Saturday, December 18, 2010

Growing up, moving on, starting over.

Poor Dallas.

He's so...

Antisocial? Is that the word for it?

Cheer up, dude. It can't be that bad.

Oh yeah. Forgot about that. Sorry, dude, carry on. I don't blame you.

Anyways, let's leave Dallas in his alone-ness and see what everyone else has been up to.

Hey, just a thought..."slob" is a great trait for children to have. You can feed the parents, and then the kids can get full off the plates after they turn grimy.

...just a thought. Yes? No? 


While Jenna is off possibly giving herself some sort of funky food poisoning...

Heidi is still being a nerd. No shocker there.

The girls are best friends, normally they are right up under each other. I guess they just don't share all of the same cleaning moldy plates with their tongues.

Youssef is actually doing a painting that isn't strange..

(Not real sure what party they are so freakin' happy about. Maybe they are psychic...)

Youssef's painting. 
I actually really like this one, but since he and Adrienne are horny assholes that reproduce like rabbits...I have to save up for a house expansion. So...sorry dude...but the painting goes.

And, next, we have the party that Youssef and Jenna were excited in advance for:

Heidi and Jenna are going to be teenagers! Yay for me. There's nothing more I love than a houseful of moody brats.

Eep!! Moving swiftly forward...

"Ewwwmygawwwwwwdddddduh...look at all these peeeeeopplllleeeeeuuuhhhh. Is that my mom? And my dad? My FAMILY is here? Oh em gee all  of these people are gonna know I have relatives, how embarassing. I'm so not LOL'ing at this."

The virus known as teenage-hood kicks in immediately.

Oh well. She's pretty, at least. I don't see any deformities yet. She was blessed with the "coward" trait. How nice of the game. She is now a slobby, disciplined, hot-headed coward. Hope that makes sense to you.

Next up is Heidi:

Looks like she's wishing for all of this to be over so that she can go to bed.

...dweeb. She's probably worried about getting up early for school. *snort*

I am not amused.

...but that outfit IS amusing.
Let's see what she looks like after the makeover:

...and that's when they found out that Adrienne had been dipping into Arlo Bunch's gene pool.




Ok. Totally J/K before you all start barfing and blame me for causing you to barf and ruin your computers.

I'd like to introduce you to the most BEYOOOTEEFUL born-into-game sim that *I* have ever had:

She's just perfect!! I totally love her. Luckily for her, she rolled the "Hopeless Romantic" trait. So she does have SOME redeeming qualities, and won't be doomed to a life of playing chess and reading books.

Her grand total is now:

Hopeless Romantic

I just wish she would fall over more things so I could laugh. I've yet to see her trip over anything, and that's not fair.

Sometime, in the middle of the night...(as usual)

Adrienne woke up to a strange feeling. So apparently, she just decided to stand there in her undies and pick lint out of her belly button. *shrugs*

Anyways, guess what the strange feeling was?

Shayna Braxton. Aww...isn't she sweet? She looks exactly like every sim baby ever born.

She is "evil" and "excitable." That means not only is she fiendishly delighted when you are dying of starvation, she's excited about it, too.

Upon her arrival at home, Adrienne realized she hadn't really taken much notice of her daughters since their birthday.

Yep. You're actually seeing that. Adrienne is talking about someone OTHER than herself. This is big. See, Adrienne here has noticed that Heidi is pretty. (Not as beautiful as herself, y'know, but who is?)  Adrienne has realized that she's not getting any younger, and being the mega-self-absorbed snob that she is...she wants to make sure that the family doesn't go to shit looks wise. you see...Adrienne is passing the torch. She has considered all of the things that are necessary to run such a household...and it all comes down to ONE major important thing.

Looks and cute babies.

Heidi is the prettiest, and therefore the most likely to have the cutest babies. She's also half-Egyptian so HUGE plus there with the whole dark complexion thing.

Plus, she's smart!! She plays chess!! (Just throwin' that out there so the whole thing doesn't seem superficial, y'know. ;-) )

So...when it comes to the end of the road for Adrienne (*sniff*), Heidi will inherit the newly expanded house:

She will also get the family funds (*snicker*) and effective now, she inherits the "snob" trait.
(Something I decided is important for all future generations...just a little thing I added off the top of my head)

So, per my own personal rule book, that means that I get to exchange a trait of my choosing for the inherited one.

Bye, bye bookworm. Hell-o mirror hog.

Snob love. Ain't it sweet?

To celebrate the events of the last few days, the teens took a night out to go to the local dance club. (which I'm not sure I ever named. I'm such a slacker.)

 Jenna and Dallas started chatting up some of the fellow partiers:

(Parker Langerak and Sandi French, if memory serves me)

Heidi didn't find anyone suitable for her pretty new she dances alone:

There's gotta be something unlawful about this. It just looks wrong to me. Oh, it's "juice." Riiiight.
I got so caught up in letting them have a good time:

That I totally forgot the time. *eek*

Damn it. The freakin' po-po again. I'm a terrible sim player. This is the second time in this legacy that my kids have gotten picked up by the authorities. Social services is gonna come for them.

Heidi being the little goody-two-shoes she is, took off running, in an attempt to get away before she was caught. such luck, sweetheart.

This whole situation is just driving Adrienne bananas.


Adrienne wasn't as harsh with Heidi as she was with Dallas, but that could be because she had to good sense to at least look ashamed when she hopped out of the cop car, and not walk across the yard like she was the gosh-darned king of the world.

There were bigger fish to fry, though.

I do apologize for not having pics of what happened next, but I honestly just trying to figure out what the HELL was going on.

Apparently, the game just didn't know how to handle picking up three kids at once. The cop brought Heidi home, and I kept waiting on Dallas and Jenna to show up. Dallas eventually strolled in.

But Jenna?

Her stupid coward trait had kicked in and she was standing around in the middle of nowhere being "scared of the dark."

...she wouldn't move. I had to send Adrienne after her.

Now, I am not real fond of "the dark" myself.


I assure you that I will not just stand around and wait for the darkness to eat me. Hell no. I'm gonna high-tail it outta there and get OUT of the dark. Not stand around and chew my fingernails like a dumbass.

*rolls eyes*

Anyways...the drama queen made it home, safe and sound:

Oh, please. Don't give *me* that snooty look, miss. Two minutes ago, you were standing around outside in a puddle of your own piss.

"Scared of the dark" my eye.


And this is where the chapter ends.

See...I was way ahead of myself with pictures. I played the game for awhile, going back and forth on trying my hand at writing a legacy. So, in order to catch up, I hadn't played with my legacy family in awhile. Just the other day, I started again, because I was down to the last of my pictures.

Things were going okay, but then yesterday happened. I couldn't get the game to play for more than 30 minutes without crashing. I tried another saved game of mine, and it played fine for over two hours.

I was very upset.

On the bright side, however, I had a copy of the Braxtons saved in my family bin, at almost exactly this point.

I considered giving up. Starting over would mean losing two more children (a set of twins) that Adrienne and Youssef tried for (on their own, I might add) and all of the progress that I had made with the other kids.

So what does this mean for my story?

Nothing, really. Other than the two kids that no one knew existed, anyways.

Starting over, I decided to put them somewhere a little different. (In an effort to cheer myself up)

Braxtons... Bridgeport.


  1. Awesome update! I'm sorry about you losing your progress (I feel your pain, it's happened to me more times than I can count!). But I can't wait to see what this family of snobs gets up to in Bridgeport :)

  2. Thank you! Yeah, I think we have all been there MANY times. When I first started Sims 3, things kept glitching and causing me to have to start over. I think they will fit into Bridgeport well. The thing about THIS Bridgeport is...well...I had already been playing it with another sim. So, there are some customizations done to a lot of the townies.

  3. That sucks about losing the game. Other than that, good update. I like how you chose your heir!

  4. Thanks! I figured it was probably the best way I could do it. Maybe in the future I will use a poll, I don't know. I waited until Shayna grew into a toddler, to see how she was gonna look. I like her traits the best.

    Originally, I was gonna go with first born. So, I tried Dallas. But he just...I don't know. Me and him don't mesh well. I *love* Heidi and Jenna, they are my favorites.