Friday, December 10, 2010

No Time to Waste

...I am so far behind with my story as opposed to my game. I'm at the point where I can't even play with my legacy family anymore because I'll never get caught up if I do.

On the bright side, that means that I get to post a new entry every single day until I get caught up. And, since I have some sort of weird, funky cold/flu gives me something to work on.

So, with that in mind, on with Chapter 4.

Thus far, we know that Adrienne has (sort of) coupled up with Youssef Nagi from Egypt. (due to the lack of suitable man-age in Sunset Valley) We also know that Youssef was attempting to spread his seed around all of Egypt if Adrienne left him alone for a spare moment.

Well, as you saw last chapter, she had made it back to her humble abode.

She made a quick long-distence call to Egypt to get the ball-rolling on getting Youssef's ass to her house so they can start on my babies.  :-D He agrees to come, of course, if he can take time out of his busy bed-hopping schedule to get trapped in Sunset Valley.

Of course, at that time, it was time for her to head to work.

Her first stop of the evening??

Goth Manor, baby!!!!

I mean, I don't really understand wasting their money on a ghost buster. I give you Exhibit A:

Creep-a-riffic graveyard. Come ON, ghosts should be a given, right?

Apparently NOT. 
Because they called....

Adrienne Braxton - Ghost Hunter Extraordinaire. It's obvious what she's thinking:

"This place is a GOLD MINE!!" Or...diamond mine, as the case may be. They are a girl's best friend, after all.

So, she finished up at the Goth place and moved on to her next assignment.

Jared Frio.

 There was a party going on at his pad, though. SURE to be the event of the year, let me tell you. It was apparently a swimsuit party. So, for some reason...Adrienne decided to don this:

While she was zapping ghosties. 

Scary, huh?

I think she was just looking for any excuse imaginable to walk around in her bathing suit and spiky pigtails. She was pretty excited to be at a party though, and at one point a box popped up that said something like "Wow, close call, Jared Frio didn't even notice me! I guess I'm in the party!" Jared Frio, really? Pfft. He should just be glad anyone showed up to his lame ass party.

Claire Ursine was there, however:

Showcasing her hot bikini-bod in today's latest fashions.Y'know. The usual.

Adrienne met Dorie Hart, and she didn't seem to be too impressed:

I haven't a clue as to why she wouldn't be...

I mean, the sweet pigtails. The sparkling personality. How could you resist??

Anyways, it was time for her to be done for the night. And, no, she didn't stay for the party, even though Jared *did* thank her for coming.

Go figure.

I would have *loved* to have stayed, but she just *had* to leave to get a good night's beauty rest before Youssef showed up in the morning.

*sigh* I'm sure she missed the time of her life...

Moving on.

Youssef showed up as planned the next morning, although I'm slightly offended by his thought bubble:

Is he implying that the place looks bug infested? How rude! I mean, I'll admit, the toilet might be a *little* green, but bugs?
Come, now.

That was still weighing on his mind as Adrienne greeted him:

Although, his eyes appear to be elsewhere.

Adrienne had quite a bit of money from the night before, so she decided to treat her handsome guest to a little local flavor:

Little Corsican Bistro! He was also treated to an eyeful of Bebe Hart's assets, courtesy of another strange, random CC issue.

Afterwards, he pulled something out of his pocket and started playing with it. Not real sure what that is, as it is not in his inventory, but it sort of resembles a camera, I guess. Or a Nintendo DS. Whichever.

Adrienne invited him back to her place to...y'

Made himself right at home, huh?

Adrienne joined him, and they chit-chatted a bit. I didn't want to make her look easy, y'know.

But, sooner or later, you have to get down to business.

Wow. Check out that pillow. Tee-hee.

And...again. (Ya gotta give your sims their wishes, right?)

No pillow-poppin' this time, just hearts flying everywhere.

(Note: I *never* try for baby, I use Twallan's "Woohooer" with risky woohoo set to 50% every single time and just let nature take it's course. That way I get surprised. :-D I hate the baby music. It ruins it.)

Apparently, Youssef was all woo-hoo'd out at this point (wimp) and sacked out, leaving Adrienne to gross out about something in the kitchen.

Looks like the sink was the culprit. I don't doubt it. :-) But enough about that, look at his dreams!! I am *such* a good sim matchmaker. He's dreaming about marriage.

Awww...bless their messed-up little hearts. :-) That's just plain sweet.

SoooOOoo...the next morning, after breakfast and a quick woohoo...

Adrienne decided it was time. They needed to make things official.


Adrienne proposed going steady. And then...

She proposed something else. ;-) Hey, it's fast, but when it's right, it's right...right? It must be his sexy pajamas that sealed the deal. 

He accepted, of course. But that wasn't enough. I had to move quickly so that Adrienne didn't lose the love of her life. In just a mere 2 days, he would be headed back to Egypt, and WHO KNOWS what would happen then?

It was a good thing that the "special sauce" she put in his canned soup reacted quickly.

Now all she had to do was build a wall around him and he couldn't go anywhere.







So totally J/K again. She didn't put anything in Youssef's soup.

...that you can prove.

Nah, they just had a quickie wedding beside the water fountain in the park.

Youssef decided to celebrate the day with a traditional Egyptian wedding song called "Oh, Where is My Mummy?"

And then they got hitched:

Oh, how beautiful and sweet. Anyway.

At this point, I was pretty tired of that getup that Youssef had on, and decided to make him over, now that he was officially a member of the family.

 Much better!!

Adrienne approves. 
They spent the rest of the day doing...random things.

Not real sure what these two had planned for this to be, but...y'know...whatever.

And because Youssef wore those custom Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs so well, and because Adrienne isn't getting any younger, folks...

They ended up here. Of course.

SCORE!!! The sound of sim-vomiting. Music to anyone's ears. I mean, ya can't feel sorry for her...she's having such a BLAST while she's puking her guts out. (Sims. Go figure.)

As no to surprise to anyone...and to my delight...

Baby bump-o-rama!!

Yay for cute babies!!

That's it for now, folks. Meet back here tomorrow to find out if it's a boy, girl, both, neither, or whatever else kind of surprises the game might have in store.


  1. BABIES!

    I like Youssef's way of celebrating.

  2. So, I just stumbled upon this legacy and love it!! I'm definitely going to finish reading all of the chapters you have up when I have more time :)