Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just One Fail After Another...

When we last left our heroine, she was sad and destitute.

Now that we have returned...


Good news!!

She's STILL horribly POOR!

Isn't that great? I can't believe I lasted this long without cheating. I'm proud of myself.

Anyways, she woke up annoyingly hungry, as sims are prone to do, I I had to think quickly. I needed to find her food. Preferably free.


What better place to eat and socialize??

She had a lovely bowl of cereal:

And then decided to have a look around and see what she could see.

Of course, it didn't take long for her to find something that struck her fancy.

A mirror. All the better to reunite her with her one true love...

 ...herself. As far as I know, this was the first time she'd had a good look at herself since she was created. I certainly hope Miss Priss was pleased. 

We then found something else we could make use of.
Silly snobs and their silly wants to make a new outfit for themselves.

But she DOES live on an empty lot, so I guess I should give her whatever else I can. The gym really has turned into a good outing for the day.
She even had a chance to meet up with some of the best townsfolk Sunset Valley has to offer:

Iqbal Alvi. Wheeeeee!! She must have been pretty impressed by him, though, because she tried to impress HIM with talk of her vast personal possessions:

A cell phone. It didn't go over too well, though:

I guess it was at this point that ol' Iqbal decided to inform my dear Adrienne that the cell phone is not, in fact, an actual possession, it is just one of the many great features that the Sims 3 offers it's players, soooo...

Everyone has one.

FAIL, Adrienne. Complete FAIL.

I suppose she goes on to tell them that her house is garbage, and he replies with...well...whatever the hell that is in his thought bubble. A pillow shaped like a fortune cookie? Hell if I know.

It was at this point that their conversation took a turn for the scary, which was ok, because Adrienne had the perfect excuse to make a swift exit:

It's time for her first day of work!! 
However, while she was making her way to the door, she couldn't help but take not help but take notice of something:

Yes, Adrienne, you might be poor as dirt, but at least you aren't running around town in that randomly generated get-up.

She found this mildly amusing.

And, finally, she makes her way to the Landgraab house, which is her first stop for the evening. 

Uh...hello, dear? Knock, knock..anyone home?? *ahem*

She got distracted by her own fabulous-ness, I suppose.
Anyways, moving swiftly forward...she took to the job really well, I think.

 Great job, Adrienne! 

I'm not real sure what Geoffry Landgraab thinks is so funny here. I mean...he and his wife DID create the second ugliest child to grace Sunset Valley (second to Arlo Bunch, obviously).

She is not amused. 

It's always good when you are in the house of a hungry sim. Especially when you are as poor as Adrienne is.

Free food, yay!!! And her favorite - Autumn Salad. Sure, Nancy Landgraab had some snide remark about her needing to get back to work but...whatever. No skin of my nose...her's either. ;-)
Next up...

Sekemoto household!!

She continues to be impressed with herself:

And tries to chat up Leighton, but that didn't exactly work:

Apparently she isn't impressed with talk of babies:

Luckily, Yumi's screams were enough to break her away from that conversation before she passed out of sheer boredom.
Now, I would have been just plain happy if that ghost had eaten Yumi, I think she's a hateful old bag. But I suppose I had to put Adrienne back to work. I *did* get a little enjoyment out of the fact that I know Story Progression will find Leighton a nice new wife, whom he will move in with, and leave Sam to be raised by Yumi, who will probably be close to death by that time. Wheee. Not a moments peace for the witch!!!

Oh...and she's left with a clogged toilet, to boot.

So...she finished up for the night, and took herself to the science lab to sell off all of her ghosties:

On her way out, she was thinking of toilets...I can only take that to mean she wants one, bless her poor little soul.

So...I gave her little lot an upgrade.

She's now got one wall, a toilet, a sink, and a shower. She might have gotten an entire room, but, pssh, that would have cost 500 simoleons! Walls are expensive! :-D
She spent her next day foraging:

Fighting ghosts:

And getting upgraded:

At this point, I was feeling pretty proud of myself, because, YAY!, she had an ACTUAL house. Okay, so it was something more like a toolshed...but...four walls, nonetheless. I was excited!
And then I watched her thoughts while she was dreaming:

Marriage. It's been coming up for awhile now...but I mean...scroll back and see what she's been associating with. Not exactly the cream of the crop.

So, I decided I would make it more of a priority to find her someone to share her little hut with.

Another day of paranormal activity down:

And she was finally able to treat herself:

To ACTUAL food! Finally, she is able to afford to PAY for something.
The next day...she woke up to some new upgrades:

She was not terribly impressed by her new refrigerator:

But Fancy-Pants sure wasn't too snooty to eat from it, now was she? 

I did continue to look around town for prospective romances, but she was not impressed by the variety the town had to offer:

So I just continued on about my daily business.

But after a few more upgrades:

Numerous handiness skills thanks to a craptastic bathroom:

An extremely weird looking, random long-haired dude running across her yard:

A *really* sad night at the local dance club:

Witnessing a totally ironic picnic gathering (excluding the random scary person):

A frightening attempt to dance the night away with Gus Hart:

And trying to impress Hank Goddard with random items out of her personal inventory:

(Grapes? Really, Adrienne? Maybe the potato you have would have gotten better results.)

I decided that there HAD to be something better out there for my poor girl. I mean, sure, Hank Goddard's nice and all, but I've been that route before, and I don't like how his children always somehow manage to come out looking like Pauline Wan., for some reason.

Anyways, it was then that I had an idea. Something I had seen on one of my adventures. He would be perfect for my sad, poor, beautiful girl.

So, after a few days of hard work, and spending NO MONEY...

It's time for Adrienne to meet her destiny.

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  1. Another brilliantly awesome chapter. I hope she can meet a decent looking Egyptian guy, or maybe she should just lower her standards.