Monday, December 6, 2010

Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

Hello and welcome to my first little attempt at legacy writing.

After becoming bored with my usual way of playing...I decided to try something different.

Allow me to introduce you to Adrienne Braxton.

She's a bright looking little thing, right??

Anyways, she's exactly like all the girls I love to make and play with. Her personality traits are snob, charismatic, flirty, schmoozer, and instead of evil (which I normally would have chosen), I gave her something she might actually be able to use - mooch.

Now here's where the differences come in from how I normally do.

Normally, I would have placed her in a crappy lot, given her lots of money, bought her the biggest and most elaborate house I could find, given her everything a sim could possibly ever want, and then found her the perfect husband. If I couldn't find one, I would create a perfect one. Then, they would have perfectly adorable children that I would NEVER play with because at this point...

I would be...


But now??

Crappy lot?


Snobby, self-centered girl?

Check!!'s where it changes.

I feel bad for her. See how she's patiently waiting on me to whisk her away from this...


*sigh* Poor thing. Unfortunately, you must stay. (Per legacy rules, if I am correct.)

You can see her enthusiasm about this revelation:

At this point, I feel as if she is about ready to make a run for it. But, sadly, it won't work.

However, there IS a bright side, of course.

She won't have to stay on this bare lot for long. I intend to fill it up with all of the fine-quality furniture her funds will allow.

And, uh, Adrienne? You just stand there and keep I work my magic.

...she is not impressed. In fact, we had a MINOR meltdown-mania moment.

It was at the moment that I realized I was glad that I don't speak Simlish. I think she said a few dirty words. And here, I thought I was being such a nice sim creator by stylizing her cheap bed.

Oh well. I appeased her by letting her know that while she was, indeed, poor...clothes on the Sims 3 are, fortunately, FREE...and she would be allowed as many costume changes as I could possibly fit in. Silly snobby sims. She's not exactly oozing charisma at this point in the game, is she?

So, anyways, she calmed down and had a seat:

Where she allowed herself to daydream about all of the finer things in life. Like a new house. Or, at this point, I guess any ol' house would do.

It didn't take her long to figure out that she wasn't doing herself any favors by laying around on her butt, and pitying herself. She needed to take charge.

She needed a job.

So...she pulled herself out of her sorrows and took herself down to the local science lab...

Where, she hoped, would be the beginning of all of her dreams coming true.

She got herself a job in her dream career...

Ghost hunting.

On her way out, she noticed something interesting.

A wishing well.

Not feeling as defeated as she had before...she took a coin out of her nearly empty pocket.

Of course, her first thought was to make a wish. But...

She had a better idea.

She motioned for me to follow her with the camera.

It was at this point that she informed me that wishing wells were full of money, and she figured if we waited until everyone in this stupid, little town went to sleep...

We could rob it clean. And buy her the house that she felt she was entitled to.

...uh...great idea, Adrienne, except, well...

I don't think that's allowed. Sorry to bust your bubble, hun.

At this point, a man's voice came through her desperate thoughts.

And not just ANY man, but the ever-attractive...

Beau Andrews. Lookin' fit as ever, I might add. Additionally, you might note that those are FLIES in his speech bubble. Always a good conversation starter.

Adrienne was quite impressed with Beau, as I'm sure you already imagined:

I'm not real sure what she's been the most pissed about. Beau...or the bed?

But I do know...

She is not terribly impressed with her creator, at this point.

She looked around and tried to make an escape plan, as he was still chatting with her, although she had given him no encouragement, whatsoever.

And then, she bolted.

Apparently, Beau had a great time talking at her, though.

In my endless effort to appease her, I took her to the park, hoping she might meet at least SOMETHING a little bit better than Beau.

Hey, Adrienne, that taxi driver is pretty snazzy, right? At least he's wearing a suit and tie...

Upon arrival at the park, Adrienne was graced with the presence of one of Sunset Valley's finest families.

The Bunches. Having a fun, family picnic. I figure she should get a good look at Ethan now, because my story progression ALWAYS kills him off before he reaches his young adult years. Judy soon follows, and then Jack and the girls move away. Never fails.

Adrienne must have found them mildly amusing, because I believe that's one of the first smiles of the game.

She then found something else interesting:

A cute little bake sale! With all sorts of yummy-looking things! Being in the mildly depressed state she was in, the brownies looked exceptionally tasty.


With visions of Judy Bunch dancing through her head...

She thought it best if she passed on the baked goods.

Moving swiftly along...

She then decided to sit down to a game of chess...and some strange guy sat down with her, directly.

He didn't stick around for too long, though, she pretty much cold-shouldered him like she did everyone else. Not that I blame her. He was definitely lacking in the looks department.

Susan Wainwright stopped by to say "Hi."

 And offer a bit of advice:

"Wouldn't that be easier on a computer??"

Of course, the lack of material items is still a sore point, so long story short, Susan didn't stick around for long, either.

Adrienne was getting hungry by this point, and that's when she discovered ONE good thing about the Bunches hanging around the park for so long:

She was able to join them for their THIRD MEAL of the evening. (Totally NOT an exaggeration, I swear)

Afterwards, she wondered around the park, worrying about weather (she doesn't have a roof, after all)...

Complaining to Bessie about the public toilet....

And meeting new people. Like this paparazzi guy. Cute, huh?

I'm actually REALLY starting to feel sorry for her. It's been real slim pickings here in Sunset Valley. Maybe Riverview would have been better? Oh well...

They talked weather for a little while...he told her it was going to rain...

And she told him it was definitely going to be sunny, because, thankfully, they still haven't added the weather feature yet...

After that, she sleepily made her way home...

And went to bed.

I don't know why it still looks daylight out. It was definitely dark.


There's the sad beginning to my poor little poverty-stricken girl.

Stay tuned to see what happens next. Does she finally meet someone that isn't deformed? Do I give in and buy her a house? How does she take to ghost hunting? I guess we will see in the next installment...


  1. Oh my gosh this is hilarious! Just some good ol' legacy greatness! I love the empty lot stage of legacies it's my favorite! Super Amazing awesome!

  2. This is brilliant so far. Honestly brilliant.

  3. After reading this I think : I will read every chapter I can :)

  4. YAY! I'm always excited to have new readers! I'm glad that you enjoyed it. :-)