Thursday, December 16, 2010

One Thing After Another...

Due to the fact that my twin baby girls are fabulous little children now, I guess it was time for me to redecorate their room:

And because they have been such busy little worker bees:

A nice kitchen. :-) Aww...I'm so happy for them.
To think...this used to be just a bed on an empty lot. And my poor Adrienne was mooching food from the gym. And now they have this:


At this point in her career, I think Adrienne is starting to take her work a little personally. She's taking up too much time trying to "get to know" the ghosties, rather than just zapping them. Hey, A, you're  not getting paid to flap your jaws at ghosts, you're supposed to zap 'em and moved on. Shut it.

Ugh. Moocher trait rears it's ugly head at the most inopportune moments. He's paying you to get rid of his ghostly pests, don't need to mooch anymore off of him.

Ahahahaha. That's what you get - almost got your ass kicked, huh? :-P

Speaking of "getting your ass kicked" -

Uh-oh...situation not looking too promising.

I'm guessing she didn't take to the banishing too well, huh?

Go, Adrienne, GO GO GO!!

Haha. Marty Keaton is a big ol' girl.

Hell yeah. That's my girl.

The ghost still has the balls to make faces at her, even though Adrienne just dusted the floor with her ass.

Adrienne is the shit.

Which is not to be confused with...

"Adrienne is shit at cooking."

Elsewheres with the Braxton's...things were going pretty...normal.

The girls were getting along great:

I'm certainly glad that Heidi was part of a set of twins, because if not, she would just be completely un-socialized.

Most of the time, she just prefers to do this:

My kids are getting crapped on in the trait department.

Dallas is a grumpy brat.

Jenna is a big pile of yawn.

and Heidi here is nerd-bomber of the year.

 I need some personalities in this joint.

Heidi got invited over to some kid's house:

Lovin' how he cleverly matched his flip-flops with the sweater vest. Totally on the cutting edge of fashion. 

Anyways, things seem to be going well...y' signs and all that great stuff.

But, as always...

Every child of mine ends up in front of the damn TV. Could be because they don't have one?

I guess I should buy them some of those newfangled electronics everyone has been gettin':

Ahhh...doesn't that look nice? 

Well, it isn't...they are the shittiest things that Buy Mode had to offer, but, hey, what do you expect? I probably could have just bought nice stuff and saved on the repair bills later, but where's the fun in that? I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't have five sims running around, bitching about broken furniture.

Speaking of crappy items...Adrienne is exhibiting a lot more free will lately than is usual.

I specifically told her to unclog the toilet.

What did she do?

Called a repairman! Lazy slug.

This is the face of a guy that just got paid $50 to unclog a freakin' damn toilet. Looks pretty happy, doesn't he? I don't blame him. He's probably also looking around himself and thinking that this house is a crap-tacular gold mine. A repairman's dream.

Youssef has been having a fun-tastical time being a stay at home dad/artist. 

He loves to cook:

Which is perfect, because it gives his self-centered turd of a wife time to do what's most important to her:

Look at her goofy self in the mirror...ALL..DAY...LONG.

Somehow, in between taking care of his family, Youssef also found time to try and complete his lifetime wish:

 By completing disturbing looking paintings...

And playing his guitar, disturbingly.

Which is no surprise. This whole family is obviously disturbed. 

With all that I had going on, I completely forgot that it was about to be Youssef's birthday.
Not that I would have thrown a party or anything, but I would have at least had him age at home, around his family, instead of some stranger's yard.


Ummm..negative. Something's not right about a sim-Jesus.

Much better. Much more...Youssef like. Not bad, dude.
Also, during this entire time, I have been trying to force-feed Dallas a life.

It's not going very well.

What *is* going very well is his status as "live in maid and handyman."

Hey, if someone wants to try to better this hell-hole on their own, far be it for ME to try and stop them. :-)
He was indifferent when I had him greet Rita Ursine:

Of course, with a lineage boasting the likes of Claire Ursine and Jared Frio, I'm really not that torn up about it.
I definitely don't need *that* swimming around my sims' gene pool.

He was angry when I took him to the Salon...
(why did I just spell angry "angree"??)

And he acted very inappropriately with a girl in the consignment shop:

And the poor girl was already tired, too. Bless her dear, little, unsuspecting heart.

I attempted to take him to the local dance club:
Where of course there was nothing to do but eat, and get tips on how to woo the ladies from Connor Frio:

Maybe he's suggesting that Connor does it with his sweet physique?

He did however, hit it off with one person:

A maid I found coming out of the French house. I'm sure they have a lot in common, with her being a maid and all. Maybe Dallas thinks he is one. *shrugs*

Unfortunately, there's that pesky "curfew" issue with teens, and you can always count on the po-po to ruin anything fun:

I'm not sure who notified Adrienne, but she was ready and waiting when he got home:
Death stare-o-rama!!

She then proceeded to go ape-shit on her son for staying out too late, trading secrets with hired help:

I don't know if she's so worried about him being out late, or that he might realize that some people paid for doing what he does for free. That shit costs, y'know.
She wasn't too torn up about the whole deal, though. She was too busy trying to test drive Youssef's new adult-ness.

I guess Dallas liked his taste of living on the wild side:

Tsk. Tsk. Breaking curfew and now rummaging through trash cans. I'm disappointed.
Uh. Dallas and I don't have a freakin' clue as to what the ham-fat is going on here. We were hoping you could enlighten us.

In other areas of the house, Youssef finished his weird painting:

And Adrienne was looking sort of...disgruntled:

So, I decided it was time to give them a night out.

Adrienne still insists on trying to beg her way into the VIP:

I feel sorry for her...I mean look at all the fun she could be having, if only she were important:

So there was only one thing left to do:

Get plastered. Youssef looks rather undecided about the whole deal. Not Adrienne, though. She just knocked it back.

...not a very fun drunk, huh?

Adrienne spent the evening entertaining Sam Sekemoto. 

And the attractive bartender, 

After such a long, interesting night, they were tired and ready to go home. 

I guess Adrienne had too much to drink?

Uh...Adrienne? Too much to drink, right?? RIGHT??!?!? 


Now, I need a drink.


  1. This is too funny. My mum keeps looking at me strangely because I keep giggling. So awesome.

  2. Ahaha, I couldn't help it and read all the way till the end! Oh nooo, is Adrienne pregnant again?! That's just what they need, more craziness at home :)

  3. Of course she is! I will confess that this one is *my* fault because I accidentally hit "Try for Baby," which I *never* do. (because I always use "risky woohoo" from Twallan's woohooer, to make it exciting) What no one will get to see, is that right after the next baby is born, Adrienne and Youssef "tried for baby" on their own while I was taking care of the other kids. They had twins...but that save file messed up. :-(

  4. ...and thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed reading so much! :-)