Thursday, December 9, 2010

That's Just My Baby-Daddy.

I *do* believe this is how I left off last time.

Adrienne had become COMPLETELY disgusted with the man-meat that Sunset Valley had to offer her. I decided I had two options:

1) Procreate with Hank Goddard and take the risk that all of the kids/heirs will inexplicably resemble Pauline Wan. (happens to me with him EVERY TIME)

B) Just bite the bullet and marry whoever comes across her path next. (think of the disturbing possibilites)

3) Look elsewhere.

I chose option 3 and sent her ass to Egypt, to collect a certain someone. (Yes. I already had one in mind)

So, that's where she's at.

Note her fine accommodations.

Note, also, that I have no reason to poke fun at anything at this campsite, because it is a thousand times better than any of the crap-ola stuff that I have plopped down on Adrienne's lot.

Basically, it's a five-star resort in comparison. At least when she sleeps, she will have SOMETHING shielding her from the elements. (that we don't have. *ahem* weather.)

Anyways, she looks pleased to be here:

By "pleased," of course I mean she looks just as vapid as always. Nothing changes.

Look at that expression! And not a single mirror in sight. It's like she knows what she's here for. 

Since I know exactly where I am taking her, I looked to see if her dreamboat was at home. He wasn' she needed a time filler. I left her to her own devices to find someone to interact with, which, of course, she did.

She...uh...swiped a water bottle from a local? 

And then attempted to mooch a few simoleons off of her. (him?? Who knows, I would normally go by the hairstyle, but judging from the funky CC hair issues I have been noticing, it's anyone's guess, really.

Since she was obviously dressed accordingly, I decided to take her on a small adventure.

She hopped on her motorbike and headed down the road. (Not real sure where it came from, but I sure hope it glitches and stays. :-) )
She meets this lady, who is going to assign her to her mission, and attempts to impress her with her vast collection of potatoes.

I guess it must have worked, because the lady sent her on. Here she is, about to enter the Tomb of Discovery.

 I just *know* she's wondering why these ruins are nicer than anything she has at home. In time, time.

She heads down the stairs, because we are still waiting on loverboy to make an appearance at his house, and what the hell else am I supposed to have her do in this stupid town?

She opens up her first treasure chest to find...
A pile of useless ancient coins that will never amount to a hill of beans, because I am not probably NOT going to ever bring her back here.


Adrienne Braxton - auditioning for all of your future uglacy needs. :-S

...and that's where the story ends, peoples. Adrienne died of boredom, disintegrated into a pile of dust, and left nothing behind but a skeleton, and a livable tool-shed to remember her by.




Totally J/K. Adrienne is still alive, and well, and worrying about what's most important in life.

So anyways, moving swiftly forward (still waiting on the dag-blasted man to show up!!)

She found what she was looking for, but, at this point, I don't even remember what it was. And it doesn't matter...beeeeeeecaaaaaaaauuuuuuuusseee...
Somehow,  her future husband's home was suddenly occupied. Now, I'm not saying that I reset him and sent him back there, but I'm not saying I didn't, either. ;-) (Hey, sometimes, ya just gotta force things, y'know)


*Phew* Thank goodness for that motorbike, right? She never woulda made it in those heels!

She made it to his house, and knocked on the door...chock full of anticipation. (If she knew what she was anticipating, that is.)

...she waited.

Dun-dun-DUUUUUH!!!! Presenting Youssef Nagi, future maker of beautiful sim babies. Sure, they don't even know each other yet. That's what I am here for. :-D
I promptly introduced them, and...YAY!! She's in his thought bubble. Always a good sign. 

Being the FRIENDLY guy he is, he invited her in. And then...

Made a run for it?? What the french toast, dude? 

It was at this point that I discovered that he is the local general merchant. This peeved me greatly. It mean that all of that time I spent navigating her through that cruddy ol' tomb was wasted. He was at the freakin' market the whole damn time. She could have been schmoozin' him there. Bah.

Anyways, at this point it didn't matter:

...she was smitten. <3. Whee.

Soo...that night, snoozing in her cozy tent, visions of sugarplums....

...and sweethearts...

...and flying her babydaddy home with her so that they could make lots of beautiful Egyptian babies, danced through her head.
She was ready and waiting for him at the market the next morning.

In fact, she was apparently there before HE even was.

So I did what any girl would do at this point.

...pretended to want to buy something so that he would magically emerge from hiding.

BING!! :-D I'm so smart.


Ain't he lovely??

 He then came from behind the counter thinking, "My what a lovely woman. I would love to take pictures of the super-gorgeous, dark-complexioned children that we are going to have together."

Or...that might as well be what he's thinking.

He tried to talk books with her:

Heh. Adrienne's not exactly what you would call "well-read."

However, being the smart, obviously perceptive man that Youssef is...he was able to pick up on her favorite subject quite quickly:
Way to cheese, Adrienne.


It was then and there that Adrienne knew that this was the guy for her. So she made her move:

She found out that he was single. So...they chatted for a little while longer.

And since, at this point, he was about to pee his pants, she gave him a hug and left him free to go to the toilet while she shopped around the market.

In no time, however, they were right back together.

They got along pretty well without any help from moi, doncha think?

So Adrienne decided to lay one on him.

..and he reciprocated by flinging himself on her.
By this time, her needs required some serious tending to, so I let him be for awhile, figuring he would just go back to the store and do...nothing.

Uhhh...dude? That was YOU that just had your bulky self in MY Adrienne's arms, right?? Stupid flirty nature.

Anyways, he can flirt with as many of the homely local girls as he pleases. He's mine, no one else can have him, and I call the shots, right? ;-)

It's just a good thing that Adrienne was in the bathroom, right? I mean, I would certainly hate for her to have to...uh...

...witness this.

Oh well. She's a good sport and let it roll off of her back. She just reigned him back in and kept him focused on what was most important.



the moment that she walked away to grab a bite to eat.

Doesn't this creep have a job to do, or something? He's supposed to be selling general goods. Not browsing the local ho-bag selection.
Just look at that smirk. He really thinks he's something, doesn't he? I mean...who does he think he is? He only has sim-girls flying half way across the world for a chance at him. ;-)

Okay now, that's enough of that. I think it's about time for Adrienne to put the falafel down and get her ass over here.

She told him she thought that his country was beautiful...but it was time for her to head back home.
She then invited him to come visit her at her "beautiful home" sometime soon. *snicker*

She conveniently left out that it is one step away from being an outhouse.

She kissed him passionately, one last time...and left.

Her job was over. Now all I needed to do was invite him to "visit" her place...and keep him there.

The plan was almost complete. 

And, in no time at all, she was back at her humble shack, eating cold cereal and feeling like she had just left home yesterday. (She had.)

That's all for today, folks. Tune in next time to find out if I can even get Youssef to come visit her, or if he impregnates the entire population of Egypt before she has time to give him a call.

...or I just give up and decide to mate her with Gobias Koffi. 


  1. OHMYGOSH I laughed the entire time I think super funny :) Youseff is such a man whore I loves him. and Adrienne is just I riot I love how snobby she is just great. I can't wait to read more. C:

  2. Ha, he's such a man whore. He obviously thinks he's something. I guess Adrienne and Youseff are a good match.