're kicking me out again

Its like a hurricane, speed train, shes a moving car
Catch her in the fast lane, oh I gotta know,

Can I keep up with her pace?
Kick it into gear when I see that face

You can take up all my time cause you're the only one
That can make a storm cloud break
Pulling up the sun

And I cant get caught in the rain
Can I get your lips to speak my name?

Cause we only have one life
The timing and the moment,
All seem so right

So would you say you're mine?
(We'll be just fine)
Would you say you're mine?
(We'll be just fine)

She's got a love like woe.

When the song ended, it was time for the band to take a break. The girls had danced so much, they probably needed a break, too.

Everyone seemed to be having a blast. The girls were super excited before, just for having Alex's band play...the fact that they had a new song played at their party was beyond awesome.

Even the inappropriate paparazzi were having a good time...

Awkward paparazzi love? I think so!

There was someone lurking at the bar, however, that no one had noticed just yet.

A dark stranger had set himself up at the bar while the festivities were taking place.

Oooo...and handsome, too! Did I mention handsome??

This dark (and scrumptious) stranger was here for a reason. He had traveled for miles, in search of a vision that he had in his head.

One that he had not been able to get rid of for months, now.

And then, all of a sudden...

She appeared.

Fiona had been feeling as if she had someone watching her all evening. She tried to stifle the creepy feeling that she had, considering that it WAS her birthday party, and she WAS utterly stunning, after all. Of course, there were people staring at her.

And, then suddenly...she was face-to-face with a stranger.

She was not impressed, or amused. Unless he had something worthwhile to say to her...he could go jump off of a cliff. She had no clue who he was, or who he THOUGHT he was to approach her like that.

He immediately went into some lame spiel about how he was glad to finally meet her.

Blah, blah, blahdy, blah. Sure, he was sexy...but whatever.

She really tried to be nice, after all...there was something about him that seemed to draw her attention in.

...until she saw the teeth. She had heard enough.

She needed a man with something warm running through his veins. Just the thought of Trent made her hungry. She could smell him all the way from across the room. She had been trying to resist the urge to steal him away all evening.

In fact...

That is precisely what she was going to do. She had enough of the party...she was unbelievably thirsty, and anxious to try out her new...uh...assets. She couldn't believe the change in herself since this morning.

She would leave her sister to all of her man-juggling, troublemaking ways...

...and with one last glance at Count Mysterious, she was gone.

Oh noes! A spider! :-D
The man in black was not easily averted, though.

He was here for his porcelain-skinned vampire, and have her, he would! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!11!!!!

While Arielle was conversing with Dallas...

She realized that there was someone else that definitely deserved her attention.

Yeah, she's hot stuff. is he.

Ryder finds this situation VERRRRRRRRRRRY interesting.

And Alexander is ready to party.

What? You don't follow?

Me, either. :-D

Moving on...

Ari wanted to thank Alex for such a great show. She couldn't believe that he still went to all of that trouble for her.

She was a little shocked when he grabbed her and told her happy birthday, but she figured that he was just pumped after the show. She did not linger around for long, though.

She had mischief on the brain.

In the form of a very shirtless guitarist.

Alexander was too smitten by her at that moment (the stupid sap)

To even notice what was going on behind him.




We will be taking applications for experienced guitarists in the comment section, please.

Haha. Totally JK.

Well, at least about the applications part. Cause this situation really is SO happening before your eyes.

Zane *really* did go there. He *really* invited Arielle home with him. She *really* is going to go.

I sense friction within the band!

Poor Alexander, he's about the only guy in town that hasn't ridden this train, and he's the only one that is really DYING for a seat.

Oh well.

Across town, there were some very interesting things going on.

Fiona had managed to lure her prey...I from the hustle and bustle.

It was TIME!

The target had been located.

All she had left to do, was to call him over, like true vampires do when they want to feast on their prey.

So much for stalking the victim. Hmmph.

I don't know about you...but I think Trent has caught on to Fiona's plan.

Ready for a feast?

Stoopidest stoopid human look EVER!


...silly, plasma-filled human.
Uhh?? She doesn't even have FANGS! STOP STOP!! How is this going to work??!

*shivers* I think I'll have to liken that to getting stabbed with a butter knife.

Apparently, it's still yummy.

...I'll leave these two lovebirds alone.

Back to the OTHER one (I'm having trouble deciding which one is the evil sister.)

These two were busy simmering in awkward-sauce. With a side of lame.




Hey! Wanna make out?

 I thought you'd never ask.

 I'd tell them to get a room, but the didn't need one. They had a couch. :-O

That's all for today, folks!

Tune in next time to find out:

-Is Zane is allowed to live, or has he woohoo'd his last?
-What the heck is up with the dark stranger?
-Is Trent as obsessed with Fiona as she is with him?

Oh, and your opinion, please?

Evil Sister?
Hortense free polls

See ya!

(NOTE - Mysterious vampire borrowed from FuryRed's Heart Family Legacy .)


  1. Ohmygod, Fiona is the most. Gorgeous. Sim. EVER!!! Wait, who's Hortense again? I voted for Arielle. Her skin (Fiona's) is not familiar to me. How is it so light?! Her mom has darkish skin, and her Dad's skin is normalish.

  2. You don't remember Hortense?? I'm not going to tell you. ;-)

    I gave Fiona a custom skin tone for fun. :-) I thought I would make her look a bit more "classic" vampire. I just have to see about getting her some teeth. *raises eyebrow* If you are asking where I got it from - it is Lemonleaf. I was well satisfied with her, too. She's my little vampire princess. :-)

  3. Fiona is GORGEOUS! I thought Arielle was beautiful, and then Fiona went and I was like o_O My Sims will never grow up like that. Good genes! Now let's get to the baby making! :D

  4. Thank you, a lot of my goal when I started was to see how long I could keep this family tree going without it going sour. :-D I like seeing how genetics play out. I can't wait to see the next generation myself, I have high hopes for it, considering I already know who the spouses are. Neener, neener. Choosing the next heir is going to be hard, I predict. :-D

    Just you guys wait and see. This is going to be one bumpy ride. :-) And then I have something fun planned for the next generation already.

  5. Lol. I'm glad Heidi finally remembered poor isabeau, perhaps old age has bought her wisdom.

  6. One would hope so! ;-) Isabeau has been a young adult for awhile. *lol*

  7. Omg just leave us hanging again! You need to write faster--LOL.
    Totally loved it and the girls are absolutly gorgeous can't wait to see their off-springs.

  8. I wish I could! Unfortunately, I decided to take on too many projects. We probably won't be seeing a Braxton update this week. :-( I'm glad you enjoyed it! If I didn't leave people hanging, they would never come back. ;-)

  9. I don't know why but I see their band as more of a Linkin Park-ish type.. lol you know, angry screaming music?? ;)

  10. I just started reading the other day and I love it! The characters are all full of unique personalities :D
    A couple questions though. Do you make most of your male sims, or download them? And where do you get most of your CC? I have quite a bit but more is always better ;D

  11. Hey guys - I love the comments! But if you ask me a question, I like to know you got my response. So, if you don't have an account on blogspot, let me know your TS3 name so that I can respond to you personally! :-)

    So to the poster above - Thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I actually spend a lot of time developing different sorts of personalities for my characters. I usually keep the traits that they are born with, but I reserve the right to change anything for the good of the story. :-) (Hence my lovely dark princess, Fiona.)

    I do not download a lot of sims. For this generation, the townies are downloaded from TS3 site users. If they in appear in my story as a character, they belong to me unless otherwise noted. It just depends on which one you are talking about. Youssef was stolen from Egypt, Beau is Beau Merrick from Bridgeport, made over by me, Alexander was made by my mom, as was Trent, and Devon was created by FuryRed.

    I get a lot of CC from The Sims Resource, sadly. I am very careful about what I download there. I also get a TON from Mod the Sims. I get various other things from LianaSims, LorandiaSims, LiliSims, and All About Style.

    Hair is usually downloaded from Newsea, Peggy, XM Sims, and Garden of Shadows.

    For skins, I use Lady Frontbum, and the hairy male skin from Garden of Shadows. Fiona uses a special white skin from Lemonleaf.

    I get makeup from The Sims Resource, Mod the Sims, Evie, and Lemonleaf.

    I also really like the EA Store stuff. :-D

    I hope that answers your questions, I can be a lot more specific if you need me to be. :-D

    Thanks so much for reading!

  12. Also, the entire band was made by me. Although, I didn't realize Zane's complete yumminess until I did this chapter. RAWR!

  13. I have no idea why it posted my name like that >.< My TS3 name is WhoozySimmy45 (...I created that when I was 10 and have no idea why I kept it when I switched to TS3...) Thank you for answering so soon!

  14. You're very welcome! You happened to catch me right as I was on here. *lol* Thank you for letting me know that you got my response. :-)

  15. First of, lemme say your sims are GORGEOUS. Wish my sims could come close to their hotness XD

    I'm curious though, where did you get the microphone? EA messed up with Late Night by not adding a mic. I mean, whats a band without a vocalist? xD

  16. Awww...thank you!! I work really hard to keep the gene pool fresh. :-D Appearance is important to me.

    The microphone is the "Croon to me softly" mic from the store's Jazz Set. I had to cheat to get him to appear to be singing. A nice friend gifted it to me when I was looking for a mic. I believe that there are CC mics out there that are classified as mirrors, so that you can practice speeches in them, and *look* like you are singing.

    The lack of a working mic is an epic FAIL on EA's part.

  17. Alright, thanks! :) I guess I have to use some suspension of disbelief. Not too hard, considering I've once made Resident Evil/Left4Dead towns in the sims 2. xD

    Ikr! I was looking forward to recreating some of my favorite bands until I found out there was no mic, the bass is a double bass (...Seriously?) and there was a limit of 4. I'd either have to switch their roles or not include a member or two. Oh well, least I can still make The Dresden Dolls and Silversun Pickups <3

  18. Sorry it took me so long to read, but really great chapter!! Makes me sooo excited to read the next update :)

  19. "the only guy in town that hasn't ridden this train" - I about hit the floor laughing when I read that! You are one of a kind, Fel!

  20. I do love your writing style. "Perhaps she saw Isabeau sitting around at the Bistro (per usual) and finally realized that she hasn't been home in 5 years." You think your Sims are that dense? :)

    Ari aged up well but Fi was stunning!

    Love the dark handsome vampire who just waltzed into Fi's life.

    Poor Alex - he should start looking for a new guitarist.

    great fun the Braxton family