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When the Cat's Away, The Mouse Will Play...

Since we left the last chapter on a sad's about we begin the next one with some lovey-dovey stuffie.

Although, there's very little love for Isabeau going on here:

Ugh. Toddlers. Whiny brats. :-P suggestion is to get a snack, a drink, and a comfortable seat...because you are in for the longest chapter in the history of the Braxton's.

...And it's going to be quite a rollercoaster ride. ;-)

Heidi started going about her life as normal. I mean, she had no other choice. What was done, was done...and there was no way to change it.

There was only one good thing to come out of it, though...she figured out that her family (Beau, included) was where her heart was...and she decided that she was going to be the best gosh-darned family woman that you can imagine.

Starting with teaching Isa how to walk:

Of course, being a Braxton...she can't help that there is one thing that she loves more than ANYTHING...

Her silly self, of course. She and Adrienne check their reflections about 100 times a day. It seems they are scared that their face is going to disappear or something. Who knows? at the homestead was just going on as normal...

Ryder was showcasing his vampire skill-mastering techniques and was already writing his first book.

I would tell you what it was called, but I am just going to be honest...there are some days I am lucky to remember my OWN name, much less what my sim decides to name his book. Sorry. :-P

Shayna and Lil' Bling continued to be quite an item. They were nearly inseparable. I guess I should go ahead and plan a wedding. :-P

And, much to my enjoyment, they finally noticed the trampoline that I bought for them back when I had to build the new house:

But, they never perform tricks on it. Or fall off of it. Bummer. :-(

Adrienne spends quite a bit of time with the children. Funny...she never cared anything about her own, really...but she dotes on these. Go figure. :-D

I have been working Youssef like CRAZY to get his last guitar skill. Once he gets it, he will complete his Lifetime Wish. He is getting dangerously old and I don't want him to die disappointed.

Did I say that things were NORMAL before?


You should know that means that something crazy is going to happen.

Only in MY legacy do gnomes stop by to say howdy while you are yakking your guts up.

I'm hoping that Heidi had a bad Autumn Salad. Heaven knows, you shouldn't eat anything off the counters in this place.

Oh, dear. I see that there's no hiding the pregnancy this time. I'm thinking that Heidi made TWO bad choices in the previous chapter. Which is worse?

Carrying another man's baby?

...or being COMPLETELY unsure of whose baby she is carrying?

 That's never a good situation. Have fun with that, Heidi!

Anyways, it was time for yet ANOTHER birthday party. Shayna! I opted for another pool party. At this point, I would be excited if someone used to pool that I spent the better part of 5 minutes building. I wouldn't want to think I wasted my time, y'know.

I guess Heidi decided that since she was pregnant, (and since I deleted her bad CC denim hot pants) that she would dress a tad more tastefully at this party:

I think Beau notices that something is amiss, don't you?

The guests all arrived, and stood around the kitchen in their swimwear:

Except, I think Jenna's suit got deleted, because she's wearing that awful dress. Poor thing. :-P Apparently, everyone was fascinated with Autumn Hemlock (grand-daughter of Wogan - another of my sim families) doing her homework at the table. I think she's a big time celebrity. Woo-wee.

You'll notice that there is something super special about this birthday!

...two cakes!

But, it's only SHAYNA'S birthday, you say?

I has a gift for her! (Because I love her so much and she's my new 2nd choice for heir, had she came along first, she would have given Heidi a run for her money.)

But, first, let's let her make a wish:

Ooooo...she's in her embarrassing! And that light behinds her makes her look as if she's wearing a halo! She needs help!
Master controller, to the rescue!

Muuuuch better! She looks so much like Youssef. :-)

It's time for her birthday present! 

I have decided that since she and Lil' Bling were so close...I am going to go ahead and give him a birthday, too!

Whee! I am just a birthday-giving FIEND!

Shayna seemed mighty indifferent to this. I'm sure she was just overwhelmed by her gorgeous hair and all, she'll thank me later. ;-)

Speaking of hair, though....I am thinking that Adrienne's swimwear 'do that I gave her when she was a young adult, is seriously...inappropriate for her advanced age:

Oh well...she's old and partially senile. Let's not bother her. ;-)

I detest birthday parties. It only ends up with half-eaten cake sitting EVERYWHERE. And the maids NEVER...CLEAN...IT....UP.

Exhibit A)

And B)

And I *always* forget about it, until it turns all green and funky and my sims start bitching about their trashy surroundings. (Which, I think they should just be happy if the toilet isn't grimy. :-P)

I decided to go ahead and move Shayna out on her own. It was the original plan to move Lil' into the house and marry them first, but I don't have enough open slots, and there is a baby coming. :-( out she goes. I will miss her and her candy stealing. Evil is my favorite trait.

I moved her into the "Big Bling" household, and figured that she and Lil' would just take it from there.


Two seconds after I grew him up and moved Shayna out, Story Progression informed me that Lil' was dating Dina Caliente. (Who hasn't??) I was very perturbed by this, seeing as how I kindly grew him up and everything, and now he was using his new-found adultness against my beautiful Shayna! So...I went into their household - lo and behold...Shayna was in a relationship with TOM WORDY! 

...and it's a very rocky one, too. They fight constantly. *sigh* Oh well, at least she's with someone. *cough*unlikeDalllas*cough*
Moving on...

Jenna called Youssef and invited him over. (I was shocked!) I realized, then, that it gave him a chance to see the baby!

...who I thought was a boy?

It is! And  his name is Marlin. He is cute as a button.

Back at the legacy house, someone else had babies on the brain:

At first, I thought that she was screaming because the funk that has taken over the toilet was trying to eat her.


A little while later, Heidi returned with a baby girl! I named her Arielle, and she rolled the traits "insane" and "friendly."

*evil laughter*

This one has potential.

Now, if we just knew who her father is! Unfortunately, all newborns look exactly the same, even right down to the holes in their head (thanks, Late Night!) you can't be sure. I guess we will have to wait and see. ;-)

While the identity of her FATHER was unknown, there was no question as to who her DADDY was:

Beau was enamored of her, and Heidi intended on it staying that way. He loved Arielle, she loved Arielle, and they loved each other. As far as she was concerned...that was his child.

Now, if they can just keep Isabeau from eating her.

I swear to you, something is wrong! The child looks like she slurps brains for breakfast!

Adrienne, on the other hand, is worried about the fate of another child:

Moody britches.

I guess she is seeing reruns of Dallas. Only Ryder only cares about the computer and writing, as opposed to the stupid guitar.

It didn't take long for them to move on to other subjects, though.

Horny old farts. *shivers*

Later on that evening, Heidi was outside tinkering with a whatnot, when Beau decided to interrupt her:

Her plasma was needed. She looks like she's finally getting used to having her blood drained from her body at random intervals.

I guess she's like his own personal brand of heroin. *giggles* (Sorry, I had to. :-P)

Apparently, he had other *ahem* needs to satisfy, as well.

I think they are trying to christen every bed in the house. For some reason, they randomly choose to woo-hoo in other sim's beds. That seems rather inappropriate. :-P

What Heidi didn't know, was that she should have been spending time with her mother, instead...

She came down the stairs, just in time to see her lovely mother disappear into a burst of sparklies.

I knew it was time. But I was, in no way, prepared for it. I had never had a sim die before...I've never kept them long enough. Adrienne was different, though. She was the founder of my first legacy, and the first sim I've ever seen through creation to death. It was a little emotional for me. :-(

Luckily, I had Punk-Angel Grimmy to help me through the tough time.

Beau seems to be taking the whole thing pretty harsh, doesn't he?

I don't know what was about to happen here, but Grimmy decided to head upstairs:

Ooooh...he wanted to chat with Ryder. Just what the little brat needs, influence from the dark side.
Grimmy probably just wanted more tips on how to look solemn 24/7.

...but it never happened. Much to Ryder's dismay:

I had to feel a little sorry for the little boy who just watched his grandma die and then get disappointed because the Reaper disappeared before he could talk to him.

There, there...cute, little, solemn boy.

I placed Adrienne's grave in the family graveyard, beneath the cherry tree.

I think she has a beautiful resting place, although I'm hoping that she doesn't do TOO much resting. I don't know what the house will be like now that other people can actually use the mirrors from time to time.

The sad thing is...she missed the party I was planning. We had 4 birthdays coming up, as I was trying to get as many in as possible before she finally...passed. After the day's events, I decided to forgo the usual
"party" and just have a little family thing.

It was a disaster, lemme tell you.

Arielle was up first:

 ...Youssef was understandably inconsolable. 

Arielle... the definition of ADORABLE.
I think it's a sign that one lovely blonde-haired, blue-eyed lady was taken away from me, and I was promptly given another one. sign of vampiness. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Demonspawn Isabeau was next.

Watch out, Heidi...she'll chew your face off!

Ummm...yeah...not lookin' real good right now. I wish that I had pictures of her makeover, she looked a lot better, although I still suspect that a demon lurks within her soul.

I keep getting distracted by this:

...and it hurts my heart!
However, the show must go on...with Ryder becoming a teenager:

You can see a little bit of Isa in this picture...I attempted to soften her evil appearance with frilly pajamas and ribbons in her hair. I hope it works...she's actually friendly. *lol*

Oh, fiddlesticks, this really isn't much of a celebration, is it? The only thing that could make this thing more fun, is for all four cakes to catch fire and send the whole stinkin' lot up in flames. (No...that doesn't happen. ;-) )

A little scared, here.

Oh...nice! I can literally hear the heart's breaking already. :-) If he smiled, he might be charming.

Only one cake left!

The hair must go!!

...not even a makeover could ease the sadness. Oh, jeez, let's just call it a night already. :-(

The next day, they started fresh.

Heidi started teaching Arielle her skills:

They were both super-excited that her first word was "celebrity." Heidi's a much better Braxton trainer than Beau is. :-)

Isa, as I mentioned, is friendly. She is also very worried about her grandpa.

Her first attempt at cheering him up wasn't very well received.

He looks like he was getting ready to fight her.

And then, she managed to calm him down...

Isn't she precious? I feel bad for making remarks about her eating brains, now. :-P

Funnily enough, the pep talk seemed to do him a lot of good. I don't really know what she told him, but Youssef seemed to have a whole new lease on life after that.

...even though this painting suggests that his mind is CLEARLY disturbed. (Even if it WAS worth almost 1500 simoleons.)

Ryder is shaping up to be a good Braxton trainer, too.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend!

Youssef made supper early that evening.

You see, he had PLANS. Apparently, he must have been considered to be quite an eligible bachelor now, and had been to a party by none other than Dina Caliente.

So, after he fed his family, he left them to doing their various things..

*teehee* I love cute babies!

And, off, Youssef went to Dina's...

I don't know where that bicycle came from, but I'm thinking Gramps should be saving up his energy. :-P

It was a pool party, even though there was no pool...which was ok, because obviously Dina can't tell the difference between bikini bottoms and panties.
She had a perfectly good makeover before all of my CC was deleted, now she looks horrific. :-(

...Youssef doesn't get out much, bless his wrinkled, old heart. He's taking a picture of the woman in her panties. ;-P

I guess he was of the mindset that if a woman walks around among strangers in her unmentionables, that means she might be a little...easy.

...he was right.

I didn't know the sly ol' dog still had it in him. 
Once a man-whore, always a man-whore...I guess. I have a sneaking suspicion that the ghost of Adrienne would kick his wrinkly, Egyptian butt if she found out about this.


He kissed Dina goodbye, and off he went.

Look at that strut! You would think he had just paid a visit to Venus York, or something.

I guess Dina wasn't enough to squelch the sadness, though.

I don't know if Heidi got some sort of hidden inappropriate trait or something, but she's been acting weird lately. She's got to know that no one (especially her dad and young daughter) want to watch her eat pancakes in her sexy pants.

Oh well, at least she's cleaning. I guess she feels all neat when she has nothing but her underpanties on.

Poor child. She doesn't stand a chance. I think she's finally realized that, don't you?
Beau has been acting weird, too....I'm still not real sure what this was all about:

After this, he walked down a set of invisible stairs into his bedroom. I think the whole family has gone bananas.

Ryder seems to be unable to think, or talk about anything but death. he walks around in his unmentionables, as well.
Heidi, thankfully decided to put on her everyday clothes, and do something useful for a change:

I don't know about you, but I have the feeling that Isa secretly thinks that her mother is a worthless turd. She is constantly glaring at her while she cleans up the house. (But isn't that what kids are for? Kids clean...old people babysit. It's just how things go.)
Do you think he was trying to depict Adrienne? I don't know...but it's about 300 different kinds of awesome, and is now being displayed in the house. I usually sell them because I'm greedy, and always end up losing them, anyways.

While I was tending to other sims, I heard some weird laughter coming from outside, and decided to check on it. This is what I found:

Oof! Looks like Youssef has gotten himself into a pickle. This is why old people stay away from trampolines!!

The vampire spawns are showing off. I think they were trying to see who could master painting the fastest.
...I'm sensing that Arielle is going to have issues about that when she gets older.

You know how people say "Speak of the Devil, and he appears?"

Well. Apparently the saying "Speak of the Floozy, and she appears" is true.

Youssef was invited to a party by the one and only Venus York, of Venus Does Riverview infamy.

Don't talk about me like I'm not here!

Oh, for Pete's sake. You're not welcome here, Venus! Go back to your own story.

I just wanted you to know that I hear everything you say.

I don't care.

Just sayin'.



Anyways, moving swiftly along...Youssef was invited to Venus' party. Apparently word gets around pretty fast. He *was* given THREE celebrity stars just for woo-hooing with Dina. (Who is a 4 star celebrity. You know how we celebrate hookers, these days.)

He immediately tried to hit on a pregnant Sugar Bijou, who also happens to be Heidi's best friend.

I'm sensing that it didn't work to well for him.

And then he realized what he was there for:

VENUS!! (In the generic "My CC outfit was deleted" dress. How lucky for her.)

This girl gets right down to business, huh?

Sadly for Youssef, this is as far as it went. It was time for him to head home. (Old people tire easily, y'know.)

He arrived just in time for breakfast:
Minus the lingerie from the previous day.

Isn't this sweet??

Arielle is the apple of everyone's eye. They all dote on her like crazy. Maybe they are drawn to her insanity. :-)

In fact, Youssef was standing there, holding and playing with her, when he suddenly sat her down, and...

I've never been so sad to see sparklies in my life. :-(
Youssef shook hands with Punky Reaper and hopped in his urn. It was sad, but sweet. I'm gonna miss him like crazy, I forgot to teach someone his songs. :-(

I wish I could end on a happier note, but that's all I have for now. Like I said on the forum, it was like removing a band-aid...I had to do it all at once, I didn't want to prolong the inevitable, and now Generation One is completely gone.

It's sad...but look how far they've come!

Rest In Peace, ya big goobers.  But not too peacefully, I expect tons of ghostages.

I think Generation One deserves a big round of applause...Adrienne was born in an empty field, and passed away in a castle:


  1. So sad to see the first generation gone*wipes tears away* but may they haunt the household forever.
    Loved this chapter and the kids are all so adorable. So is Arielle a product of a mistake? I thought it was only a kiss.

  2. Thank you!

    Arielle definitely does NOT belong to Beau. She is Bryce's daughter. I didn't show the whole shebang, I was leaving a little to the imagination...but maybe I should have been more descriptive. :-)

    Everyone loves her like crazy, but I feel like she will probably have issues while she is growing up. Consider the fact that she will have 2 older siblings that excel at everything without even trying.

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  4. I can't wait to see what happens, either! I haven't had a chance to play in awhile, and I updated to where I stopped playing last time. I hate cutting it that close. :-) I think that means I need more sim play time. ;-)

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