Monday, December 13, 2010

Disaster Strikes.

When we last left my dearies, they were all partied out from Heidi and Jenna's birthday party.

I don't know about you...but I always wait until the next day to clean up after a my sims do the same.

CAKE EVERYWHERE!!! See, normally I delete the cake before people eat it. To avoid random cake sitting around everywhere. I shall have to remember this in the future. If sims can't clean up after themselves..they don't get to eat cake at all...hmmph.

And, of course, you have the obligatory shitty fixture disaster:

My sims? Do. Not. Care. They will lay down beside a cruddy toilet and go to sleep.

Except for Dallas. At a certain point, he got enough of it.

Could be because he was afraid that his baby sister might die from stale cake ingestion.

So, he cleaned:

And cleaned...

And cleaned.

And we have the nerve to wonder why he looks so grumpy all of the time. His parents are filthy assholes, that's why!

Adrienne is shocked that the funk hasn't carried her house off yet. Of course, she doesn't care if Dallas cleaned it. What else are kids for?
The next day, she was busy teaching the kids to talk. (See? She does do something every now and then.)

I had decided to let Youssef have a free day. He was looking a little...stressed...

So, I let him spend the day jammin' in front of the theater.

(That's Christopher Steele in the background, being all "daredevilish" by eating dirt. Wow, EA. That was the most daring thing you could think of? I mean, I don't want my sims going cliff diving, or something...but eating dirt isn't's weird, awkward, and disgusting.)

Elsewheres in Sim-ville:

Bessie Clavell has passed on, leaving Buster free to schmooze the ladies. Hold on to your panties, girls.

Back at the home front...

The twins continue to exude precious-ness.

I realized that I left a brick wall in the twins' room. Oopsies!! Hey, Heidi...get your head away from that wall!!

And, as a treat for being such a good little slave-laborer...I sent Grumpy-Pants to the park after school:

Is that...



It warms the heart!!! :-D

I was having so much fun watching my little Sour Puss have all sorts of childish fun, that I forgot something important was going on:

Why is Adrienne so excited??
It's her birthday! After the last fiasco, and because I think there were still some stray pieces of cake left from the last birthday, I opted just to let her age on her own. Besides, you know how women are...we want our aging to go by as inconspicuously as possible.

A little bit of celebration...

...and a few sparkles.

...and, surprisingly...she looks like Adrienne!!

Except...better...somehow. Bitch. :-P

Due to the fact that it was getting late, and Youssef's audience was starting to get annoying:

(Ugh. Stupid freakin' sims. Eat something, stupid! Don't yell at *me* about it!)

...I decided it was time to send Youssef home.

He apparently didn't have any problem with Adrienne's new look:

Excuse Adrienne's un-ladylike pose. At least she's wearing...uh...something...underneath that dress, right?

And she's still the #1 ghost hunter.

The next day, after school, Dallas asked to go over to some kid's house. Apparently not a very interesting kid, because I can't remember who the hell it was, and Dallas was obviously more entertained by his toy car:

I made him go inside and chat a little bit. A small attempt to socialize the poor, grumpy thing.
Hmmm. He needs a therapist. I'm thinking my poor Dallas has a few "issues."

Needless to say, he didn't stick around there for much longer.

He hopped on his randomly generated bicycle and rode home. Now this is not fair. Adults have to take a stinkin' taxi...but they give kids bikes. Why can't they say....stick a Margaret Vaguester in Adrienne's inventory or something??? Nah...if they stuck anything in her inventory, it would be a Heap O' Shit...or whatever it is they call that clunker.

After supper that evening, Dallas found himself surrounded by sparklies:

...yep. Still grumpy.
 But he's now a grumpy kleptomaniac. Yeah...he's rollin' some good ones.

As always, it might be a hair issue that is causing him discomfort:

Eek!! I think my game has something against him.

Awww!!! My first Braxton teenager, and isn't he beeyootiful??

And see how sweet he can be?

On other news...

Youssef painted a portrait of Adrienne right before she aged up. Now she will be youthful forever. :-D

The next day, I decided to hire a maid...just for one day to kinda give them a hand with the cleaning. Dallas is a busy teenager now, y'know. I'm sure he's going to be very busy being grumpy, stealing something, painting, or sleeping heavily. Those things take up a lot of time.

She showed up bright and early, ready to work:

Which consisted of brushing her teeth...

Having out of this world conversations with Youssef:

And joining Adrienne for breakfast:

She was so busy, in fact, that she just couldn't get around to other menial duties...

Like cleaning my funk-tastic sink. But, I certainly was happy that they were able to pay $125 to have a stranger come in their home and eat their food.

If things are going to be disgusting anyways, they can do that for free. Heaven knows, they have enough mouths to feed.

And, as always, mouths are continuously getting bigger. I swear there's always someone sparkling or leaving half-eaten birthday cake on the floor.

Heidi's turn!!!

Fudgesicles. You'd think I would know by now that nothing can be peaceful in this household. Everything has to be a fiasco.

I'm sure you guys are wondering "where's Adrienne."

She picked up her heir cutest baby, and calmly walked away from the situation. Hey, the story must go on, right?

Leaving Youssef, here:

To perform the wimpiest freak-out ever.

However, at this point...something very crucial happened. game got stuck. I spent a good 15 minutes trying to get Youssef to move from this position and rescue the other poor, unsuspecting child from certain death. Finally, I realized that no one was moving, and had to restart the game.

Oh well, it could have happened at a worse point, I suppose. It's not exactly like I was *dying* to save disaster.

"Damn. My whole effing house just burnt to the ground with my entire sim family in it and now my game fudges up. How in the french toast am I supposed to recreate that?!"

(It didn't really...I would tell you...I'm not ashamed)

..and with a little help from Twallan's Saver mod, I never have to recreate more than 30 minutes of game-playage.



Adrienne is not very excited about this:

I think she remembers how well the last one went over.

I think she's a birthday cake-a-phobe now. That's a medical term, ya know.
Poor Heidi. Her parents are self-centered losers who can't keep their hands off each other long enough to watch their child grow up.

Growing up is a blast.

She rolled the bookworm trait. For those keeping track, her others are genius and clumsy. Poor pretty little nerd.

Jenna's next. Let's see if they can manage to do this without toasting her.

(FYI - I have no clue where Dallas is...he seems to have just checked out on the whole "family" idea. You know how teens are, always embarrassed about having relatives. They want their friends to think they just appeared out of thin air, I guess.)

...anyone else been hit by the "cross-eyed" kids epidemic? All of mine suffer from it.
Ahhh...much better. But it's obvious that Heidi is the pretty one. Not that I label them, or anything. ;-)

Jenna rolled the hot-headed trait.

At this point, it's clear that something is going wrong with Youssef and Adrienne. Their children are obviously emotionally disturbed for some reason.

Someone needs a parenting class. :-D

Alright folks, that's it for now.

See ya next time when we find out if these people ever do ANYTHING but procreate and age.


  1. Dallas's clothes suit him perfectly.

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    Anyways, you gained a new fan!!

  5. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it. I'd love to read yours, please let me have a link!

  6. "And we have the nerve to wonder why he looks so grumpy all of the time. His parents are filthy assholes, that's why!" This sentence made me LOL! I'm rereading your legacy whilst I'm waiting for the new chapter I've read it already but still find it interesting and so funny! :D

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