Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner??

In effort to make my poor, little displaced sims feel more at ease in their surroundings...

I gave them all makeovers.

(Jenna's top courtesy of BGateGWayB...thanks!)

Grumpy-drawers' outfit suits him perfectly, so he got a new 'do (can't really tell much about it...color change) and Youssef got a little pick-me-up.
 Adrienne lets her inner "hot-mama" loose:

And, well, y'know:

Whaddya do?
It wasn't long after the folks got settled in and started starving, that the doorbell rang.

Doorbell? The people *never* get visitors!! This is awesome. Bridgeport rocks already!

Let's peep out of the window and see what we have:

...what the??!

(Editor's note: Before I go any further I will explain two things..1)I never switch families when I am playing with my legacy..so what happens with other people just  happens. 2) This is an...uh...edited...version of Bridgeport. You will notice familiar faces that have been..spruced up a little bit. And you will also notice some new faces.)

With that in mind, Exhibit A:

My simself!! Of all the people in Bridgeport that could have come by to greet them, you would know it would be...

Nosey-ass. :-P

So, of course, I send Youssef out to greet me.

I don't know what has gotten into myself. My hair looks freakin' horrible. Why did I randomly decide to switch to game default hair? What sort of respectable hair stylist goes around with a 'do like that?

So, I gave myself a mini makeover:

Much better, me:

I was tired of those glasses. They were getting on my sim-nerves.

Anyways, come on in simself, make yourself at home...just don't....

...use the toilet. It gives me the sim-heebiejeebies.

Well, I would have offered my simself some dinner, but Adrienne, Youssef, and Dallas ate everything, and left the girls to scrounge:

Nice square meal for two growing girls. Good Job, Adrienne, you're really winning at life. Your child is eating ice cream straight out of the carton for supper.

...she really seems to care, doesn't she?

Oh, gosh. Speaking of ice cream:

I'm doing to have to keep an eye on her:

I can read her mind. (She is created *by* me, *for* me, after all...)

"...Step away from the ice cream and no one gets hurt."

I continue my inappropriateness by complaining about books to Jenna:
Gosh. I didn't know I felt so strongly against books. What did they ever do to me?

Not so surprisingly, Jenna and I don't really hit it off too well:

Her being a rotten brat, and all. 

Eventually, after having her fill of the general moodiness of the household, Sim Me decides to go home, vowing that we haven't seen the last of her.

 If *I* ever have kids that turn into teenagers, I'm giving them away.

(I'm totally kidding, guys, I have two step-teenagers that I get along with perfectly, don't want anyone to get their panties wadded.)

Besides, we all know that teenagers are great to keep around.

Houses don't clean themselves, y'know.

Wasn't that sweet of them to clean up all on their own? I mean, sure they may have the threat of getting some sort of nasty plague driving them, but they did it all on their own! That counts for something, right??!

Adrienne chose to reward them, by whipping up a tasty breakfast, in her undies:

(P.S. - put some pants on, lady!!)

Color me completely shocked. 

She's cooked nothing but charcoal since her creation. I think she's a bad seed.

Cereal it is, then:

I only regret that Jenna is wasting good cereal, when she would have been just as satisfied by licking the funk off of that plate. Boo.
The kids played around the house a little bit:

(That's Dallas's feet there. Technically, he's painting in this picture ;-) ) 

 Adrienne made herself useful:

I don't guess you find yourself having to wonder why my sims' house is a crap hole.

I decided it was time to try to socialize the kiddies. So I did what any good sim-creator would do.

I took my teenagers down to the local bar. (AKA - Waylon's.)

Not real sure who licked the red off Jenna's sucker. She looks pitiful.

Dallas just goes straight for the bar:

Oh, jeez. Look who came to visit:

Why am I stalking the Braxton's??! That's pretty freakin' weird. Don't I have a job or something? I thought Story Progression said that I was in a steady relationship with Matthew Hamming? How's that going? Wouldn't he be more interesting than following my legacy teens around town??


Jenna doesn't care, however:

She's just afraid that we are all gonna die.

Did someone slip her a crazy drink, again?! :-P

Since there was no one interesting in the bar, there was nothing to do but order pizza (keep it away from Sim Me), and order drinks.

My simself thinks that times have changed immensely. What happened to the old days when teens had to sneak drinks past their parents? Didn't she get into trouble for something like this when she was a teen? Looks like a highly questionable situation.

And just who does that Lala Angelista think she is - hanging around, having drinks with a bunch of teenagers.

Hmmph. Kids these days.

Anyways, the kids went home soon (curfew, and all) and slept their wild night off.

And a while night it must have been, indeed:

Dallas seems to have on some sort of strange wig:

And Heidi and Jenna both slept in their workout gear:

And, like any caring mother would do, she makes breakfast for her partied-out kids.

...and, for the first time, they aren't burned.

Now, *that's* a fairytale ending. ;-)


  1. Haha, awesome chapter! I like that your simself stopped by! :)

  2. Great chapter, you're simself is really pretty.

  3. Why thank you! I'll take that as a double compliment, since I made her, and she looks like me. :-D