Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Great Birthday Cram-Fest.

So...Adrienne is a mommy now to a lovely little toddler, Dallas:

She is, of course, teaching him about all of the important things in life. 

But, Dallas is destined to be a MANLY man...his first word?

Muscles! Yay!

Adrienne *has* to sneak one in there, though:

'Cause who teaches a toddler to talk and *doesn't* teach them "gossip"? I mean, I don't know about *you*, but if it wasn't my FIRST word, it was definitely in the top 10. ;-)

At this point, Adrienne felt as if her job for the day was complete, so she left him to play with his toys.

Sure, he doesn't know how to talk yet...but he does know his most important words, right. (Psst - don't worry...she has to work, I'll make Youssef look after him ;-) )

She is very protective of her child, though. I mean, every time someone picks him up she looks like this:

Umm...Adrienne? His own FATHER can't touch him?

Guess not.

Apparently, it makes her so mad she could just stick her arm through chest and clap her hands: she does. (?)

In case you didn't notice, our girl somehow managed to get a new work outfit sometime while she was knocked up. She looks nice, doesn't she? Maybe she will get more respect while on the job now that she's not covered in green shit.
Oh, stuff a sock in it, Sandi French.

She looks like a real bad-ass. :-)

Apparently, Youssef thinks so, too:
Let's give them some privacy...


Cute baby!!!

Anyways, back to our regularly scheduled story:

It was refreshing to see a sim starving while she was out on the job, and knowing that she wasn't going to have to mooch food off of them to survive:

And, I also didn't feel obligated to raid his garden...

*sigh* How far we've come.

Another night, she got invited to a party over at Jocasta Bachelor's house.

Yeah. It's sure to be an all-nighter. Not sure who that old chick is. Might be Bessie Clavell. I can't remember if she had kicked the bucket or not by this point. By this time, they all look the same, really.

Yep. There's the crew. And there's Adrienne stuck slam in the middle of Judy Bunch, for some strange, glitchy reason.

A little while into the party, Adrienne broke the toilet at the Bachelor's house. (She breaks every toilet) be nice...I had her fix it. Shortly after, I had her leave. Jocasta had the nerve to say:

"I'm glad you're leaving Adrienne. Thanks for making my party lame."

...*raises eyebrow drastically*

SooOOoo...*my* sim fixing her shitty toilet made her party lame, right?

Had *nothing* to do with her elderly husband running around in his unmentionables, huh?

*shivers at the thought*

Moving on, before I have to bleach my eyeballs...

It wasn't too long after that, that to *my* great surprise, Adrienne popped out the smallest baby-bump EVER!

Can you tell she's pregnant? Me, either. And she never got sick once. You could have knocked me over with a feather.

As always, it showed up eventually, though.

The game was, at least, kind enough to give her sweatpants this time. I *was* glad they left their heels on her. I do so love to wear a good pair of heels with my sweat clothes.

I took her to the spa to relieve her aching back, and she met up with Nancy Landgraab (also pregnant) on the way out:

They were delighted to find out that they are basically the same person.

Well, you know, aside from the obvious that Geoffrey and Malcolm are nowhere near being a Youssef and Dallas:
Hardly. :-)

However, she and Nancy had a grand old time chatting about money:

And, of course, personal possessions:

I guess she *finally* found someone that was impressed by her cell phone. *shrugs*

They said their goodbyes and went on their way:

Adrienne never changes. Still as blank as always.

...or maybe not. :-)

It's tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!!

There were some strange goings-on down at the hospital:

Michael Bachelor was trying to put the smooth moves on Yumi Sekemoto. Mmm. She was old when I started the game. She's probably almost fossilized by now.

To each his own, right? Yech.

More importantly...

I'd like to introduce you to my new little darlings...Heidi and Jenna Braxton!

Heidi was born with the "genius" and "clumsy" traits.


Jenna was born with the "disciplined" and "hot-headed" traits.

Big whoop-de-doo. I wanted an evil baby. :-(

Oh well, I'm sure they will be adorable, nonetheless.

Obviously, the new house was way too small for 5 people, two of them being girls that would undoubtedly grow up one day.

So...they expanded:

Of course, since the new additions are girls, I figured they would share a bedroom, but a second bathroom was definitely a necessity.
Not bad for a girl who started out sleeping on an empty lot, huh?

Thankfully, Adrienne and Youssef made it home just in time to honor Dallas' birthday with a small, family celebration. I figured with the addition of two to the family, he was lucky enough to get that.

Ummmm..SCARED!! SCARED!! Let me see the whole thing:

Youssef and I are very confused. We have spent the last few days thinking this was a boy.

Eeep!! Take it away. 
*Phew* Much better. 

He rolled the heavy sleeper trait.

...he's not very happy about it, either. But then again, he isn't really happy about a lot of stuff. I guess that goes along with being grumpy.

What's this? Adrienne is cleaning? Have I neglected the place *that* bad? If it's down to the point where *she* is cleaning in self-defense, it's time to start worrying.

Although, she has turned into quite the little housewife lately.

 She loves her babies, weird patches on their heads and all.

See how great she's doing? I'm so impressed.

...someone could definitely use a hug.
Or two.

This disturbs me. I'm not sure if he ate with his mouth, or his eyes...but either way, I don't dare feed him leftovers for breakfast again.

Of course, I would probably be pissed, too, if my hair changed to that every time I got in the shower. Well, no, I would love it, because that hair is very know...if I was a dude.
Anyways, enough of grumpy boy...and onto more important things:

The girls get a party!!

I can't believe I was brave enough to try it again.

Kaylynn Langerak was in attendance, looking the picture of elegance. I'm just surprised she's still around. Normally my game kills her off as a child. Good job,'ve survived.

Heidi's up first.

(how nice of Adrienne to drop her in the bathroom floor)


ooooooOOOooo!!! <3

Soo stinkin' cute!

Now it's Jenna's turn...come on cute baby #2!!

Adrienne! Stop! You're smothering her with your chest!!!!!
Ugh. What a whiner. :-P Just now a toddler and already screaming for food.

 But so precious!! The trip to Egypt has been totally worth it! ;-)

Anyone ever noticed the cake size:head size ratio?

Cake slice > face.

Forearm < fork.

Gotta love those proportions.

Dallas would like to leave you all a message:

Music sucks!!

...such a happy child. :-S


  1. Dallas's grumpiness is so cute! And the girls are cute! OMG the family is just going to die of cuteness!

  2. I love grumpy Sims. They are the best.

    The girls are cute.

  3. Thank you!! I loved my babies. *lol* I like traits like that, really gives sims a distinct personality!

  4. Omg I have a question, I'm new to sims 3 one of my sim babies was so ugly as a toddler. How did you make them look cute after they started off ugly? I love this so much by the way!

  5. I wish I had a way to get in touch with you to let you know that I replied to this. :-) I don't change my children - they are what they are. But, if you want to change them - Master Controller allows you to take any sim back into CAS - where you can change anything you need to. Just don't try to take them into it as an infant, it will crash your game. Hope this helps! (And I also hope you actually find this *lol*)