Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Rocky Start

Life's just terrible, isn't it, Dallas?

I mean, you're all nice and cozy being the only child, and then your parents go and have three GIRLS...and now here you are stuck here with one of them that's about to grow up. Poor thing.

Dallas couldn't even be bothered to blow a horn or clap for poor, little Shayna.

Nevertheless, she grew up. And quite cutely, I might add:

Clearly, Adrienne and Youssef need to see about feeding their kids more:

I don't know...that looks like it might be an anger issue waiting to happen. ;-)

These kids had it easy-cheesy, though...I mean, look at this:

They live across the street from the blasted school, and they got to ride the bus. And, if by chance they missed the school bus, there were two taxis waiting to cart them from one side of the street to the other.


However, *somehow* amidst all this, Dallas still found the need to be disgruntled.

Maybe he's complaining that he has to walk from his front door to the school bus. I have no clue. Maybe the school bus should start backing up to the front porch to pick his happy-ass up. We wouldn't want Grumpy-Britches to have sore feet, or anything. 

Never fear, though, it isn't long before Dallas doesn't have to worry about this anymore:

Look at that. He's happy about something. Definitely must be his birthday. (Note the lack of birthday parties recently. I just can't handle it :-P)

Oh dear. I suppose it was a birthday. Maybe some sort of sparkly demon is possessing him. That would be strange. And mildly disturbing.

...nope. It's a birthday.


When in doubt, always look for the people blowing horns. (Although, they should have just let Sunshine age alone, like he did the poor, defenseless baby!)

Oh, no. What's wrong??!






He looks cute, right?! He rolled the "Hopeless Romantic" trait. *giggles*

There. That's more like it. I had the family gift him a guitar for his birthday. He needed something to take his angst out on. Plus, it's part of his lifetime wish.
Despite being a grumpy little booger, he is a very sweet older brother. He made sure that Shayna got started on the right foot:

Instilling the ol' Braxton family values.

And he must think he's rather fancy, as he took to walking around the house in his formal wear.

He might be quite charming if he weren't so stinkin' solemn.  

I decided it would be best for him to get started on the right track immediately:

...and placed him in the criminal career field. Hey, can YOU think of anything better?! 

Anyway, moving on to other members of the family, before we start our regularly scheduled Generation II update...

Adrienne just had her ass kicked by this ghost, and she chose to respond by mocking her. 

She was then turned into a steaming pile of questionable-looking matter, for her troubles.


Really, folks, I have no idea what that is. It's what happened when the ghostie jumped her ass again.

Adrienne fought the good fight:

But in the end, it just wasn't enough:

No one, I repeat - NO ONE - one-ups Adrienne.

One zap of the banisher later:

Who owns who *now*, BEEYOTCH? we have our Generation II kick-off brought to you by the letter "H."
 Heidi Braxton: 

-currently a teenager
-best friends with her twin, Jenna
-genius, hopeless romantic, snob, clumsy (but *never* trips, sadly)

Heidi, Jenna, and their friend, Belisama Hemlock were hanging out after school one day, watching Bronson Littler play his drum set:
Heidi was the only one that apparently had the guts to actually talk to him:

They didn't have a chance to say much, however, because Bronson was on his way to work. 

Apparently, something had caused Jenna's panties to get in a wad, because she went batshit crazy on Heidi:

Implying your sister's mother is a llama is socially unacceptable. You share a mother, ding-dong.

At this point, relations between Heidi and Jenna began to sour. They used to love to hang out and stuff. No more. Jenna actually started wanting to "stop being friends with Heidi."

...whatever that's supposed to mean.

Heidi wasn't letting it bother her. For someone who had spent their whole life being a boring, little genius, she was definitely starting to worry more about BOYS than BOOKS.

As you can see here, she's complimenting Bronson on him muscular, fifteen-year-old physique.

...and they just kept on being all ooey-gooey-sweet and stuff. So, I let them go out on their first date - dinner at the bistro.
Of course, this required a costume change.

Such a catch, Heidi. Look at that - even the boots match. That outfit is the epitome of class.

Heidi took one more look before they went in, just to make sure, in fact, that this is what Bronson was wearing on their first date. I don't know why she looks so skeptical. It is the height of fashion to accessorize your plaid/leather ensemble with suspenders.

They eventually emerged...and from two different doors, as is customary in SimVille:

Heidi in the front.

Bronson in the back.

So convenient.

And just in case you are worried about the kiddies needing a chaperone, never fear. My nosy simself might be too busy this evening, but she sent a fabulous replacement creeper:

My sim-sister - Candi Sim - readily available for all of your creep-tastic, bush-lurking needs.

After one look to make sure her legacy-stalker wasn't looking:

She moved in for the kill...

Awww...young love is soo sweet.

Even if it is awkwardly wrapped in red plaid, and leather.

However, all good things must come to an end.

Heidi had to high-tail it home on those heels, or risk getting a free ride in a cop car, and an added bonus of the death-stare by whichever of her parents cared enough to notice at the time.

Meanwhile, Jenna was treated to funk-tastical toilet issues:

I feel like there are a million ancient plagues just lurking on that toilet seat.

The next morning, I should have known something was up when she woke up thinking about her sister:

And then, that afternoon, when Heidi went to Bellisama's house, Jenna seemed to have some sort of sneaky-plan in the works:

Yeah. Definitely up to no good, whatsoever.
...that dress....that grin...what the...?


I don't even want to know what the ho-ey little heiffer is flirtily suggesting here.

As a side note, Emmy Starr makes a cheery looking mother-figure, no?

 ...and I thought my legacy children were doomed to have issues. 
Anyways, moving on...Trashy McHobag decided to take it to the bistro with Bronson Littler (who can never decline an opportunity to wear his pimp-suit, apparently)

But little did she know (or did she), another group was making their way out of the restaurant at the same time:


Don't worry about Heidi's feelings, Bellisama has the situation under control:

 "Mwahahahaha...blow the bitch up."

Of course, what kind of confrontation scene would this be without...y'know...actual confrontation:

Jenna seemed to take issue with Heidi's snobbishness. Although, I think she's been a very good snob, so far.

Unfortunately, there is no option to imply your sister is a rotten whore, but Heidi isn't necessarily having to fight her own battle:

It chills me. It really does.

Sensing that  her blood was smelling mighty tasty at that moment, Jenna made a run for it:

And, since it was curfew time, Heidi had no choice but to follow, unless she wanted to make a bad night even worse.
Once again, proving nice guys finish last, Jenna made it home just in time to be the portrait of a well-behaved daughter (*snort*):

But, by the looks of Youssef:

Things weren't looking so good for the Heid-ster.

Caught by the po-po...again.

 Parental confrontation ensues:
And, finally, Heidi got to retreat to her room, and be alone...

Youssef remembered a time long ago, and a land far away, in which life was carefree and there were no kids. 

...that he knew of. ;-)

Later on, after everyone is in bed, Heidi finally gave up trying to sleep. 

She crept into her sister's room. The scumbag was sleeping. 
Finally, wanting to be completely alone, and away from her back-stabbing sister, she escaped from the house, and made her way across the street:

She figured that she was pretty much on her own here.

After sitting on the bench, however, she wasn't so sure:

You ever get that feeling that you're being watched??


It's probably because you are. I wouldn't turn around if I were you, Heidi.

*Poof* She disappeared while Heidi was getting out of her seat, leaving her to explain it away of course. It was never anything, really, was it, dear? ;-) Might want to ask your mom about that.

It had started to get light out...but Heidi didn't really want to go home. She could just hang out here until it was time to go to school.

And then she saw the mausoleum, and thought of her friend, Bellisama...that's where she worked.

She made her way up to the building, and went inside. She got a part-time job there - that should keep her away from the house more. But...

She just couldn't help herself.

She had to explore.

Curiousity killed the cat...

But who the hell knows what the fudge it did to Heidi.


Tune in next time to find out what Heidi gets into with this new job.

...and we will have an appearance by a tall, dark, and handsome stranger. ;-)


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    I can't wait to find out who the handsome stranger is :)

  2. I think she's jealous. :-P That's probably why she mocked her snobbishness. She wanted the trait for herself ;-)

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