Thursday, January 6, 2011

Where Teddy Bears Come From

Just to let you know that things are "normal" at the Braxton household. ;-)

Adrienne is even starting to warm up to her new-found elderly frame. At least I guess she is - she's always in front of the dang blasted mirror.

Heidi looked a little bothered that Beau pulled a disappearing act. But by now, y''s normal.
She moved back into her pink room and went back to sleep, where she was having mighty ambitious dreams:

Clearly, she believes she has a diamond in her near future.

Clearly, she has sex = love delusions.


Since everyone forgot that Shayna even exists, she had to start fending for herself in the food department. (After she cleaned up behind their lazy asses.)

Of course, because she's a Braxton and they have some sort of hidden "loser" trait, she burned the first batch:

And the second. :-) She'd better hurry up. She does have school and all. (Yes, that *is* her father standing beside her, in the corner of the pic. He has more important things to do, like sell paintings for money. He has a high maintenance wife to take care of, y'know.)

Finally, she makes a decent batch, and has enough time to scarf one down before she has to head to the school bus. (Even though she lives in front of the school. *rolls eyes*)

Heidi was wondering why she had to eat PB&J and the squirt gets vanilla muffins. Doesn't the lovely heir to the Braxton throne get ANY perks? You eat crap like the rest of the family. At least she isn't having to eat a bowl of cereal at the gym everyday because she's broke.

Speaking of our founder, since she retired, they oh-so-graciously removed her banisher from her inventory, but left her spirit positioning device. I was thinking that she would be able to ghost hunt for a little extra money, Of course not. That would be easy. So, since she's old and got nothing better to do with her time, I let her start writing books for money.

Note to self:

Bad CC check long over-due. Must complete ASAP. (Bows added courtesy of moi, so as not to offend anyone with Heidi's pixel boobs.)
On another note, the bathtub is clean - courtesy of Shayna. ;-)

I have found something, though...just because you download lots of pretty custom content furniture and fixtures, and it costs lots of pretty simoleons...does NOT mean that it is high-quality.

I'm sure this wasn't how Adrienne pictured her golden years.

The gosh-darned things break even more than the pieces of shit I bought Adrienne when she was living on the lawn. I'm peeved.

Anyways, moving on.

Heidi had been keeping that job at the mortuary in order to have contact with Beau. However, given the recent events, she felt it was pretty safe to say that Beau would be sticking around for a little while. It was time for her to get her ass to work, I  mean what kind of legacy heir keeps a job at the mortuary. That's no way to get a second level added on to your house! was time for her last day.

Heidi had devised a solution to this, though. Where she would get to see Beau a lot more, but be able to move on to a better job.

So, she waited until he left work:

And then she made her move from there:

Isn't that sweet? She's asking him to hold hands. Bless their little hearts. :-)

Wait. What are they doing?? This wasn't part of the plan, Heidi.

Something tells me they weren't holding hands in there. :-|

Horny assholes. Can we get on with the story now, please?

*ahem* Heidi had decided that she hated Beau living with that horrible ex-girlfriend of his. And since he was cute, and she needed a spouse to have cute babies with...and they had woohoo'd and that means technically he's hers for-ev-er...that it was time for him to move in.

...he didn't need much coaxing. ;-)
It was, however, getting to be about time for them to skedaddle, though. The black cloud of smoke is proof of that:

Beau, dear, the whole point is that you make it home before you fry your little vampy brains out. That strut isn't helping matters much. :-S

As soon as they made it back, (Beau still intact, and not completely singed) Beau started wanting to boss me around:

I guess that means "I want an easel, too!"

..and he isn't even a formal member of this family yet.

OoooOooooO...a cleaner.  I changed my mind. You can have whatever your little black heart desires. :-)

While he was making a slave of himself, I sent Heidi out to look for a decent job. Since she has the lifetime wish to be CEO of something or other, I put her in the business field:

Apparently, the paparazzi found this very interesting. Remember, Heidi has two stars courtesy of Matthew Hamming randomly celebrating her birthday in the lobby of Plasma 501.

Back at the ol' home front, her royal snobbiness, Queen Adrienne, has decided that Beau is worthy of conversing with her:

She is informing him that he and Heidi's hearts are forever entwined because they woohoo'd and that means he's technically hers forever.

He is dazed and can only come up with "Nice house."

Then something disturbing happens.

Heidi looks...ill. :-S

Hopefully, she's just had a bad meal at the bistro or something.

...something tells me NOT, though.  Did I give them the "super-fertile" trait, or something. Is that a reward I purchased. If so, I want a refund. ;-)

She looks pretty pleased with herself. Woo-hooing in the mausoleum, indeed. Dirty little ho-bag.

I guess she's checking to make sure her face is still there. It hasn't run off in the past five minutes, Heidi.
Beau got to work and quickly maxed out his painting skill, which is super, because they will need that extra money for Heidi's little "problem." :-P

She figured that she better brush up on her children skills, if she was going to, indeed, have one:

It was a good thing, because Shayna was probably worrying that she was suffering from "invisible sim syndrome."

Then there comes a point in the game, where it always forces me to notice that other people are doing something of note. In this case...birthday.

Here, we have Youssef about to celebrate his old fart birthday, oogling the pretty young things around him, while his elderly wife looks on.

Yep. It's time, Youssef. ;-)

Bye-bye, youth. HELL-O Jesus hair, take two. Felicia says no.

Much better. However, if not for the hair, I might not even know that is Youssef. I am sad. :-(

Heidi, however, is not. She is oblivious to the fact that there is anything else in the world but her...

...and her vanilla muffin. Hey, there's a good reason to have more kids. Easy bake oven yummies. :-)

I mean, aside from the cleaning, that is.

Beau is insanely exhausted. Does that stop him?

Hell to the NAW! He is a man, after all. So manly, in fact, he still refuses to sleep anywhere else but Dallas' room.

He may have trouble performing with the beady little eyes of a stuffed koala staring at him. :-)

This is an innocent-looking scene, right? Well, this is where Youssef went all "mid-life-crisis" on me and started rolling wants like "Find out Matilda's sign" and stuff like that.
I sent his ass home.

Sit down, old man. :-|

What's this?

Just a sad, lonely spare girl eating breakfast ALONE.

No need to rush out of bed, you guys.

These sims really win at life.

I believe Beau is starting to wonder what's going on with Heidi:

I mean, she has been puking her guts up regularly, and just chose a new outfit:

She picked that out on her own. No help from me. Makes a sim creator proud. :-)

...and it sure is a darn sight better than Adrienne hobbling around in her mismatched clothes and super high heels.

Heidi decided to share her news with her mom first:

Silly me. All this time I thought she was having a baby. She's having a teddy bear. (?)

Of course, Adrienne is not surprised. She's already rolled the wish to have a grandchild. I think she suspected. ;-)

However, the time has come to break the news to asks him if he would like to go somewhere and talk.

He does, of course, so they stick their hands through each other's torsos and make their way out the door:
I guess they were really into each other. *giggle*

At this point, Heidi is eating for two, so food is constantly on her mind:

She stopped a moment to ponder fried chicken legs. :-)

She finally caught up to Beau. And believe me, between him being super-fast and her being pregnant - it took awhile.

But, by this point, he was burning from sun exposure and made a mad dash for the closest room possible.

Heidi was not amused by his mad running skills.

She followed behind at a lowly human pace.

A thousand years later, she finally caught up. Which was nothing compared to when Beau lived in that stinkin' apartment and it took him eons to make it to where ever the hell he was supposed to be at.


It was time.

He looks genuinely suprised and excited for someone who was already  wishing to read baby books. Oh well, A for effort.

And a pat on the back, of course.

I think he's going to make a great father, don't you?

Of course...

She wasn't the only one with a secret. Since Heidi was pregnant and all, Beau couldn't really show her what he really was by feasting on her.

So...he did something else.

However, apparently, my sims are not as stupid as I think they are.

Heidi takes one look at the dang-blasted thing and a box pops up:

"Oh. This is that thing Beau Merrick likes to sleep on. Freaky."


The witch already knew. So much for keeping things from her.

Beau was just excited that she wasn't freaked out by it. Can't you just SEE it in his facial expression? ;-)

He then let her know what a gem of a girl she was.

And then he did something he had been planning to do for a long time.

Heidi was shocked, of course. She should have been. 10 sim minutes before that, she was pregnant by a "romantic interest."

...I'm such a bad sim creator.

She said yes, in case you didn't deduce that one on your own. ;-)

Who could have said "no" to this face?

Such a charmer, fangs and all. 

One hug (and a plasma fruit for a hungry vamp) later, it was time to feed the pregnant lady.

They arrived at the restaurant just in time.

Shayna's BIRTHDAY!! She'll be a teenager now. Whee!!

Another awesome random wardrobe choice, Heidi. *applause*

For some reason, the game decided to be super dark, and then I couldn't get the shots to brighten. Go figure.

Oh well, here she is before:

And after:

...did I say that Jenna was my second favorite? I totally meant to say Shayna. <3. Jenna is now third in line for the Braxton throne.
And to top it off...Shayna is evil. My most favorite trait! :-D

Anyways, they all stood around being celebratory and stuff:


And that's it for now, folks!!

Tune in next time to find out if it's human, vampire, or...indeed, a teddy bear. ;-)

As a side note....Jenna is now MARRIED. And NOT to Bronson! Yep. She up and married this guy:

Lewis Patterson. I'm not sure what he does, but he's alright, I suppose. He is currently awaiting a makeover. We will see after that. ;-)

Have a great day, people!


  1. Love the update!! Knowing the Braxtons I wouldn't be shocked if she did give birth to a teddy bear, haha!

  2. I love this legacy, it always makes me giggle.