Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Surprise Guest

Welcome back, simmers!!

When we last left our family, they were fabulously glitchy and getting on my last nerve, therefore, they were ripped out of their home in Bridgeport, and given a new home in my newly made over Barnacle Bay.

Unfortunately, the original Braxton house didn't make it with the move. For some reason, it wouldn't fit on any lot. EA so kindly gives us the option to make our own lots, but they also (ever so helpfully) make sure that they make their worlds as freakin' hilly as possible, so that you can't really put your own lot anywhere without it looking all wonky.

And since I have to look at this for at least the next 8 generations, I decided to just call it a loss and make a new house.

I guess I am disqualified from any sort of legacy points, but I'm sure that happened a long time ago, so who cares?

I did, in fact, build this house with my own two hands...WITH the money they got from the other I feel like I am still within some sort of regulations, and I haven't technically cheated.


So, without further ado, here is the new home:

It's my first attempt at a Sims 3 house. I used to build them in Sims 2 all of the time, and for awhile, that was all I did with Sims 1, because every time I tried to play with a sim, they just got followed around by that idiotic clown.

Although, those houses were somewhat ridiculous, having HUGE party rooms, and other wastes of space.

So, this is my first attempt at a normal home.


And for when the inevitable happens:

Braxton Family final resting place.

...not that I expect any of them to do much resting, y'know.

Anyways, on with the story to keep from boring my readers. (Not tooting my own horn or anything, just assuming that if you've got this far with my silly legacy, you don't find me boring. :-P)

Because baby-hood is a snooze-fest:

We celebrated the new house with a birthday!

And, since, Adrienne is the matriarch after all, she gets to do the honors.

Aww...he finally learned how to sit up! :-D
...the game is bound and determined that I am going to have a boy with long hair.


Especially not when I have this little gem sitting in my hair bin:

Baby faux hawk!! I was gifted this by someone, (probably bvrly), or either won it in a game that I was entered in (by bvrly). If I am wrong, please correct me. The store is down, so I can't check for sure. :-) Either way, thanks, I love it!

Anyways, courtesy of Twallan's Master Controller, I always take a peek at what my kiddies will look like when they age. I'll go ahead and tell you, this one's a doll. ;-) Don't be fooled by his generic baby-ness.

I was feeling rather festive at this point, so instead of deleting the birthday cake from right up under their noses, I allowed them to actually consume it.

Shayna was apparently also feeling rather festive about their new home, and decided to share her glee with Heidi.

This was CLEARLY the wrong thing to do.

I think Heidi's a little sore about me deciding to spend her inheritance money on a few upgrades.

...well maybe not TOO sore. (Although, Shayna doesn't appear to be enthused.)
As part of some sort of glitch, I guess, or maybe he just has a hidden "frugal" trait, Ryder has all sorts of stinky leftovers in his inventory:


Don't ask me. :-P

He also had all of the random items that Dallas had stolen while he was living in the house. 

FYI - Heidi is crap at parenting. I know you all are shocked, considering the wonderful parenting that she was given, but it just doesn't come natural to her.

99% of the time it falls on everyone else in the house. Mostly Beau, but even he, at this point apparently thought that toddlers could put themselves in the crib. Either that, or they just figured the old lady could do it. Hell, she doesn't have anything else to do but wait for the grim reaper, right? :-P

I guess I am a little too hard on Heidi, I mean, she *is* the only one in the house with a REAL job.

Don't take that to mean she doesn't find time to lay around on her ass, though:

Because she definitely does.

However, break time is over, because thanks to moving into the new house in a shiny new world, her maternity leave is O-V-E-R. It's time to head back to work.

Here's hoping she changed into something a little more...appropriate. Unless she's gunning for a raise, Venus-style. ;-)

So, since Beau doesn't work outside of the home, (in an attempt to keep him from burning to death.) child rearing falls on his handsome shoulders:

Clearly, he has not been instructed on how to properly raise a Braxton child. That baby's first word should have been "diamond" or "money" or "Porsche." Instead, it was "bench." Now, I ask you, how useful is THAT around these parts?

Potting training went well.

...even if he is wearing his diaper while sitting on the potty.

Precious x 1000.

There are other terribly cute things going on around these parts.

Shayna (who, as we see, is exhibiting her "shy" trait) has a new hobby.

BOYS! boy in particular. Lil' Bling. (Makeover courtesy of moi, shirt courtesy of another generous gifter, thank you) He had been coming home with her every single day from school.

I definitely approve! For starters, I love the red hair and freckles. He's just too cute for words. I wouldn't mind having some of those in the Braxton gene pool. I would prefer it to be in the heir-line, but y'know...can't be picky.

I guess she was trying to impress him by mentioning her sister.

But he was more impressed by her mother. He probably marvels at her longetivity. :-P

In some sort of attempt to make Heidi useful, I had her cook dinner. I figure that SOONER rather than LATER, the old geezers are gonna be gone, and between the rest of them, they have not a single cooking point.

...this should be interesting.

Hot dogs aren't exactly gourmet. But at this point, I would have been surprised if she didn't burn water, while trying to boil it.

...I can't watch. The outcome is inevitable...





Well, whaddya know?

They came out perfectly. With mustard on them, even. Two claps for Heidi. :-)

She breaks at serving them. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

Lil' Bling doesn't have food on the brain, though. :-)

***********CUTE BABY BREAK***********

Wonder if he's gonna be a vamp? :-P

However, no one in this picture is thinking about how "cute" the baby is:

Poor Ryder. He just wants some love. :-(
His parents aren't interested in his needs though...


Even evil Shayna has a soft spot for the little tater-tot:

Beau continued to be #1 caregiver:

While Heidi continued to be #1 lazy ass:

 Eventually, Ryder learned all of his skills, thanks to Heidi finishing up his last skill-walking.

 After that, of course, he's left to his own defenses, unless he needs food.

Obviously, he could have used a little more guidance.
I think Beau eventually started to become a little disgruntled with the whole situation.

He showed his displeasure by performing a "gangsta-thug"  makeover on himself. But only while he was bathing.


He's looking a little too much like K-Fed for my comfort. Next thing ya know, he will be launching a rap career.

Then he took to writing out his sorrows...

in a book called "The Loneliest Yeti." I'm sure there's some sort of deep symbolism there.'s lost on me.

Since Beau had his writing, and Ryder was all but ready to move out on his own, having learned all of his life skills and stuff...I decided it was time to get Heidi a hobby:

Tinkering! Carmelo is head over heels about the idea! 

She took to it pretty well, making a few little what-nots. 
While I was checking up on everyone else, I noticed something...suspicious.

Now, let's give him the benefit of the doubt. He was just trying to "chat" with her.

I think we should be proud of Beau. Because while talk of stars is just peachy with him...

He draws the line when it comes to moons. it should be.

Score one for Beau. ;-)

But let's not forget our lovely Shayna:

She looks like she's up to something.

She isn't, though. She's just evil, that's how they all are. :-P (Excuse her massive part, it can't be helped)

This is the face of a winner! She has just won her slander lawsuit, after being falsely accused of peeing herself in public. The court granted her 1400 simoleons.

*sigh* It's just so hard being young and famous.

While she was out, I decided to let her ask Lil' Bling out.

 They met up at the local dance club.

Don't they just OOZE sweetness? *pinches their cheeks*

Shayna attempts to woo him with talk of cloudy weather:
I don't understand it, either. But apparently, it worked:


I promise that's a kiss, even if it looks a little off. You know how things are with these people. They love to take wonky pictures.

After that exciting event, Shayna decided to go inside and order them a pizza.

(This club, by the way, is P.U.R.E Bridgeport by CK213 and it is the EPITOME of awesomeness. In fact, whatever town I play in, it's the only club I put down. I highly recommend downloading it and trying it out.)

Who should show up at the most inopportune time?

Not Felicia Sim.

Not burglar clown.

What every kid wishes to see on their first date:


Fresh from the spa, I might add.

As you can see, though, she's not bothered with Shayna. She's too busy having a drink and thinking about her manicure. :-P Surely, you didn't think she was there to check on her own child, did you?

Then, of course, when her sister showed up...she figured it was time to go home.

But, again, Shayna didn't have anything to worry about:

Heidi is just there for their famous nachos. :-)
I think it was time someone went home and checked on the wee one, though. I'm starting to worry about him.

I wouldn't be surprised if he called the TV "mama."
And no matter where I put him, it's always STRAIGHT BACK TO THE TV.

You would think he has the couch potato trait, or something.

It's time for a rare sighting:

Adrienne was cooking!

Youssef was so gosh-darned shocked that he just had to call Dallas up and tell him the news.

He likened it to see a flying dragon.

And then marveled that the food actually appeared to be edible.
I think, if he continued, he might have found out that it was wearable, too. ;-)

Adrienne was just cooking for two, though. (Not counting the obviously invisible tot that hangs around.)

Everyone else was out for the evening. And there was a whole lot of love going on everywhere.

Leaving the TV to do the babysitting, Adrienne and Youssef snuck off, as usual:

(side note: They are my only couple ever to autonomously woo-hoo. I find them like this all of the time. Strange.)

Shayna was out with Lil' Bling again, finishing what they started, but her relatives ruined:

And, Heidi and Beau were enjoying a rare, but peaceful night out together.

Unfortunately, this is the Braxton household, therefore something must always be amiss.
Apparently, the Bistro was having some problems with their cooks that evening, as Heidi was hit suddenly with horrendous stomach pain:

That looks painful.

Her screams apparently took poor Hank Goddard by surprise.

When she just kept on standing there, screaming in pain...Beau finally decided it was time to take her to the hospital. 

He's never been really sharp, that Beau.

As soon as Hank got over his shock, he realized it was Heidi Braxton, and he was happy to see her. (Two stars, courtesy of Matthew Hamming blowing a horn for her at her YA birthday, remember? ;-) )

But...what is this?

It wasn't bad food, after all? ;-)

Y'know, I did think she was looking rather chubby as she was shoveling in the nachos at the club. I just didn't want to be rude and remark on it. :-D

Soo, here we have little Isabeau. She is artistic and friendly.

(I hope you all didn't see that coming TOO soon.) ;-)

Hope y'all enjoyed the update. Could this be our new heir, or will it be Ryder? 



You never know.

Tidbits from Story Progression:
- Jenna gave birth to a little boy that she named "Marlin." *cries*
- Dallas bought a bicycle. Apparently, he was being eco-friendly. This makes Heidi happy.
- In today's most shocking news: Venus York (from The York Chronicles) was placed in my town and immediately was labelled the town tart. How's that for a twist in events? ;-)

See ya next time!


  1. I LIKE your style! very funny! <333
    I will add your legacy to my links at also I invite you to Creative with The Sims 3 hope to see you there!

  2. Thanks! I'll be sure to check it out tomorrow, when I'm wide awake.

  3. Awesome chapter, as usual! Definitely made me laugh! I can't wait to see what the new baby looks like :)

  4. I was actually quite clueless about that second pregnancy! lol :) Did SHE even really know? hehe

  5. My mom knew that they had a baby, and when I had her read it, she was STILL surprised! :-P

    When she got her first bump, she kept the same outfit on, and I couldn't tell. I mean, other than the waddling, of course. Of course, after the second it was slightly noticeable (ex. the nachos picture) so that's why we followed Shayna more in this chapter. :-)

    Also, I have been asked about my custom content.

    I actually have a paid membership at The Sims Resource, and that's where 99% of my clothes come from. However, their free stuff is crap. I don't recommend it.

    "Newsea" is a hair designer on there, and she is awesome! I'd say 50% of my hair is from here, and the other is from PeggyZone. ( They both have free hairs on their respective sites.

    Now, here is why I posted this comment on here instead of EA. I know how to get the "pay" hairs for free. It's not a secret, I just don't know how EA feels about it.

    Go to:

    There will be a huge page full of explanations as to why what they do isn't illegal, and it makes sense, so I don't feel bad about it. :-)

    If you scroll past that, there is a link at the bottom that says "Take me to the booty."

    Click that.

    It will take you to a wonderous list that has huge amounts of awesome CC for absolutely FREE! That's where my hair comes from. :-P

    I am actually going to do a page where I link to CC that I use in the very near future. There will be more stuff on that.

    Hope that helps!

  6. PS - I know I have posted entries that show my sims wearing glitchy CC outfits before, so you're probably wondering why I am a good person to ask about CC. I don't blame you. :-P

    But, I will say, that I only had those two items, and I make sure that I get rid of them as soon as I find them. And I would never lead someone to anything that I know is bad CC, or would mess someone's computer up.

  7. D'aww, Ryder. Such a little rebel-ish sweetheart. <3 Geez, Heidie's second pregnancy caught me off guard. For a pregnant woman, she could sure suck it in and make herself look 18 again!

  8. I know, right! I think that means that she is snobbier than even Adrienne. She always let it all hang out. :-P

    I love Ryder. He is the sweetest little sim baby I have had yet. :-D I don't know why, but vampy babies always turn out cuter.

  9. Also, I am planning an update for the beginning of the week. I have been really busy this week. :-D It's good to see people are still reading, though!

  10. Ah another baby for Beau to bring up.

    Great family stories. :)

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