Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Deadly Encounter

Nothing interesting going on here:

Just the usual...sitting in the middle of a puddle she made in the floor because she's a filthy slob, y'know.

These people.

What's that you say?

...what's Dallas doing??!

Painting a picture on an invisible easel, of course. What else?

...yep. Things seem pretty normal here at the ol' Braxton household.

As it turns out, Heidi took quite well to her part-time job at the mortuary. Her friend, Belissama was working there, too...so they got to hang out a little bit.

Of course, I have a feeling that it wasn't *entirely* due to Belissama:

There was an extremely handsome guy that was working with her. Of course, he was entirely too old for her, but there was no harm in enjoying the view, right? Of course, most of her time spent gazing at him, she was trying to figure out the meaning behind his strange tattoo on his neck.

Up until now, they really hadn't spoke much. She spent most of her time with Belissama, of course, and older guys don't really find it all that intellectually stimulating to hang out with teenage girls.
...but that was all about to change.

It was on this day, that Beau Merrick decided to introduce himself.

Belissama excused herself. There were no introductions needed...she knew him already, of course. ;-)

He and Heidi apparently hit it off smashingly...as they spent the wee hours of the morning discussing all sort of morbid issues:

Mortuaries, ghosts, graveyards...the usual getting to know you stuff.

The weird thing is...as soon as it start to get light out...

Beau mysteriously took off. Without a single "bye" or anything.


Looks like he's letting my little Heidi get to him, though, doesn't it? ;-)

All of this is very familiar, no?
*cue flashback*

*end flashback*

I don't know what it is about my girls falling for guys that just up and randomly run off. 

...but Heidi was clearly smitten. Confused...but smitten.

She eventually managed to find her way home:

...still looking sort of, dazed? I guess? I suppose she inherited that "blank look" thing from Adrienne. Just another perk to being heir to the Braxton fortune. *giggle*

She had to, of course, call her BFF, Belissama (who is going to go by Bel, from here on out) and chit chat about Beau. Girl talk, y'know.

After that, she had to fulfill her daily nerd quota:

And when that was done, she could finally make her way to bed, I guess to dream about a place where the toilets aren't green and emitting a noxious funk.
Some things never change...

Here we have Adrienne, trying to check herself out in the wall decor. *rolls eyes*

But we don't have time for that now...it was a very important event in a very forgotten family member's life:

Girl child that isn't Heidi or Jenna.

AKA-Shayna. ;-)

It was time for her birthday, whee!! (And, FYI - I am a *super* controller, every child in this generation has been potty-trained and taught to walk and talk. *pats self on the back*)

Of course, everyone else in the house was too busy being self-centered assholes to notice that there was anything going on with the baby. Sad.

Yech. Makeover city, here we come.

Much better. 

(Food for thought: If it randomizes clothes when they age up, why does it CONSISTENTLY pick the most HIDEOUS outfit choices??! Shouldn't it occasionally make a choice that isn't SO bad?)

I don't know what is wrong with this house, but everything just stays filthy no matter what...I just got this toilet like 3 sim days ago:

Can't someone custom create a toilet that doesn't get dirty? I know that I could just have them upgrade it...but, I mean...look. they don't even clean it...why would they take time out of their busy lazy-ass schedule to upgrade it?

...just sayin'. ;-)

I now bring you sad news.

It's Adrienne's birthday. 

You know what that means. 



I've never had a sim reach elder before. I always get bored with them long before that ever is even CLOSE to happening.

...soooooOOooo...not really knowing what to expect. 

I mean, if she's going to look anything like, say, Yumi Sekemoto, I'd rather just close her in a room with nothing but a fireplace. Seems more humane to me.

Cool! What's it doing to her??!
She looks pleased, right??!

kadfljasdkfjasldkfjsaldkjaiwjernw                                           kads                    wefwke             sk 
smkd            asddsd aasd fsd fdf asd fsdf  dd 


This is Adrienne taking over. Felicia no longer exists, as she decided it was a good idea to post a picture of me with GRAY HAIR!!

I mean, what the french toast, dude? Haven't I been a good legacy founder? She dropped  me on an EMPTY lot and bought me a PIECE OF SHIT to sleep on. I had to use the public restroom, because I was BROKE, and destroy my nails AND my clothes digging for food, all for the sake of her stupid "legacy" idea.

...and THIS is how she repays me?

I think not.

3405930458vm34io v v r c r 4352 32 4234  c3dfk fxc sdfwekr wqero2i43 vkclwemrcx  


I'm back. 

Remember that last picture? Yeah, well, forget it. Adrienne came out looking *exactly* like this.

*rolls eyes*

She, of course, is wondering what the hamfat Youssef is so stinkin' excited about. He is only about 4 days away from aging up himself. Celebrate now, buddy.
Anyways, moving forward with the story, and leaving the crazies behind.

Heidi went to work, as usual. She spent the whole time wanting to talk to Beau, but for some reason, he just never seemed to have anything to say to her while they were at work.

I mean, it could be because she's jailbait, but y'know...who am I to make guesses?

She emerged from work that evening, and promptly started acting like, well...her mother...

Looks by Youssef. Personality by Adrienne.

Of course, if she would put the mirror down for two seconds, she might realize that she's being gazed at (at not just by her silly self):

Eventually, she noticed, and the usual, strangely-morbid themed conversation ensued:

I believe that he was starting to become (maybe a little inappropriately) smitten with Heidi, as well:

They make a cute couple, don't they? *sigh*

But, as always, as soon as the sun rose:

He made a run for it.
(You just can't make a serious story with the goobers. Look at that run...have you ever seen anyone run more stupidly? :-P)

...and once more she was left wondering what the crap was wrong with him.

Meanwhile, at the home front:

Jenna was being smothered by a set of strategically placed custom content pillows...

Apparently, they are Team Heidi.

Youssef was figuring out that he loved Adrienne even when she was old (sweet!):

Carmelo says "hi!"

(Heidi found him while spelunking at the catacombs)
Dallas is only happy when he is away from this house and playing his guitar...


Adrienne completed her lifetime wish! *does the cabbage patch* I think that wins me some sort of legacy points, but I'm not good at keeping up with things like that, and who cares anyways? What would I win?
That night at work, Heidi apparently got out a little bit early, and decided to catch up on some reading while she waited on Beau.

This day, you see, was a special day. It was the day that all teenagers wait for...

The last day of school.


And, although Heidi was a genius, she had never exactly been a fan of school.

However, Beau had other plans.

He wasn't planning on running away today. Today...he wanted Heidi to run away...

With him.

Should she skip school?? I mean, she hadn't ever been the best student, but she *had* already had more than her share of run-ins with the authorities...she would hate to upset her parents again, of course.

...of course she goes! Wouldn't you?? :-P

The eyes...they alarm me!!
Maybe she should have went to school, he might be up to no good. :-P

Oh. The diner. That's acceptable. I guess they needed a *bite* to eat. *winkwinknudgenudge*

And just in case you are wondering why I am letting such a young, innocent, and impressionable girl out with such a worldy-looking young chap, I direct you to Exhibit A:

Braxton Stalker #2- CandiSim at your service. ;-) (They're freakin' everywhere, man)

After they left there, Beau suggested that they visit the art gallery. For a reason unknown to Heidi, he told her to go ahead of him, and he would meet her there. 

He had some things to take care of. *wink*

She had a gay ol' time checking out the "White Trash Monument" exhibit.

Note the enthusiasm dripping from her pores.

Just when she was about to drop dead from complete and utter boredom:

Beau appeared completely out of nowhere.

I don't know what she was saying to him here, but it must have been quite impressive, right?

He was so impressed he did something strangely close to stroking her hair. These two are starting to scare me.

It might be time to get the two of them out of this deserted location before something entirely inappropriate happens. 

Beau decided to take her to his favorite hangout - you guessed it - The Plasma 501.

Not two seconds into the door, Heidi pulled this face:

Oh, jeez, she's gonna have her birthday right there in the doorway, isn't she?

Or is she? Beau looks like he's about ready to hightail it out of there.

...yep. It's a birthday. Note the horns. Wasn't it nice of that Matthew Hamming to help a teenage girl celebrate her birthday? Bless his little womanizing heart. :-)

He gave her the gift of TWO celebrity stars for her birthday. And all he had to do was spin a little twirly thing.

At this point, Beau bid her adieu and exited the building swiftly. 



A little makeover, and she looks beautimous. (save for the customary wonky eyes)

(The lovely dress is a gift from my ever faithful reader, "bvrly." Muchas gracias! :-D)
And, yes, that is FeliciaSim in the background. She smelled Braxton and came running. In her ballgown, no less.

Note to (sim)self: Party is over, chick.

Beau seems rather pleased with the new (legal!) Heidi:

The game forces me to remember that I *do* have other family members to tend to:

So, yeah, Jenna had a birthday too, and all that jazz. She's pretty and stuff. I just hope her eyeballs show back up. :-P

Back to Plasma:

Heidi was taking advantage of her new-found Young Adult-ness and was slowly trying to put the moves on Beau. While my simself was making eyes at HER old flame, Matthew Hamming.

Eventually, the club shut down. They never even made it upstairs. They spent the entire evening in the lobby, just talking and flirting and stuff. 

Even after the club shut down, they stood outside and carried on their usual dark-toned conversation.

And then, as the sun started to rise, it was time for Beau to go home. He thanked Heidi for the lovely day...and rather than just running off into the sunrise...

He pulled her in for a warm, romantic hug. Such a gentleman. :-)
And then, he was on his way:

And there she was, alone again...confused as always, but filled with wonder and excitement about the days that would unfold in front of her.

Sweet, huh? :-)

Elsewheres in the family:

Adrienne has made an alliance with Hyacinth Atkins and joined the "Gossipy Old Ladies" club.

She was supposed to be working. Your guess is as good as mine as to why she's in an evening gown. I suppose she was trying to impress Hyacinth. I mean, look at those fancy gloves. :-P

In other news, I have made an important decision:

Dallas is moving out. He has been begging to move into a high rise, and I think Twallan's Story Progression might take better care of him than I can. The townies seem to be prospering. Maybe they'll find him a girlfriend or something. He was already starting to cozy up to Elvira Slayer, from what I heard. Do I sense a trend? :-D

Tune in next time to find out what the heck is up with Beau (in case you don't have Late Night),  if anyone ever remembers Shayna exists, and if Jenna ever gets her eyeballs back.


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