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Long time, no see?

My fiance was off work last week. I suppose all of you ladies out there will know how that is. ;-)

I *am* happy to report that he is still living, and I didn't commit any sort of crime. We made it through the week, and I am also happy to report that he has not-so-happily returned to work.

Oh, Sims, how I have missed thee!!


Anyways, moving on with the next chapter:

*clears throat*

Everyone at the Braxton house couldn't have been more shocked when Heidi walked through the door with a baby, than if she had walked through the door LITERALLY.

...which she did.


She was rather enamored of her baby girl. She had wanted one when she had Ryder...but of course, we know how that turned out.

So, she spent a good deal of time bonding with her new little girl.

As she laid Isabeau down to sleep that night, she couldn't help but notice her parents.
While her own husband was fast asleep, her parents -  who were supposed to be fawning over her new baby, were really just fawning over each other. It had been that way ever since she could remember. (And as WE can remember, it's been that way...always. ;-) ) It was sweet, of course, and comforting to know that her parents still cared so much for each other, but she wished they would move the show to their own room.

...and a part of her couldn't help but hope that she and Beau would be like that when they were older.

The next morning, Shayna was up bright and early. In my opinion, she was looking a little...mischievous.

One might think that homegirl was looking sweet and innocent, and that she was probably just about to get ready for school...

But I know different. I watched her. :-D


What could she be doing in Beau and Heidi's room?

She has her own shower, she doesn't  need theirs. (It's filthy, anyways.)

Let's take a closer look.

Oooooh...the BABY! That's right. She just wants to tell little Isabeau "good morning."

I don't buy it.

Where is she going with that baby?! She is evil! I don't trust her. If she's hungry, she might EAT IT!!
This doesn't look good at all. I can't watch. *covers eyes* You would think that the sound of maniacal laughter would wake Isabeau's parents up. 

Beau to the rescue!! Go 'head, dude, save your child!!

FAIL!! Beau is a complete failure!! Look at how he just watches the whole thing happen and doesn't do ANYTHING!! And not only that...

He leaves the evil one in there with the OTHER child, too!

Oh, for shame, Beau!

Look at that smirk. I think he enjoyed it! ASSHOLE!! :-P
He also enjoys gossiping with little old ladies:

And using his wife as a food source:



I don't have an effin' clue what he's doing, but I thought it was mildly amusing. Thoughts? :-D

Their maid sure doesn't clean much, but she loves to drink up all of Beau's plasma juice:

She's not even a vampire that I can tell.
*turns a little green at the thought*

On a different note, I have found a perfectly good use for old people!

Upgrading the fixtures! It was about damn time, right?
I don't know why I didn't think about self-cleaning toilets before. It would have cut down on the doctor bills. ;-)

While Heidi was still out on maternity leave, I let her hang out with Carmelo a little bit at the workbench:

She doesn't really make much. Just a bunch of junk to sit around. Is this a useless skill? I've never tinkered before. 

Shayna had been begging for awhile to learn mixology, so I figured now was as good a time as any:

I think she breaks every glass she touches.

Toddlers/babies are boring aren't they?

Let's just cut to the chase:

Ryder and Isabeau's joint birthday party. I'm excited!! So much, that I decided to allow them to have a pool party.

Apparently, Heidi was a little excited about this, too:

As is evidenced by her appropriate attire for her child's birthday party.

Oh, and when the first guest arrived, it was none other than Lewis Braxton-Patterson...Jenna's husband...whee!!

Jenna didn't do too bad for herself, huh?
Jon Lessen and Heidi were fast friends:

It must have been her "attractive" lifetime reward, right? It couldn't possibly have been the denim hot pants.

Heidi was quite a hit at the party, even with her sister's teenage boyfriend:

Oh well, I guess Heidi can have one last hoo-rah as a young adult, she will be aging up VERY SOON.

I guess "Heidi Hot-Pants" couldn't be bothered to age her son up, so she left that up to Beau:

Adrienne, on the other hand, was starting to become quite annoyed with Jon Lessen, for no other apparent reason, than oogling her married daughter.

But, to Jon's defense:

Who wasn't looking?!

Oh well, there were other more important things than Heidi's bazoombas going on at the party:

Those crazy eyes can only mean one thing!


A little gangly, huh?
Oh, dear.

I mean, he's adorable...but...

Cake doesn't even make Moody Child happy.

*sigh* I am reminded of Dallas.

And, so is Adrienne:

I know, dear...I know.

You're reminded of your firstborn...that is STILL moody...and STILL this day. *shakes head*

The only thing that makes Dallas playing that dang-blasted guitar that I never should have bought for him. I think it ruined his social life. I mean, it was either that, or his sour face. 
You can see that Hot-Pants heads for the house as soon as she sees her sister.

I guess that's still a sore spot. :-P

Adrienne sat down to eat cake with Ryder and remarked that this certainly was a lovely wedding.

Ryder, as you can see, gently reminded his senile grandmother that this was a birthday party. :-P

Adrienne's slipping!

The festivities were not over! We still had little Isabeau to go.

Heidi, surprisingly, did the honors. (Dallas glared at the empty cake plate, willing it to produce cake with his grumpy eyes.)

Isa aged up backwards. Isn't that just the story of these people?!

That's ok...I has MASTER CONTROLLER!!

Ok, I'll admit. It's a little scary. But I can work on it.

...and it continues to scare me just a little.

HOWEVER! Trust me on this one, I look at the babies every time to see what they will look like when they age gets much better with this one!

*hold that thought*

This is where my CC issues started. I cleared out all of the bad CC in my game (2 whole pieces) and it got rid of E V E R Y T H I N G. So...for some reason, it ended up that everyone that was at the party spent the entire night there, up until the next morning. Go figure. I have no clue. (You will note slight wardrobe differences, and parts of the house are completely different thanks to stupid CC issue.)

*end issues - back to update*

When I got back...everyone was thinking about the pool:

It was the first time anyone ever thought about the pool. Even though they had all been sitting around in their swimsuits all night...and it WAS a pool party after all.

*raises eyebrow*

Anyways, now was as good a time as any to get started with Isa's skills:

Let's give Heidi a big round of applause. I have to rejoice anytime that kids in this house are taught anything that has to do with cleaning. It's definitely needed around this joint. Now, if I could just get a kid to roll a "neat" trait...they would be automatic heir. :-P


I completely DISapprove of whatever the hell it is that Heidi is trying to do here. Scar her child for life?

I think someone needs to remind CyclOne that although he has the physique of a teenage boy, he is not one, and, therefore, should back away slowly from the underage girl.

...I don't think I need to explain what's going on here. We've been through this. ;-)

Although, this:

Is a different situation altogether.

Y'see...Heidi has been getting a coworker - Bryce Goodman. They chat on the phone ALL of the time, and they are "best" friends.

I believe that there are a lot of things that are working on her, mentally, right now:

1 - Babies galore
2- Aging up soon
3 - The overall lack of anything to do with anything that doesn't have to do with babies or work

...and that's where things begin to go a little...downhill.

Heidi, innocently trying just to get away from it all for a little while, invited Bryce out to dinner.

...but she certainly took her time to get all dolled up, didn't she?
She slipped out of the house easily enough...everyone else was always so busy, no one really cared what she was doing. Beau was preoccupied with the kids or writing...her parents had each other...Shayna had Lil' Bling...

No one even noticed that Heidi was gone.

She met up with Bryce, and they ran to the diner together.

Heidi felt a little confused as she stood there. She never meant to do anything wrong. She certainly loved Beau, and didn't want to hurt him, or lose him, for that matter.

It was just dinner with a friend.
They talked about work for a little while:

And during their conversation, it was discovered that they had compatible zodiac signs:

They went inside and had dinner. Of course, being that Heidi is a celebrity (big thanks to Matthew Hamming tooting a horn for her when she aged into a YA in Bridgeport...) she always runs into people that adore her:

She doesn't let that stop what happens next, though. She has been overcome by some sort of feeling...I don't know what had gotten into her:

Just one kiss can't hurt, right? It's just a doesn't have to mean anything.

But when you're already in over your head, it's easy to let yourself drown.

Awhile later...

She felt nothing but disgust and shame. There was no excuse for what had happened. All she could think of was Beau and her family..and her beautiful children.

No one could ever find out. No one would ever find out.

She had a terrible taste in her mouth...terrible images in her head...and there was only one way to get rid of it...

(even though they were both obviously exhausted...:-P)

Heidi knew that she had done something terrible. But everyone makes mistakes, right? As long as she did her best to make everything one needed to know about that one time that she went too far.

She made a vow then and there to cut all ties to the past...and to make her best effort to write the most amazing future for herself and her family that she possibly could.

(Please excuse Beau's poor choice of outfit. His was deleted in the Great CC Disaster, and I just realized it. :-P)

And with that folks, I bid you adieu. ;-) Chapter 18 will be sometime this week, I promise.


  1. "But when you're already in over your head, it's easy to let yourself drown." <is stealing this saying- I like it :P

    Tut tut Heidi, although the fact that she's had a happy and faithful marriage up until this point really puts my Hearts to shame...

  2. Wow, this chapter was great! It went from hilarious to downright sad! But I'm really glad that Heidi has a newfound commitment to her family after making that mistake :)

  3. Glad that you guys enjoyed this...I was a little worried, to be honest, because it was so different.

    I have plans coming up...nothing ever happens for no reason at all, y'know. This is all a jumping off point for things to happen in the future. ;-)

    @Fury - you have my blessing to steal my quote. I'll have to charge, of course. :-P

  4. I thought there at first Heidi was going to get even with her sister but then she went in a different direction,Shame Shame!

    So glad to see she decided to settle for what she already has. By the way the kids are adorable!

  5. Just read every chapter :) It's Amazing.

  6. Still having lots of fun playing catchup - slowly but I will get there.